Best Dog Blow Dryer to Keep Your Best Friend Looking Their Best

Best Dog Blow Dryer to Keep Your Best Friend Looking Their Best

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Having a clean dog with healthy hair is essential for every dog owner. However, one of the issues with showering your dog is that it leaves damp spots on the furniture, and your house is filled with the distinctive aroma of wet fur.

If you want to speed up the hair-drying process, make showing your dog less hectic, and give it a good look, this guide is for you. Get blown away with our top picks for the best dog blow dryer.

How We've Made Our Selection

It can be hard to know which is the best dog blow dryer for your needs.

With all the different options, it's hard to know which is the best for you and your pup.

We've researched for you. Our editors have taken the time to learn about each product, read consumer feedback, and then selected the top options. This ensures you find a quality dog blow dryer that meets your needs.

5 Best Dog Dryers

1. Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer

It is time to get blown away with this tremendous versatile dog grooming blower designed to quickly dry dogs of all sizes. This blow dryer has your back, no matter how fast you have to dry your dog and which style you want to try.

It features multiple speed settings that can be adjusted using a knob on the machine's body, giving you precise control over the airflow and making drying easy. The fantastic thing about this dryer is that it operates quietly, making it a suitable choice for dogs sensitive to noise. It also has a warranty, giving you the perfect reason to buy this dryer.

It has four different nozzle attachments, which fit short and long-haired breeds. However, reading the product manual before starting the blow-drying process is always best advised. Shelandy dryer can be just used by AC 110/125V. Therefore, if you are out of the USA, please confirm your voltage first. One thing that may trouble you is that its body is short but heavy, so you would need a proper space to keep it. Overall, this product is a fantastic addition to grooming and will make your dog look dashing.

What We Like:

  • Four different nozzle sizes.
  • Super quiet voice.
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable heat settings.

What You Should Know:

  • Plastic construction.
  • Short wire size.
  • Heavy requires a proper place to put in.

2. Shernbao Dog Dryer

How amazing will it be if your drying time reduces by 60 percent? Yes, you heard it right! The Shernbao hair dryer lets you achieve that. It is durable and increases the efficiency of your drying process, especially when grooming large dogs.

Its two heat settings allow you to dry the hair faster with minimal damage. Also, its adjustable speed makes it great for controlling noise levels, especially when grooming dogs sensitive to loud noises.

Finally, we love this product for its perfect industrial design. Insulated materials and motor circuit isolation make handling and insulating heat easy. In addition, it is comparatively compact, making it the pet parents' first choice!

This dryer comes with 12 month's warranty just in case it stops working or your dog is uncomfortable with it (which is unlikely). You can always get it fixed or replaced. It comes in 3 colors option, not that your dog cares about it, but at least it can be an aesthetic addition to your furniture. One thing we are not happy with is that it is overly priced. You can find other blow dryers which work the same and are affordable. However, they may not come with a warranty and work as efficiently as this product.

What We Like:

  • Two air speed and variable temperature settings.
  • 10-foot hose.
  • Works on all fur types.
  • Efficient.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Weigh less than 5 pounds.

What You Should Know:

  • It may not warm up fast.

3. iPettie Pet Hair Dryer with Slicker Brush

Numerous problems, one solution! iPettie hair dryer with a slicker brush is the perfect pick for those who want two things at a reasonable price. You heard it right. It comes with a 2 in 1 design, helping you to remove the matted hair and tangles from your pet's skin while drying them. Amazing right?

Most pets are terrified of the loud voices from the dryer, but this dryer is whisper-quiet and will not scare your pets away. You can change the heat settings according to your dog's needs. It provides high and low speeds; you can choose whatever your dog is comfortable with. In addition, the heat setting is amazingly safe. It uses a lower heat setting than human hair dryers, protecting your dog from getting burned.

Get your dog all dogged with its narrow gap brush of stainless steel soft pins that allow you to reach deep into your pet's undercoat without scratching their skin.

It is safe for pets and automatically powers off when the temperature is very high. The dryer contains a filter that covers the bottom to block the hair from shedding. You can always open the bottom and clean the hair later.

A benefit of having to hold the dryer for a lengthy time: it has an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold and use. It is lightweight and portable, weighing only 13 ounces, making it easy to carry and travel. The only thing we are not so happy with is that it is not ideal for large-breed dogs. It is most suitable if you have small or medium-breed dogs.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comes with a slicker brush.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Safe for pets.

