Best Detangler for Dogs: Goodbye Tangles, Hello Manageable Fur

Best Detangler for Dogs: Goodbye Tangles, Hello Manageable Fur

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Using a detangling spray to remove your tangled hair without going through all that pain feels fantastic. But that's just the hair on our heads. Imagine having to go through all that pain de-matting the hair from our bodies. Very painful, right? That's precisely how our pets feel when we brush their matted hair.

Breeds like Shitzuh, Poodles, Doodles, and Bishon suffer from matting issues quite often, so they are at a higher risk of getting infections, allergies, itchy skin irritation, and hematomas. Use a comb or brush and any dog detangling spray product at home to prevent your dogs from any dangerous illness. Soft matted hair can be treated at home quickly, but if the matting is severe and much tighter, you need professional dog groomers.

But why go to a professional groomer when you can solve this problem at home? Pay attention to your best friend and get the grooming aid at home, such as grooming brushes and detangler sprays. But selecting the best dog detangler sprays that do not leave a greasy residue and are not harmful to your pup's sensitive skin can be tedious.

How We Chose the Best Detanglers for Dogs

We have curated a list of dog-detangling products for you that can be used on all dog breeds. We have ensured that the dog detangler spray products are free from harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, made with mild scents, PH Balanced, and easy on your pocket. Our reviews are derived from first-hand customer feedback, so you can clearly understand detangling sprays or combs before purchasing.

Top 5 Detanglers for Dogs

1. Burt's Bees Detangling Spray

Burt's bee is known for using nature's finest ingredients in its products. This detangler spray is by the #1 pet grooming brand made in the USA. The detangling spray has the highest quality natural ingredients, such as lemon oil, that reduces matting and linseed oil to coat soft fur. As a result, it minimizes hair pulling in matted fur and makes it easy for you to groom your dog.

This detangler spray uses a pH-balanced formula for all dog breeds, from minor to adult dogs. It is formulated without colorants, sulfates, and added fragrance, and it is good value for money.

The Burt's Bees' objective is to protect your dog's coat and provide you with a fun time grooming your dog. Apply the detangler spray from the back of the ears to the tail, brush through, and avoid spraying it to the eyes. If the formula goes into the dog's eyes, rinse it thoroughly. Following the correct instructions, the detangler spray will not wash off topical flea and tick treatment. Instead, the bees for dogs natural detangling spray softens and nourishes the dog's skin, reduces buildup, and is cruelty-free.

Why We Love It

  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Safe and gentle to use.
  • It has pH balanced formula.
  • Soft and mild lemon scent.
  • Free of harsh chemicals and cruelty-free.
  • Budget-friendly.

What You Should Know

  • The formula is better than the spray bottle or sprays nozzle quality.

2. Bodhi Dog Detangler Spray

The Bodhi Dog natural apple detangling spray penetrates the tough knots and leaves the dog's coat looking soft and fresh. The deep conditioning detangler sprays loosen knots and remove tangles. This is one of the best detangler sprays made with essential natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, and mineral oil. The dog detangler is made in the USA, and its botanical formula soothes dry hair and skin and strengthens healthy coat growth.

Use it on your bathed pet, rinse, and brush the dog's fur.

The natural apple detangling spray uses a hypoallergenic formula for extra-sensitive skin. It is 100% detergent, alcohol, sulfate, and paraben free. This dog detangler spray tackles even the roughest mats and knots and nourishes the dog's skin.

The dog detangler spray has a fresh scent of apples, leaving your dog's coat smelling soft and delightful. The formula leaves no oily residue and can be used on all dogs. The solution is a bit thicker, so use a fair amount, work it with your fingers, and then use a slicker brush to brush through your dog's hair. This detangling spray is cruelty-free, has eco-friendly packaging, and does not cost an arm and a leg.

Why We Love It

  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Suitable to use for mild to severe matting issues.
  • It has a soft apple scent.
  • 100% free from toxic and harsh chemicals.
  • Uses hypoallergenic formula for extra-sensitive skin.
  • Safe and gentle to use.
  • Professional grade quality.
  • Good value for money.

What You Should Know

  • It cannot be used as a leave-in conditioner.

3. Tropiclean Tangle Remover Spray

The Tropiclean fur ball detangling spray is a ready-to-use, leave-in conditioner and no-rinse formula that removes mats and knots. It leaves the dog hair shiny and smooth by retaining and restoring moisture. The detangling spray has a refreshing pea fragrance, and the wheat protein conditioning agent protects the dog hair from damage and softens their coat. It removes tangles for gentle brushing and can be used on pets 12 weeks or older.

Furthermore, it is one of the dog conditioners that does not leave an oily residue and does not need to be rinsed out.

It's best to bathe your pet with the Tropiclean shampoo for best results and then liberally apply the dog detangler remover on a dry or wet coat and massage it into the coat. Brush the skin to remove knots and also prevent future matting.

The dog detangling sprays repel dirt and are gentle on pets. The Tropiclean dog detanglers are paraben-free, soap-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free, making these products safe and gentle for every breed.

