Best Cordless Grass Shears: Top 5 To Add to a Gardeners Tool Box

Best Cordless Grass Shears: Top 5 To Add to a Gardeners Tool Box

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I was born into a family where backyard gardening was encouraged. Because of it, I know how tools become crucial in maintaining your garden's clean and tidy look.

Back in our days, one of the most tiring tasks was cutting grass around the edges of the garden where the lawnmower could not reach, like vegetable beds, sidewalks, or along fences. At that time, we had a manual grass shear. It works nicely and cuts easily, but it takes considerable stamina and consumes a lot of time to complete a job. Also, it is not suitable for the elderly or those who suffer from back problems. I could not let my father do this job. It will have a killing toll on his spinal cord.

So we have brought you a list of the best cordless grass shears. Afterward, we will dig deeper into the benefits of cordless grass shears and how you should buy them.

Our Process of Selection

Before sharing our perspective on how we picked our top-rated grass shears, let us tell you something. Maintaining a garden is almost like being employed full-time. It's great to encourage young ones to take part in gardening. Remain supportive and appreciative of the gardening hobby. It is considered to be one of the most rewarding and healthiest hobbies. It strengthens you physically and teaches you some valuable knowledge of nature and bioscience.

Let's get back on track! Gardening-related tasks always take a reasonable amount of time, so it is necessary to include brands with reliable run times. Naturally, no one wants to hold heavy tools for long hours. Therefore, we chose the lightest product available on the market.

We don't want anyone to hurt themselves while pursuing a healthy activity. Safety is something we look at in our tools before recommending others. Blade size matters a lot, as your trimming coverage area depends on the length and width of the blade. We carefully chose the size that would suit us best.

Speed is one of the selection factors. For neat and clean cuts, you want speed on your side. After that, we checked how efficient the ergonomics of the machine were. Last but certainly not least; is the reliability of the equipment.

5 Best Cordless Grass Shears

1. Gardena Cordless Grass Shear

Why We Love It

What you will first notice is its built quality. The material and design layout of the machine is structured in a manner that provides durability and the utmost convenience to its user. Shockingly, it is ultra-lightweight. That makes it a viable tool for the over-60 age group.

With interchangeable blades, you can either shear or topiary with this device. It consists of two blades. The smaller one is for grass cutting, and the longer one is for hedges. All it takes is one single press, and you can change your blade without using any tools. Both blades feature non-stick material that won't let leaves or dirt stay on the blade surface.

A fully charged battery will provide you with 80 minutes of non-stop run time. That shows it has a decent battery installed inside. It takes around 3 ½ hours; for this battery to fully charge up again.

It has beautiful ergonomics because of its pivoting handle. You can access the hard-to-reach area without losing comfort. The adjustable handle gives you much-needed control over the device during awkward angle trimming. The tool-free swivel adjustment makes it easy to adjust. A feature such as this is a blessing for the arm and wrist. This lets you achieve evenly carved shrubs and hedges in less time and effort.

Furthermore, it has a safety aspect to its operation. To avoid injuries, it has a two-stage trigger start system. Further, an indicator keeps you informed regarding how much charge it has left for operation.

What You Should Know

This device is not cheap, but the telescopic extension pole is not part of this package, which is a bummer. However, you can purchase it with the extension pole for more money.

2. Worx Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

Why We Love It

Worx cordless grass shears are one of the most well-known products in the market. This Worx grass shear product is also a two-in-one product. It comes with a toolless blade changeability option. It can be interchanged between a shearer and a hedger in 30 seconds. Both blades are of high quality.

The 4' inch blade is wider than the other one and is for cutting grass. Its wider mouth helps you cover a larger width, which produces more results in one slide. The right size of this shearing blade lets you give precise cuts while navigating around flower or vegetable beds.

For hedging, it has an 8' inch long narrow blade that can slip into tight spaces and give you clean and accurate cuts with a lot less hardship. Because of its length, your reach increases significantly. It enables you to do tall topiaries or bushes while staying on the ground.