What You Should Know:

  • Not best for large breeds.
  • It may be time-consuming for thick-coated dogs.

4. Free Paws Pet Dryer

This dog dryer comes with five different nozzles and can be used for multiple pets at once, giving your dog the best puffiness possible. It has a flexible hose extending up to 8 ft, which is very handy.

It is best for the double-coated large breed as this nozzle blasts the shedding hair out of the coat, reducing the probability of a whip knot.

It has a powerful blower force, meaning it can generate power from 400w to 300w enabling high velocity for a giant dog or small pup. But, of course, you can always choose different wind levels according to your pet's size.

Like any dog hair dryer, it has adjustable speed and temperature control options, allowing you to dry your pet more quickly. It is perfect for all seasons.

The best part about this dryer is that it has low noise and works in a relatively quiet sound which will not scare your dog. Its rubberized feet keep the dryer stable and won't hurt the floor.

No matter how you style your dog, always ensure that the dryer is out of the reach of the dogs, as they may be tempted to bite the hose or power cable. Moreover, keeping the heat function off during the warm season and setting the airflow low is essential.

We love this product due to the presence of different nozzles, making it suitable for multiple, including blow-drying other pets at home.

What We Like:

  • Five different nozzles.
  • Low sound and rubbery feet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Comes with a shower massage glove.

What You Should Know:

  • Weak construction.

5. B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Hair Dryer

Fido Max 1 is an innovative device that will revolutionize your pet grooming! This ETL-certified pet dryer not only de-sheds and cleans fur without a wash but also gives your pup a relaxing massage. That's right—we said massage!

The Fido Max One is designed specifically for your pup's overall comfort. This is a heatless dryer, so its air temperature remains comfortably cool, unlike other dryers, so you can give them a drying session without worrying about overheating their skin or fur. Plus, you don't have to lift a finger to use it: just attach the hose to the appliance, turn it on, and let it do all the hard work for you.

What We Like:

  • ETL certified.
  • Heatless.
  • It can also be used for blowing off any dirt and debris.
  • Most affordable.

What You Should Know:

  • It's on the louder side.

Why Choose Blow Drying Over Air Drying?

As we have mentioned above, blow drying is the perfect solution for making the drying process quicker. Still, we would like to list other reasons to encourage you to buy the best blow dryer for your dog!


Imagine you just bathed your cute dog, but the guests are about to arrive in a few minutes. You're running out of time and would instead want to dry your dog quickly. Blow drying is much faster than air drying and will dry your dog before guests arrive.


Let's say you want to try a different look on your dog's fur. With the blow dryer, you can have more control over the direction, which can help your dog's hair dry more evenly and effectively.

Maintaining hygiene and keeping the dog warm:

Blow drying is ideal for you if you live in a colder climate. It will help to keep the dog warm and comfortable when you have taken it for a bath or a swim. Also, keeping your dog free of dirt or bacteria is essential. We assure you that using a blow dryer will help eliminate bacterial attachment.

Buyer's Guide for Choosing the Best Dog Hair Dryers

You don't want to buy a dryer before exploring different options. Plenty of options are available, but you may need clarification, so we are here to help you make an informed decision about your purchase. You should consider some factors before buying the best dog blow dryers.


Speed refers to how fast the air is coming out of the dryer. Those with thin-coated dogs may get away with a blow dryer at one speed. But those who own thick-coated dogs might need something with many different options to dry their pet's coat.


Heat is the flow of energy from hot to cold and vice versa. While some dogs are okay with high heat, others may not be able to tolerate it. You don't want the temperature to get too hot, or you could make your dog comfortable. Therefore, try finding something with multiple heat settings.

Ease of use:

The main goal of getting a blow dryer for your dog is to make the grooming and drying process easier, not complicated. You would instead want something that is handheld and not a standing model. Something that is portable and can be used from place to place.


Accessorize your dryer and get a better look for your dog. Some nozzle attachments can make your puppy fluffy, while others can get away with a plain.

Consider these things before buying, no matter what Blow dryer you use.

How to Blow Dry Dog's Hair

Blow drying your hair is entirely different from blow drying your dog's fur because it is much more than just their hair. It is also their savior from cold or danger. Therefore, knowing how to blow dry their dog's fur is essential.

