Best Bike Speaker: Top 6 Picks for Music While You Ride

Best Bike Speaker: Top 6 Picks for Music While You Ride

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Are you an avid cyclist who loves to hit the trails or cruise the streets on your trusty bike? If so, you know the importance of having a great soundtrack to accompany you on your rides. After all, what's a bike ride without some pumping tunes to keep you motivated?

Finding the perfect bike speaker can be challenging, as there are so many options on the market. We've put together this guide to the best bike speakers available. We've researched and tested out a wide range of speakers to bring you the best options for your cycling needs.

Whether you're looking for a compact and portable speaker to take on the go, or a rugged and durable option that can withstand the elements, we've got you covered. We'll also give you tips on what to look for when shopping for a bike speaker, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect one for your needs. So, let's get started!

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

It's overwhelming to figure out which bike speaker is right for you.

There are a lot of different "best" bicycle speakers on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which one is the best for all your needs.

We've researched for you. Our editors have taken the time to learn about each product, read all the consumer feedback, and select only the best options. This means that you can trust that the quality of our bike speakers is right for you and your home.

Remember, what works for one consumer, may only work for some.

6 Best Bike Speakers

1. Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Many music enthusiasts appreciate high-quality bass, and this is usually absent from smaller speakers. However, this is different with the Tribit bicycle speaker. It can compete with larger speakers with regard to bass.

Don't allow the size to fool you. This surprisingly powerful speaker can boost the volume of any excursion. Offering a balanced sound across the spectrum amplifies the bass but doesn't overpower the highs or mids.

The clarity and power are due to the built-in sophisticated TI (Texas Instruments) amplifier. The majority of wireless speakers have the simplest of amplifiers. The Tribit surpasses all the other models by incorporating this fantastic feature. However, that's not all.

In addition to the TI amplifier in the speaker, it also includes Xbass tune DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology. Combining these two technologies makes the result sound clear, balanced, and even with deep and rich bass.

An elastic silicone band with an easy release is located on the bottom on the bottom of the speaker. This strap can be used to attach the speaker on the handlebars of your bicycle for quick access when cycling. It can also be used as accessories for belts or hanging from everything.

The IP-67 dust and water resistance rating means you can enjoy sound in any weather. Another advantage that is available with the Tribit is the ability to connect two speakers for the ultimate, powerful stereo sound.

What We Like:

  • Built-in amplifier from TI, as well as the Xbass DSP technology.
  • Flexible, convenient silicone straps make mounting quick and simple.
  • Mix two speakers to get an authentic Stereo sound.

2. Kunodi F4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Kunodi F4 packs a powerful punch despite its small size, giving you 12 hours of playback (at 60% volume) whenever you need it. The Bluetooth feature lets you answer calls wirelessly, and you can even visualize the battery volume on your phone. Plus, it comes with a bracket, so you can easily attach it to your bike for lengthy rides!

This speaker isn't just for your bike; with its solid suction cup, you can easily attach it to bathroom tiles, boats, or any flat surface with supreme confidence that it won't slip or fly away in the wind. But what makes the F4 truly stand out is its incredible IPX6 waterproof and dustproof properties - with the upgraded silicone cases and interface design, you can be sure of secure protection against shock or water damage even when floating in a kayak or swimming in a lake.

Gone are the days of tangled cords and static-filled sounds! Enjoy amazing audio quality with their wireless speakers, now boasting faster connections through Bluetooth 5.0 – perfect for instant connection to your phones, tablets, laptops, or even MP3 players. Plus, they come complete with TF Card support and AUX input, so you can blast out all your favorite tunes any time you like - wherever life takes you!

What We Like:

  • Can view the battery on your phone.
  • USB C port for fast charging.
  • Twelve hours of music at 60% volume.
  • 24-month free-warranty.
  • Waterproof design.