The coolest part is that it has a portable battery, unlike machines with batteries inside. So, if you run out of battery during gardening, there is no other option than to stop gardening and plug in your tool for charging. With Worx, you simply slide the dead battery off, then slide in the other fully charged battery and continue your work.

Worx provides you with compatible batteries. If you have any other Worx products, you don't necessarily need to buy an extra battery. Its 20V Power Share battery system is compatible with every Worx product. The battery has an indicator to keep you updated on how much charging is left.

It weighs only around 2 lbs without the battery. With the right design handles, it becomes easy to hold it for long periods. This device generates about 1100 rpm, which ensures smooth edges. Worx also has a 2-stage trigger start safety mechanism to avoid accidents.

What You Should Know

It may sometimes stall if anything large comes between its blades.

3. SereneLife Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

Why We Love It

Serenelife Cordless Grass Shears give the best bang for the buck. It is unimaginable to even think of getting grass shear with such good qualities and benefits at this ridiculous price. Looking closely at this SereneLife product and what it offers to the world, there is not much difference from other grass-shearing products.

The body of this tool is made up of engineered ABS construction material that can withstand rough and tough use. It absorbs the pressure and hits of the outside world and keeps the internal parts safe.

The weight and size of the product are perfect for clipping and trimming. You can carry it around on your lawn for long hours. Its 4' inch grass shear blade can easily cut your grass where your lawnmower can't reach. Shearing grass becomes easier with its 3' inch width. Its wider width covers a good cutting area, which saves you from gliding back and forth in one place.

This 8" blade is for your shrubs. In no time, you'll be able to cut your shrubs or hedges symmetrically. By weighing only just over 3 lbs, it becomes a lot easier to maneuver it in confined spaces. You can hold it vertically for a long time without putting stress on your shoulders.

The stainless steel blades protect against rust and corrosion. Stainless steel increases the shelf life of the blades and keeps them in perfect shape. Regarding blade movement speed, this machine does not lag behind its competitors. The electric motor generates enough power to give 1000+ rpm, which is nice. At its price, it is commendable to have this safety lock option.

What You Should Know

It is a multi-purpose gardening tool, but converting this grass shear into a hedge trimmer takes a great deal of skill of set. It is because the instructions are difficult to read.

4. Sun Joe Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

Why We Love It

No list of the best cordless garden shears is complete without Sun Joe Grass Shears. The purpose of this product is to provide users with immense convenience. It is shaped and designed in a way that gives results every time. The product has an interchangeable blade option that gives versatility to this tool.

Changing the blades does not require reading through any instruction manual or tool. Simply flip the machine over, slide off the bottom cover, pull out the cutters and replace it with the other one. Then, slide back the cover, and ta-da! You have converted your grass shear into a hedge trimmer.

The blades are well constructed. Both blades are crafted from durable steel. That gives resistance to corrosion and makes deterioration less severe. Also, make sure the cutters run through shrubs and hedges. Shearing uses a 4' inch blade, and hedging uses a 6' inch blade.

It weighs only about 2.5 lbs, and carrying this tool is not even a problem for elderly people. This makes this device super easy to control while trimming. With its lightweight and compact size, navigating and maneuvering this device takes less effort. Its light weight makes it easier to maintain a good grip, which is crucial for precision cutting.

It produces a whopping 1250 rpm that lets you hover over a shrub or grass with no resistance whatsoever. It makes you finish your work quickly and with fewer hardships. This Sun Joe tool features a 2 stage press start to ensure the safety of its customers. Also, it comes with a power indicator.

What You Should Know

With the 2-stage press start feature, for some, it is uncomfortable to simultaneously hold both buttons for operation.

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools, Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

Why We Love It

It won't be wrong to say that Scotts nailed it in making the most practical grass shear in this price range. Scotts is one of the most dependable grass shears on the market. The overall build quality of the product is very high. Scotts put a lot of attention into designing and shaping this product. And because of that, the team was able to create one of the most ergonomically sound grass shears plus shrub trimmers.