One thing many people nowadays do is blow dry their dog hair with their blow dryer. This is not ideal, as the human blow dryer is unsuitable for dogs. Here are the reasons why human hair dryer is not suitable for dogs:

1) It is set at too high heat, which can harm the pet's skin.

2) It can not dry a large or thick-coated dog because it is underpowered.

Most dog dryers have multiple heat settings and speed options that allow you to customize the experience for your dog. For example, if your dog is too sensitive to noise, you can change the speed accordingly. Likewise, many dryers come with nozzle attachments that diffuse the air widely and others that concentrate more tightly.

Regardless of what blow dryer you use, it is important to introduce it to your dogs slowly and peacefully.

Towel-dry your dog first! Place the towel on your pet and squeeze the section one at a time. The main goal is not just to dry the hair entirely but also to make it tangle-free. Do not rub the hair vigorously with this towel. It will create tangles, and blow drying will take longer.

Start blow drying from the bottom and avoid doing it on the sensitive area, for example, the face, ears, or genitals. Try the lowest power setting. Then very slowly, begin with the coat. Avoid concentrating the dryer only on one spot.

You should brush the fur with your hand while using the blow dryer to increase the drying process. Not only will it improve the drying process, but it will also make your dog feel loved and comfortable. Allow yourself to give your pup a cute, loving talk, and give them treats every time they get their hair blow-dried so they can return happily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog blow dryers worth it?

If you have a pet with thick or long fur that takes a long time to dry naturally, a dog blow dryer could be beneficial. These devices help to reduce drying time significantly, so if you are often taking your pet out in wet weather, then a dog blow dryer can be very useful. Some models also have powerful heat settings and adjustable airspeeds for safe drying and styling. With these features, dog blow dryers can make grooming easier and faster for pets and their owners. However, if your pet has short hair or doesn't often go outside in wet weather, then investing in a dog blow dryer may not be necessary.

Can I use a human blow dryer on my dog?

No, you should not use a human blow dryer on your dog. Human blow dryers typically generate much more heat than is typically comfortable or safe for a dog. The noise levels can also be very intimidating for them. Additionally, dogs have sensitive skin, and using a regular human blow dryer can cause irritation, hair loss, and other skin-related issues due to the intense temperatures. A safer option would be looking for pet-friendly blowers designed for your pet's comfort and safety.

What is the best way to blow dry a dog?

The best way to blow dry a dog is by using an adjustable speed, temperature, and airflow, allowing the airflow to be adjusted depending on the needs of the individual dog's coat. When blow drying a dog, it's important that you start with the lowest settings, gradually increasing as you progress. This prevents shocking or burning the skin with too hot of a setting. Additionally, it is advised to use a brush or comb in conjunction with the blow dryer to help detangle and straighten fur. Be sure to always keep the nozzle of the blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your pet's body. If done properly, blow drying can help reduce shedding and leave behind a clean and fluffy coat.

How do groomers blow dry dogs?

Groomers blow dry dogs using a combination of warm air from a blow dryer and a brush. The heat helps to dry the fur more quickly and evenly. In contrast, the brush helps to distribute the air evenly throughout the coat, removing excess moisture. Groomers also use different nozzles to direct the airflow to avoid blowing directly into the dog's face or ears. Additionally, groomers often use special attachments such as round brushes and combs to remove mats and tangles and detangle difficult fur types. To ensure safety, groomers typically use low-level heat settings on their blow dryers while continuously monitoring their pet's temperature to prevent overheating. After drying, groomers may add a finishing spray to help keep the coat shiny and healthy-looking.

What Option of Dog Blow Dryers is Best for You?

Now you know more about the choices available when deciding which type of dog blow dryer is most suitable.

We'd like to emphasize that while one option may be successful for one person, it may not provide an optimal experience for another. Pay attention to your pet's needs, and choose something that works best for you and your furry friend! Facilities such as air speeds, drying temperatures, and noise levels produced by different models are all important factors in finding a good quality machine.

Do your research and read up on reviews to get the best dog to blow dryer for you and your pup!

Items reviewed:

1. Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer

2. Shernbao Dog Dryer

3. iPettie Pet Hair Dryer with Slicker Brush

4. Free Paws Pet Dryer

5. B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Hair Dryer

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