3. Avantree Cyclone Bluetooth Bike Speaker

The 5-watt Bluetooth speaker is an absolute beast regarding surround audio capabilities. It has three ways to play your favorite tracks: wireless, an AUX connection, and an SD card. The NFC connectivity to your phone is quick and reliable. It takes just one click.

Inside the speaker's enclosure are two powerful drivers with a power of 5W and an active bass radiator. This ensures an unbeatable volume and crisp, clear sound featuring deep and powerful bass.

There are three ways to connect with the Cyclone speaker. For wireless connectivity, you can use the most recent technology, Bluetooth bike speakers 5.0 technology. You can also connect the AUX or insert a Micro SD card into the slot to store audio files.

When paired with a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled phone, it will allow you to start listening to music easily and quickly.

It features IPX-4's splash-proof and dust resistance, meaning that you can attach your speaker to your bike in all weather conditions. It's also shockproof, which means it is suitable for use on mountain bikes when cycling on even the most challenging of trails.

Overall, its tough design is perfect for outdoor pursuits.

What We Like:

  • Accessories for mounting on the bike.
  • High-quality sound with 360-degree audio.
  • Solid and durable design.
  • NFC Pairing.
  • Auxiliary, reliable, and hassle-free speakerphone.

Its Bose SoundLink Micro Bicycle Speaker is the most suitable overall option because of several factors. It is a great balance of crisp and clear sound, an IPX7 rating for waterproof with a built-in microphone, and an impressive bass, which provides a pleasant listening experience.

This is the perfect speaker to carry on your bike regardless of where you want to travel. It's a fantastic option for those who plan to cycle through the park and take a break for a picnic or soak in the sun at the beach.

Its Bluetooth connectivity is completely out of the norm. It connects to nearly all Bluetooth devices with no difficulty. Its audio quality, powerful bass, and crisp and clear sound make it the ideal option for those who enjoy outdoor activities or just being outdoors.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bicycle Speaker will enthrall you due to its clear and powerful quality, portability, and loud and easy-to-hear sound.

It also doubles as a conference speakerphone when the device is connected to your mobile, and it makes it more impressive.

What We Like:

  • Crisp and balanced audio quality.
  • Bass is booming and heavy.
  • IP67: dustproof and waterproof speaker.
  • Conference call capability with a distance of 30 feet.
  • Rechargeable battery with 6 hours of the time of playtime.

5. Onforu Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Bikes

When you're on your bicycle, it is important to avoid something heavy and bulky, which could distract you and take your balance off. The Onforu small bicycle speaker is an ideal way to listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, and even podcasts while on the road.

The speaker comes with a mount specifically designed for fixing the speaker to the handlebars of your bicycle. The speaker also has a carabiner clip that allows you to attach it to your backpack or belt to continue the fun when you reach the location.

Onforu's wireless bike speaker is small and compact. It can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It utilizes the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides an extremely stable and reliable wireless connection and high energy efficiency.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built into the device and gives up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge. The charge takes between two and one-half to three hours when using the supplied USB cable. You can connect the 3.5mm accessory input to get the best battery performance.

Because of the IP-65 rating of the speaker, the speaker is water-resistant and dustproof. So do not be concerned if it begins to pour; this speaker can handle it. Its dustproof design is what makes this one of the top speakers for mountain biking. It is easy to rinse off with water afterward.

Onforu has designed the speaker with shockproofing, thereby protecting the internal electronic components. Even on the bumpiest ride, the vibration will not hinder this lightweight, practical, and excellent-sounding speaker.

What We Like:

  • The small size of HTML0 won't cause distraction or disrupt the balance.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection technology.
  • IP-65 dust and water resistivity rating.
  • 10-hour playtime at 60% volume.

6. TREBLAB HD7 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Treblab HD7 wireless speaker has it all – delivering 12W of power to the dual bass subwoofers and 360°HD stereo sound. It is great for any gathering, big or small. Its rugged construction and IPX6 water resistance make it a great option for outdoor activities! And when you're done, simply throw it into your bag to take with you. With up to 25 hours of battery life, Treblab HD7 truly can go wherever life takes you! Enjoy high-quality sound at home or away from home – with Treblab HD7.