This device provides grass-trimming operation without bending your back, not an inch even. The telescopic wheeled extension pole can easily be attached to the tool. You can select the height of your extendable pole, given what height you like. The cutting head of the grass shear can also be swiveled, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your choice.

You can use this telescopic pole to cut and trim your hedges and shrubs without using a stool or ladder. By staying on the ground, you get more control and a firm grip on the device, which results in even and clean cuts. It also saves you a lot of time and makes things more convenient.

With the pivoting and adjustable cutting head, you can move it without putting yourself in an uncomfortable or difficult position, thus making shearing and clipping easier and more comfortable.

The handles are well-made and sit nicely in your palm. Cutting requires a solid grip for steady and controlled swings. It has a 4' inch blade for trimming grass edges and a 6.5' inch blade for shaping your shrubs. A toolless blade change system makes changing the blade a piece of cake.

It weighs only 2.6 lbs. This device has also incorporated the 2-stage trigger start mechanism that stops you from unintended starts.

What You Should Know

The safety buttons are too easy to press, which makes them a tad unsafe.

Benefits of Cordless Grass Shears

It has become imperative for handheld grass shears to be powered by batteries. With its mechanical cutters, it minimizes your effort, saves your precious time by cutting the desired length in one motion, and by being easy to use, it is a good exercise for the elderly.

Cordless Grass Shears Buying Guide


For our list, we only picked cordless grass shears to mitigate the unnecessary effort and time-consuming that it takes to use manual grass shears. Second, it's portable, just like a manual one. Third, it does not compromise maneuverability and makes it easier to complete tasks in hard-to-reach areas. But if the battery capacity is not long-lasting, it may only allow a few minutes of operation. Then all the advantages of being cordless turn into disadvantages. It is like your asset is now your liability. So ensure that your cordless grass shear has a good lithium-ion battery that offers considerable battery runtime on each charge.


This machine is built to clip grass in narrow spaces between fences, tight corners, around flower beds, or even hedges at a difficult angle. These jobs call for a lot of concentration and patience. It can be relieved if the tool is light enough to carry and move around easily. To get symmetrical cuts on shrubs and hedges, weight plays an essential role in giving you controlled trimming. It is critical to buy a cordless grass shear that is lightweight.


When compared to other gardening tools, it is not the most dangerous. However, it is sharp, has power, and is exposed, which could cause serious injury. It is necessary to select a grass shear that comes with some safety precautionary measures. Most cordless grass shears come with the 2-stage trigger start system. It avoids unintended starts. This feature becomes even more relevant if it is for someone older.

Blade Length

Nowadays, grass shears have multi-functional characteristics. It mows the grass from the edges of the lawn and clips and creates perfectly aligned shrubs and hedges. So, it is better to have a 4-inch blade size for grass cutting and at least a 6-inch long blade for hedges.

With longer blades, you can cut shrubs or hedges that are at an elevated height while staying on the ground. Even the most difficult-to-reach areas are within your reach.


Speeds play a crucial role in making the shearing process less time-consuming and tiring. The faster the blade moves, the quicker you get your job done. Blade speed helps achieve clean and smooth cuts. Make sure that the movement of a grass shear blade is around 1000 SPM (Strokes per minute) or above. Otherwise, completing your gardening project will take an extra toll because of a lack of speed.


Companies now pay more attention to the ergonomics of their products. The simplest of jobs can become labor-intensive and tricky if a tool wobbles or slips in your hand. It occurs due to inefficient ergonomics. Either in shearing or hedging to get perfectly smooth and aligned edges, you require a good grip and control for a long duration. Both these qualities can be achieved if tools sit easily and comfortably on your palms. Steady hands can't do much if it is not designed to grip in your hand.


It doesn't matter how powerful, versatile or lightweight your tool is if its life is limited to only 2 to 3 months. Then it serves no purpose. You don't want a piece of junk to rot in the workshop. It is better to spend wisely and pick that one brand that has a credible name on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grass Shears

Here are the most frequently asked questions about grass shears.

What are cordless grass shears?

