Best Dog Snowsuit: Top 6 to Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

Best Dog Snowsuit: Top 6 to Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

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Winter weather shouldn't prevent your dog from enjoying the outdoors, but it might require additional steps to keep them warm. This is where dog snowsuits come in handy, especially in areas with harsh winter conditions and snow. Having the right-fitting snowsuit made with insulation and paired with dog boots can ensure that your furry friend stays warm and protected from the snow, ice, and salty sidewalks.

These dog winter coats can be beneficial even for the most rugged dogs in frigid environments. However, some dogs prefer a lighter snowsuit that enables more mobility. In contrast, others require added insulation to stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Finding a snowsuit that fits your dog correctly and is suitable for your local climate is essential. Depending on your requirements, the suit's material can also impact factors such as ease of washing or portability.

Hence, to ensure you get the specifications right, we decided to give you the best understanding of it and short-listed the best dog snowsuits that would be reliable for your dog while offering the highest quality.

How We've Selected the Best Dog Snowsuit

A good dog snowsuit can be bought between the price range of $50 - $150. With this budget in mind, we divided it into three segments. At the lowest end, we looked for good quality dog snowsuits with good material. In the mid-budget range, we looked for snowsuits that weren't only better in terms of material quality but were also highly reliable. Finally, at the highest end, we looked for the best dog snowsuits that your money can buy.

We were able to narrow down the snowsuits by the customer reviews. Then, we selected the ones most trusted by the customers and had an overall good rating. Finally, we decided on the five best dog snowsuits we will review.

1. Kurgo Dog Onesie Body Warmer

This multi-functional dog onesie can be worn alone or layered under your dog's preferred coat for added warmth. It can provide warmth, aid recovery after surgery, or prevent pet fur from spreading by containing it. It also features reflective side seams for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

This warmer is made of breathable polyester and spandex fabric, so these pet pajamas keep dogs comfortable and warm. This dog onesie is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, with a back opening for easy bathroom breaks and harness or collar access. In addition, it features a body-conforming black belly band that can reduce anxiety and a high collar to keep the neck warm, like a scarf.

This dog bodysuit is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as pajamas, exercise wear, post-surgery recovery, or as a shedding containment suit. The open area in the back makes it easy to take your dog outside for bathroom breaks. The size chart can ensure a proper fit based on your dog's back length and chest measurements.

Why We Love It

  • Versatile and multi-functional dog onesie.
  • It can be worn alone or layered under a dog coat.
  • Reflective side seams for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  • It is made of breathable polyester/spandex fabric to keep dogs comfortable and warm.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, with easy access to harness or collar.
  • The perfect onesie for small dogs.

What You Should Know

  • There is a chance it could be uncomfortable and may hinder a dog's mobility at times.

2. Helios Blizzard Dog Snowsuit

Different sizes and colors available

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The Helios Blizzard winter dog coat is designed to provide maximum protection in extreme weather conditions such as blizzards, typhoons, hurricanes, and rainstorms. Its double waterproof, windproof, breathable, and tear-resistant outer shell, combined with its 3m reflective lining, ensures both durability and visibility in emergencies.

The jacket also has convenient zippers for easy dog placement and Velcro closures that keep the wind out and protect the dog's fur from pulling. In addition, there is a leash opening near the neck, and the jacket has decorative embroidery and printing on the outer shell.

Helios dog jackets come in various colors and sizes, and the sizing guide ranges from extra small to extra large. The inside of the Jacket has a thick layer of high-quality, warm, and anti-static fleece that is breathable and well-ventilated.

Why We Love It

  • It provides maximum protection in extreme weather conditions such as blizzards, typhoons, hurricanes, and rainstorms.
  • Double waterproof, windproof, breathable, and tear-resistant outer shell with 3m reflective lining for durability and visibility.
  • Convenient zippers and Velcro closures for easy placement and dog fur protection.
  • Leash opening near the neck, decorative embroidery, and printing on the outer shell.