With its 1/4-UNC bike mount hole, you can securely attach your device to any type of bike for both stylish and enjoyable rides.

This Bluetooth speaker with a microphone is the perfect way to ensure you never miss those important conversations. Whether you're on a conference call at work, hosting a family get-together, or relaying instructions for a big project, you can trust Treblab to pick up every word and give clear sounds on both ends.

Plus, you can pair this speaker with another Treblab for double the sound!

What We Like:

  • Twenty-five hours of long-lasting battery.
  • IPX6 rating for waterproof and dustproof.
  • 360°HD clear and loud sound.
  • 12W and DualBass double subwoofers.

Bicycle Speakers Guide: How to Pick The the Best Bicycle Speaker?

I've added this section on the most important aspects to consider when buying bicycle speakers. This will help you ensure you've selected the best one to meet your requirements and budget.

Battery Life

In assessing the battery lifespan of your bike speaker, it is important to consider the length of time you cycle each day. As a general rule, choose a portable speaker with an endurance of 8 to 15 hours, which is about 4000 mAh - 6000 mAh.

Additionally, certain portable speakers with large batteries can serve as a power bank. This is great if your smartphone is running low on battery. Then the bike speakers are your lifesaver.

Wireless or Wired Connections

Since cycling is a lot of movement on all trails, it is necessary to look at various connections for your bicycle speakers. Most of the time, the wireless cycling speaker can be your ideal option because it eliminates the hassle of cables or wires. In this case, a Bluetooth connection is a preferred choice.

However, if the bicycle speaker offers multiple connectivity options, this is an excellent feature to use. If you choose to use wired connectivity, ensure you secure the cables, so they don't get caught while biking.

Additionally, it's important to research the connectivity of the Bluetooth range to ensure that you can be certain of being able to play your playlist in a hurry.

High Sound Quality

It is impossible to appreciate your music if you are disappointed by the dull and muffled quality of your portable speakers. Therefore, ensure that your bike speakers have a 360-degree sound playback capability to enjoy crystal clear and balanced sound from your music.

Or just ensure the speaker is mounted towards you and not away from you.

Bike Attachment Options

The most effective bicycle speakers available on the market are not restricted to use in outdoor environments, as you are able to utilize them for any event. For outdoor activities such as cycling, a good portable speaker comes with a variety of accessories that can be mounted securely on your mountain bike.

Straps, carabiners, and threads are the most common items used to mount your speakers. Check these accessories for any speaker you'll be looking at on the market.

Stable Against The Tough Outdoor

In reality, there will be instances when your bike's speakers are thrown to the ground while your mountain bike travels through rough and bumpy terrains. In addition, there will be the possibility of a few drops, a drizzling drizzle, or a torrent of rain on your trails.

With these harsh outdoor conditions, the portable speaker you choose to use must be designed ergonomically to withstand all of these elements.

Waterproofing is determined by the IPX (Internal Protection) rating.

IP Rating

It is as essential to have a repellent for dust just as water while cycling. Dust can damage speakers. The cycling process is dusty. Find a speaker that has an IP with a high dirt resistance.

IP ratings are presented in numbers ranging from 1 up to 8, with one being the weakest and eight being the strongest.

We suggest buying a product with an IP rating of 4 or higher if you're likely to be cycling. Dust resistance isn't so important unless you intend to use your portable speaker to go mountain biking or on the beach. In any event, the more secure the speaker is, the more challenging the situations it can withstand.

Waterproof ratings:

IPX4: Resistant to water splashing.

IPX5: Can withstand low-pressure water jet spray; not for swimming; light and moderate rain.

IPX6: Can withstand high-pressure, heavy sprays of water; can be submerged in up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Change to Radio Option

If you're bored of listening to music, It is also beneficial to ensure that your portable speaker is equipped with a radio that connects to an FM radio. If you have this option, you can quickly access the most current local news and songs from the most popular hits.