Cordless grass shears are gardening tools that are used to cut grass. They are similar to scissors but have a blade on each side of the handle. The blades are sharp and can easily cut through the grass.

How do cordless grass shears work?

Cordless grass shears use a rechargeable battery to power a motor that rotates a blade.

The blades are held together in a scissor-like fashion, and when the motor is turned on, it causes the blades to rotate quickly. This rotation cuts through the grass like scissors would cut through paper.

What are the benefits of using cordless shears?

Cordless grass shears offer a lot of benefits over traditional hedge clippers. For one, they're much easier to use because you don't have to worry about being near an outlet. They're also much quieter, so you can use them without annoying your neighbors. And since they're cordless, you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

Another big benefit of cordless grass shears is that they're much more efficient than regular hedge clippers. Because the blades are thinner and sharper, you can get through tougher branches with ease. This makes them perfect for trimming bushes and hedges around your property.

Are cordless grass shears difficult to use?

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using cordless grass shears, but once you get the hang of it, they are easy to use. You just have to be careful not to cut too deep into the grass, or you will end up with an uneven lawn.

Do cordless grass shears require any maintenance?

Cordless grass shears are a great option for trimming your lawn, but like any tool, they require some maintenance to keep them in good working order. Here are a few tips for keeping your cordless grass shears in top condition:

  • Clean the blades after each use with a damp cloth. This helps remove any built-up dirt or grass clippings and prevents them from rusting the blades.
  • Oil the blades every few months with a lightweight oil such as WD-40. This will help prevent corrosion and keep the blades running smoothly.
  • Store the shears in a dry place when not in use. Exposing them to moisture can cause rusting and damage to the

Do cordless grass shears work?

Yes, grass shears work. They are a type of scissors specifically designed for cutting grass or other plants with a blade that is curved like a sickle. Some models have a rotating blade that can make quick, clean cuts without moving the shears across the grass.

Do I need to sharpen cordless grass shears?

Yes. It is recommended to sharpen cordless grass shears. A sharp blade ensures clean, crisp cuts and also helps to reduce the wear on the blades.

There are several ways to sharpen cordless grass shears. One way is to use a honing or sharpening stone. Another way is to use a grinder or belt sander. Be sure to use caution when sharpening blades, as they can be very sharp.

How are cordless shears powered?

Lithium-ion batteries power cordless shears.

When should I use lawn shears?

Lawn shears should be used for precision shaping and trimming of the lawn. Edges around driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds are perfect candidates for lawn shears.

Lawnmowers are better suited for larger areas of grass that need to be trimmed evenly. Lawn shears allow you to neaten up the edges of your lawn and give it a more professional appearance.

What is the easiest way to remove grass quickly?

One of the easiest ways to remove grass quickly is to use an electric weed whacker. Another option is to use a garden hoe.

What is the fastest way to cut grass?

The fastest way to cut grass is with a lawn mower.

Is it better to edge first or mow first?

It depends on your priorities. If you want a nice, even lawn, then you should mow first. If you want to get the job done as quickly as possible, edge first.

What is the difference between lawn shears and edging shears?

Lawn shears are designed to cut tall grass or weeds while edging shears are designed to trim the edge of a lawn or garden bed.

Lawn shears typically have a longer blade, while edging shears typically have a shorter blade. Lawn shears are also heavier and more durable than edging shears.

What Option of Cordless Grass Shears Is Best For You?

So, there you have it! The five best cordless grass shears on the market today. We've given you a variety of options to choose from, all of which can be great choices for your home and lawn.

Now it comes down to personal preference. Do you want the longest-lasting battery life? The most powerful motor? The lightest weight? Or is it the cheapest option? Whatever your decision may be, we hope this article has given some clarity on what best cordless grass shears you want in your home.

Remember, what works for one consumer, may only work for some. You know your needs better than anyone else. That's why we always encourage customers to research before making any purchase - especially when it comes to something as important as your lawn care tools!

Items reviewed:

1. Gardena Cordless Grass Shear

2. Worx Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

3. SereneLife Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

4. Sun Joe Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools, Cordless Hedge and Grass Shear

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