What You Should Know

  • There is the possibility of the suit becoming too hot or uncomfortable for the dog.

3. Gooby Padded Vest

Different sizes and colors available

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These dog vests are heavily padded for small to medium-sized dogs with a maximum dog weight of 32 lbs. This snowsuit provides insulation, water resistance, and wind protection.

The dog snowsuit offers lightness, warmth, dryness, comfort, protection from snow, and durability in wet conditions while appearing adorable, as seen in customer reviews with photos of cute dogs.

Additionally, it can secure a leash without needing a separate harness. With the Gooby vest, your dog will not experience a painful zipper experience; it has a protective guard to prevent fur and skin from getting caught. The jacket zipper is at the back for easy and hassle-free putting on and zipping.

This dog snowsuit and sweater vest is designed to prevent your dog from soiling during bathroom breaks, unlike most other dog snowsuits and sweater vests. However, in case of a mess, it is easy to clean as it can be safely machine washed and tumble-dried. The Gooby dog vest offers a convenient solution to potty issues. Your small dog will love wearing this zip-on dog snowsuit due to its comfortable fleece vest lining, which provides warmth and dryness during walks in cold weather. The two D-ring design also allows for secure leash attachment, eliminating the need for additional harnesses or collars.

Why We Love It

  • It provides insulation, water resistance, and wind protection for small to medium-sized dogs up to 32 lbs.
  • Convenient leash attachment without the need for a separate harness.
  • Comfortable fleece vest lining provides warmth and dryness.
  • Easy to clean with safe machine washing and tumble drying.

What You Should Know

  • The suit may tear or get caught on objects during walks or play.

4. Kurgo Loft Dog Snowsuit

Different sizes and colors available

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This dog jacket/snowsuit is perfect for daily outdoor adventures and is made with an active dog's needs in mind. Unlike bulky pet coats that can cause overheating while playing and running, this 2-in-1, lightweight snowsuit will keep your dog warm without causing discomfort.

The Kurgo K9 reversible dog snowsuit is made from strong rip-stop nylon and is filled with Polytech for durability and water resistance. It also has a convenient zipper opening that allows your dog to wear their favorite harness underneath for safety and comfort. The reflective piping on the snowsuit makes your dog visible in low light and nighttime conditions.

You can add the Kurgo K9 Core Fleece Sweater for extra warmth and coverage for freezing weather. It comes in 8 different color options and can be easily cleaned by machine washing on a gentle cycle and air drying.

Why We Love It

  • Perfect for daily outdoor adventures.
  • Lightweight snowsuit keeps dogs warm without discomfort.
  • Made from strong and water-resistant rip-stop nylon.
  • Convenient zipper opening for use with a favorite harness.

What You Should Know

  • Potential for the suit to get wet, which could lead to skin irritation.

5. DOGHELIOS' Weather-King' Snowsuit/Jacket

The Helios dog weather-king jacket is lined with Black Shark heat-retention technology that reflects and maintains the pet's body heat. This insulated dog winter coat Jacket is lightweight, waterproof, impermeable, windproof, snowproof, breathable, and tear-resistant. The outer shell is made of a waterproof treated polyester blend with proprietary coatings for durability. The jacket also features reflective 3M tubing for safety during night walks or extreme activities. In addition, it has Velcro adjustable sleeves to prevent cold air from entering.

It also comes with an adjuster by the neck area and hood that can be opened close to the face to protect from frostbite and keep your dog and pup warm. It also has Velcro closures at the belly and chest for added warmth and a more customized fit. The jacket includes a leash slit holder at the back with accented embroidery and prints on the outer shell.

Why We Love It

  • Black Shark heat-retention technology for warmth and body heat retention.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, windproof, snowproof, breathable, and tear-resistant material.
  • Reflective 3M tubing for safety during night walks or extreme activities.
  • Velcro adjustable sleeves, neck area, and hood for protection against the cold.

What You Should Know

  • May cause difficulty in potty breaks and hygiene issues.