The speakers with an FM radio feature typically include an antenna to amplify the signal it receives from the closest radio tower within your neighborhood.

Other Features

The portable speaker is sometimes connected to your phone via a wireless connection. In addition, there are situations where someone will call your phone, but you may not be able to respond immediately to the call. So, contemporary bike speakers come with an integrated microphone that allows you to answer calls without pausing or risking your life.

Additionally, built-in applications like SIRI allow you to give audio commands for rapid searches on your music library or smartphone. This is useful for you since you can't focus your eyes on the road, and you have to stay on your travels.


Don't all speakers come with the same options for controlling? No.

We believe that for cycling, it's best to pick a speaker which comes with built-in buttons. So you won't need to take it out of the bag to change the song or volume. It's much simpler to play some button on your speaker rather than to take the risk of controlling your bike and then taking the phone out.

More effective than button controls are the features that are activated by a microphone. Certain speakers come with an option that allows them to be controlled with a voice through an inbuilt microphone. But, this might not be as effective when cycling in noisy conditions.

Options for Mounting

If you're in search of the ideal Bluetooth audio system for your bicycle, this should not mean that you have to limit the use of it on your bicycle. The good news is that most manufacturers offer Bluetooth bicycle speakers that can be mounted using different ways.

A good bike speaker should come with straps, threads, and carabiners that allow you to attach it to your backpack or any other item.

Durable Design

Portable speakers are intended to be used outdoors. This means they are constantly subject to dirt, impact, rain, and humidity. So, a good speaker should be stain, impact, and impact resistive, dust-resistant, and water-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you feel about the volume of Bluetooth bicycle speakers?

To see a more clear picture of how loud the coveted speaker can be, you should look at the power output. The general rule is that the best speakers for bicycle handlebars must provide at least 5 watts of audio.

Do you have the ability to put speakers on your bicycle?

The bike-mounted speakers on the go are made for outdoor use. It can be attached to your bike or keep it around with you wherever you travel. They can make your biking experience more enjoyable because you can enjoy your favorite tune while you ride. It's a good thing these portable audio devices are getting increasingly sophisticated in the present.

How do I mount a Bluetooth speaker on a bicycle?

It is possible to mount a Bluetooth speaker on a bicycle, and there are various methods that can be used. Some of the most common methods include using a bracket (that often comes with the purchase), using an adhesive mount, straps, or using a clamp mount.

How do you attach a Bluetooth speaker to the dirt bike?

The first thing you're likely to be doing is to attach the wire to the speaker's harness. It works exactly the same way as the speakers. It's basically a bolt-and-lock mechanism. So it's exactly the same; simply fix it.

What can I do to make a Bluetooth bike speaker more powerful?

If you want to boost the audio volume, you could change the speakers to ones with higher sound quality. If the speaker has extremely high sensitivity, it will produce greater audible sound output.

The majority of speakers are able to handle 85 dB-88 DB. However, if you want to have a high-quality speaker with a high level of clarity, it should have more than 90 decibels.

If you already have speakers with higher sensitivity, You can also use an external amplifier to boost the speakers' volume.

How do you store a speaker when riding a bicycle?

Many speakers are equipped using a mount for bikes which makes transportation simpler. There is no need to transport the speakers. Most speakers fit in the standard container for water bottles.

If you're only taking a short trip or do not want to carry water around, you can just put the speaker on the spot. If you find this area insufficient, you can connect the speaker to your handlebars.

Other speakers have hooks as well as clips that enable you to secure the speaker to backpacks. There are a variety of ways to carry your Bluetooth speaker when cycling.

Which Bluetooth speaker for my bike is most pleasing?

You must decide on the purchase of an audio system for your bicycle. The checklist above gives you an understanding of the items to be looking for. Be sure to purchase the bike speakers that you really want.