Why We Love It

  • Made with consciously formulated ingredients.
  • Removes knots for gentle brushing.
  • Enhance your pet's coat and skin.
  • Free from toxic chemicals.
  • It has a refreshing floral scent.
  • Affordable and safe to use.

What You Should Know

  • Apply only a light amount on dog hair.

4. Biosilk Dog Detangler Spray

As the name suggests, this product helps in de-matting the dog's coat and leaves the hair looking soft and shiny. The Biosilk detangler for dogs is made in the USA and luxuriously formulated with silk and enriching vitamins that give the perfect shine to your pet's hair.

It uses a pH-balanced formula that does not irritate or cause allergies to your fur baby. It is suitable for all dogs of 8 weeks or older. Also, this product is safe for topical flea and tick treatments. Apply the product from the back of the ears to the tail, massage it into the coats, and brush through them. This grooming solution spray bottle is safe for regular use and is free of parabens and sulfate. Lastly, it has a fresh and calming scent, making your pet feel and smell great!

Why We Love It

  • Detangles knots and leaves hair soft and shiny.
  • Free of paraben and sulfates.
  • It uses a pH-balanced formula.
  • Great for after or in-between baths.
  • Suitable for all dogs.
  • Easy on the pocket.

What You Should Know

  • Only apply a small amount on the matted area.

5. Detangling Pet Comb

If you encounter matting in its early stages, use this comb, and you won't have to use any detangler product to de-mat dog hair. If you want to get the best results and make it easier for yourself, use any of these dog detanglers when the product is applied to the matted area. This 2-in-1 pet comb is one of the best dog detangler combs for short and long hair. The stainless steel teeth are strong enough to remove tangles and knots efficiently. The anti-slip handle grip is made to avoid accidents. The all-in-one grooming tool is effectively used for de-matting, detangling, and combing. It is also perfect for short and long-haired breeds, cats, dogs, and bunnies.

Why We Love it

  • 2-in-1 detangling comb.
  • It can be used for long or short hair.
  • Stainless steel teeth to remove tangles.
  • Non-slip handle to prevent accidents.
  • It can be used for regular combing, detangling, and de-matting.
  • Budget-friendly and easy to use on loose hairs.

What You Should Know

  • It will pull the hair on severe matting.

Why You Need a Detangler for Dogs

If you have incredibly long hair, it will get tangled, and to remove tangles, you need to take care of your hair by washing them, letting them dry, and combing them very often. This is precisely the case with dogs, especially the ones with long-haired breeds. If you leave the dog's hair tangled, it will likely get matted. The matted fur is the seedbed for fleas, itchy skin, irritation, and other infections.

There are several reasons why matting occurs in the first place. One of the reasons is when the dog's coat is shedding and getting its summer coat. During that time, if the hair is not brushed correctly, the loose hair gets mixed with the dead skin and results in matting. Moreover, if your pet has fleas and itches, scratching can worsen things. Hair is likely to get tangled on the body parts where there is friction, i.e., ears, legs, collar, armpits, etc.

But hey! Don't worry. As much as it happens in dogs so quickly for many reasons, preventing it is also super straightforward; keep in mind a few things, and you're good to go. Please remember that the dog's fur does not need to get wet if tangled! Never do that. Water only takes a toll on matting, so never try to de-mat a damp coat, as it worsens the knots. So what to do? Separate the hair into small sections and de-mat them with your favorite detangler spray. Using a detangler spray, your dog's fur will become a de-matted, soft, and smooth coat.

How to Buy the Best Dog Detangler Sprays

By buying a detangler product, you will make your life easier, but choosing the right product can be a confusing task. Before purchasing, be sure about your dog's coat type and consult the veterinarian about which chemicals are unsuitable for their health. However, here are the other key points to remember before buying dog detangler sprays or combs.

Stay Away From Products With Harsh Chemicals

Do not buy a product that uses harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens. The dog's skin and human skin are different and have different PH balances. Using a detangler spray with harsh chemicals becomes a breeding ground for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. It also disturbs the PH balance of your pet. Similarly, using a human detangler spray on dogs or any pet is strictly prohibited for the above reasons. So always use a dog detangle on dogs and a human detangler on humans.

Moreover, it would be best if you always were looking for dog detangler sprays with natural ingredients that do not irritate the dog's hair or skin and are not hazardous for them. It will also help if you look for Dog detangler products that use gentle formulas with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon oil, tea tree oil, linseed oil, and jojoba oil. The gentle formula made with natural ingredients calms itchy skin, soothes the skin, creates a soft coat, and prevents infectious diseases.

Fresh Scent

A gentle scent in a detangling spray is essential, as a strong fragrance can irritate your pet. Our dogs have susceptible skin, and using a product on matted hair with a strong scent will only make things difficult for you and unsuitable for your dog. Therefore, the products you buy for mats and knots are always recommended to be of mild scent so they do not irritate your pet's coat.

Safe and Gentle

Make sure that the product you buy is safe and gentle to use. Detangler products include detangling sprays and detangling combs/brushes. As for detangling sprays, purchase a nontoxic and harsh chemicals-free product. Do not apply the detangling sprays to the dog's eyes or near its nose, as they can irritate its skin and cause diseases and infections. For the detangling comb/brush, make sure they have stainless steel with durable, long teeth and are easy, safe, and gentle to use on a dog's coat.