Are wireless speakers reliable enough to be able to ride a bicycle in snow and rain?

Wireless speakers can be used to bike in snow or rain, but depending on the speaker, you might have to be aware of certain precautions.

Which are better, either small or large, speakers to suit a cyclist's aesthetics and experience with the user?

Large speakers are generally better suited to cyclists than smaller speakers. Although they're not easily transportable, they have a higher performance and look great on bikes.

What's the benefit of investing in an expensive Bluetooth speaker?

The benefits of a top-quality Bluetooth speaker are endless. In addition, Bluetooth speakers are fantastic at delivering premium sound quality, but they last a long time and can provide endless music playback until they are exhausted. That's right, the best friend you have will always be around when you need to entertain yourself!

How do you choose the right speaker for a handlebar of a bike?

You need to determine which bike speaker you intend to buy. Check out our recommendations for an idea of what you need to think about. Make sure you get the bicycle speaker you're sure to want.

How do I find the most effective Bluetooth audio system for my bicycle?

Suppose you are looking to purchase something you can choose from a range of choices. You can go to a traditional retailer, but the other option is to buy it from online retailers such as Amazon.

Shopping on the internet is far superior to buying from an actual shop. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and you can benefit from reviews from customers. Additionally, the prices are competitive, and you can avail of discounts at times.

What can I do to carry my speaker on a bike while I am biking?

You can put most speakers into the bike holder, making it easier to transport. It means that there's no extra strain on the shoulders carrying the speaker. The majority of speakers can simply attach to a standard-mounted water bottle.

If you're going for a short ride or don't plan to carry water along, it is possible to put the speaker in place. If you find the space inadequate and want to mount the speaker on the handlebar, you can place the speaker on your handlebar.

Other speakers come with hooks and clips that allow you to mount the speaker on a backpack. You have a wide range of ways to carry your Bluetooth speaker when biking.

Is the use of Bluetooth speakers on bicycles secure?

Utilizing a Bluetooth bike speaker is the safest method of music listening while riding. Utilizing earphones or headphones is not recommended, as they block out the sound from the outside. In reality, they have noise-canceling technology that makes you feel like you are in the tiniest cocoon. The ability to block out the world is a risk while riding a bike, especially on roads that have lots of traffic.

Bluetooth headphones for bikes provide the ideal solution since they allow you to listen to your music while going on adventures. Additionally, you can listen to the radio when you want to. In addition, Bluetooth speakers are simple to set up, meaning there's no need to think about excuses.

What if I don't wish to make use of a Bluetooth connection?

Some people don't like the non-ionizing radiation from Bluetooth speakers. And manufacturers are aware of this.

There are a variety of ways to pair your device with your Bluetooth speaker. Use the standard aux cable or plug in an SD card with a micro-SD slot. The latest Bluetooth speakers offer many connectivity options.

What happens if I misplace the USB cable that connects my speaker?

The majority of speakers utilize a USB cable. If you have lost the cable, you can simply replace it by purchasing another one online. Be aware of the wattage so that you don't overdo it on your speaker.

If you can prove that the speakers are in excellent working order, all other parts are able to be repaired. Manufacturers usually have websites where you can purchase new cords and audio hooks.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a great bike speaker is essential for any cyclist who loves to ride to the beat of their own drum. Compared to earphones that block out your environment, speakers allow you to listen to music but also be aware of your surroundings.

They provide motivation and entertainment on your rides and allow you to stay safe by keeping your hands free to navigate traffic and obstacles.

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the best bike speakers on the market and has given you some valuable insights into what to look for when shopping for one. Whether you're a casual rider or a hardcore cyclist, there's a bike speaker out there that's perfect for you. Happy shopping!

Items reviewed:

1. Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Portable Speaker

2. Kunodi F4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

3. Avantree Cyclone Bluetooth Bike Speaker

4. Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5. Onforu Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Bikes

6. TREBLAB HD7 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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