The best dog detangler sprays or combs exist from expensive brands and brands that provide good products for an affordable price. But, of course, you would not prefer an expensive detangler spray or comb when a much less expensive product can do the same job. So here's why we have listed the best dog detangler spray or comb products that are good value for money and made to last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you detangle matted dog hair?

To start, you'll need to invest in a quality detangling product specifically made for dogs. Choose one that's gentle enough for your pup's skin and coat. Then, use a wide-toothed comb or slicker brush to begin gently separating the tangled fur. Start at the bottom of the knot and slowly work upward in small sections until you have freed the strands of fur. If you come across stubborn knots that won't budge, use a damp cloth to lightly moisten the matted area first before attempting to comb them out. Once all of the tangles are gone, give your pup's coat a final brushing to evenly spread their natural oils throughout their fur and make sure no mats remain.

Can I use a human hair detangler on a dog?

No, using human hair detangler on a dog is not recommended. Detanglers are designed to soften and loosen human hair and can cause irritation when used on a dog's thicker coat of fur. Dog fur has a different PH balance than humans and needs different types of products that contain specifically formulated ingredients that will nourish the coat, reduce shedding, help prevent matting and tangles, and promote healthy skin and coat. Human detanglers may contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that can be irritating to a dog's skin, so it is best to avoid using them.

How do I stop my dog's hair from matting?

You can take several steps to prevent your dog's hair from matting. First and foremost, it is essential to groom your dog regularly. This includes brushing their coat every day or every other day with a brush appropriate for their fur type. You may also want to consider investing in a metal comb, as these are more effective at removing loose hairs and reducing tangles and mats. Additionally, be sure to bathe your dog on a regular basis - depending on their breed, this could be anywhere from once a month to once every few months - using specially formulated dog shampoo that helps protect against matted hair. Finally, ensure your pup has access to plenty of fresh water each day to stay hydrated and healthy.

Is it better to detangle dog hair wet or dry?

It is generally better to detangle a dog's hair when it is dry. This is because wet hair can be more vulnerable and more painful for your dog when untangling. When brushing dry, you are able to spot any mats or tangles that need to be carefully worked out before they worsen. Also, with dry fur, you can better visualize the coat and identify any areas needing extra attention. To further reduce the chances of pain, brush in sections starting from the ends and work towards the skin. This will ensure each tangle is gradually worked out rather than tugging at large clumps of fur simultaneously.

Is matted hair painful for dogs?

No, matted hair is not typically painful for dogs. Although it can be uncomfortable, it usually only occurs when the matted hair is brushed or combed. The most common symptom when dealing with matted hair on a dog is itching and irritation due to trapped moisture and dirt in the fur. In some cases, if left untreated, matted hair can cause skin problems such as irritation and infection. Therefore, while it may not be painful, it is important to take action to prevent any further discomfort or harm resulting from long-term neglect of the issue.

What Option of Best Detangler for Dogs is Best for You?

Ultimately, the best option of detangler for dogs is up to you and your furry friend.

Keep in mind that each option we discussed can offer plenty in terms of solutions if used properly. Be sure to consider your pup's needs before committing to a particular product; depending on their coat thickness or texture, some detanglers may not be as effective or easy to use. Additionally, some ingredients may cause irritation or adverse reactions in sensitive pets. Lastly, don't skimp on researching reviews by other customers - you'll want to make an informed choice regarding taking care of your pup!

Don't hesitate to contact the manufacturer with any specific questions you may have. Above all else, always consult a qualified veterinarian if there are any concerns about selecting products for your pet.

Final Remarks

So, before purchasing any product, know which chemicals or ingredients your pet or dog is allergic to. Then, consult a vet and ask him all the relevant questions. Also, research your dog's breed and hair type. Once you know which chemical you should avoid, you can make a better decision that will keep your dog's health intact without any dangers.

Moreover, the products listed above use all the natural ingredients that do not irritate the dog's sensitive skin. But having said that, it is recommended to use only a tiny amount of product on the matted area to see if it is causing discomfort to your pet. One of the reasons that cause itching on the skin is the strong fragrance. If the mild scent is a lot for your dog's sensitive skin, reduce the amount of the product. If at any point you feel that the product is not suitable for your fur baby, stop using it.

Nevertheless, the detangling sprays work wonders; they easily tackle stubborn and inflexible mats and make your grooming experience fun. Suppose your fur baby has frequent matting issues. In that case, you should comb the hair regularly and apply the product as the manufacturer directs. This way, your dog is less likely to get matting, making your life and your dog's skin much more manageable. The list is curated based on customer feedback so you can make a sound decision for your pet because feedback coming right from the customer using that product tells us all the pros and cons of it. So, buy your favorite detangling product and forever say goodbye to the matting issue!

Items reviewed:

1. Burt's Bees Detangling Spray

2. Bodhi Dog Detangler Spray

3. Tropiclean Tangle Remover Spray

4. Biosilk Dog Detangler Spray

5. Detangling Pet Comb

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