6. Furhaven Dog Snowsuit

This puffer snowsuit is stylish and has thick insulation to keep your pet warm during walks in cold weather. The popped collar design helps protect against wind and rain. The dog jacket is double-sided and can be worn either way. The gray side is reflective for increased visibility during nighttime or poor weather conditions when on walks with oncoming cyclists and drivers.

The coat has a zippered pocket on the back and a small pouch for carrying treats, leashes, poop bags, and other small items. The jacket's water-resistant coating will keep the pet's body warm and dry during rainy weather. The dog jacket is easily cleaned in a washing machine. Detailed cleaning instructions are available on the hang tag or seam label. The product is covered by a 90-day limited warranty for material defects and may also be eligible for their 60-day worry-free program.

Why We Love It

  • Thick insulation to keep pets warm in cold weather.
  • Popped collar design protects against wind and rain.
  • Zippered pocket and a small pouch for carrying essentials.
  • Water-resistant coating to keep pet's body warm and dry during rainy weather.

What You Should Know

  • The suit is at risk of tearing or getting caught on objects during walks or play.

How to Choose the Best Winter Dog Coats

To make your choice wisely, it's essential to understand the factors that accompany a reliable dog snowsuit. So, here goes!


When choosing a snowsuit for your dog, the size of the dog will determine how warm they need to be. Large breeds like Labrador Retrievers may only need a light shell. Still, smaller breeds like a toy or miniature dogs will benefit from more insulation, like a puffer-style snowsuit. Choosing a snowsuit that won't weigh your dog down keeps their body temperature stable, especially the chest and abdomen, which are sensitive areas.

Water Repellency

To keep your dog warm, it is essential to prevent rain and snow from getting through its outerwear, regardless of its natural coat. This is why many owners opt for a warm sweater paired with a waterproof raincoat in cold and wet weather. A waterproof snowsuit throughout the year can also reduce grooming needs after a park run. Choose materials that are water-resistant such as nylon or waxed cotton.


Suppose you've recently visited a dog park, especially in unfavorable weather. In that case, you might have observed that many dogs wear more fashionable outfits than their owners. In recent years, dog fashion has been continuously improving, stylish sporting clothing such as a small Barbour-like waxed cotton raincoat for a Cairn Terrier or a fleece from Sandy Liang for a Labradoodle. Although a simple dog snowsuit can adequately provide warmth for your dog, it is believed that the best dog snowsuits should have both functionality and style. Therefore, this list was compiled with this concept in mind, featuring dog snowsuits with both qualities.

Measuring Your Dog for a Snowsuit

To get the lengths right and avoid having regrets later on, here are a few ways to measure your dog for a snowsuit.


Selecting the appropriate size for a dog snowsuit is more complex than opting for small, medium, or large. For example, a dog considered "small" might require a larger snowsuit based on its body shape, whereas a slim, long-legged dog may fit better in a smaller size. To ensure a proper fit for your dog's snowsuit, measure their dimensions using a tape measure.

Chest Girth

It is crucial to accurately measure the chest since most snowsuits do not have adjustable chest openings. This is particularly important for dogs with broad or barrel-shaped chests. Instead, measure the chest circumference at its widest point, behind the front legs, while the dog stands. Go with the larger option if the measurements fall between sizes. If the dog is very active and engages in a lot of running and jumping, adding 1 to 2 inches to the chest measurement is recommended to allow for adequate freedom of movement while wearing the snowsuit.

Neck Length

To ensure a proper fit for a snowsuit with a non-adjustable neck opening, measure the thickest part of the neck, located just below where the collar sits. When uncertain, choose a larger size.


The drop refers to the length of a snowsuit on a dog's body and legs. A snowsuit that is too long may hinder the dog's movements, while a snowsuit that is too short may not provide enough coverage. To evaluate the fit of a snowsuit's drop on your dog, measure the snowsuit's length and your dog's length, starting from the base of the tail to the ankle above the paw along the hind leg.

An ideal snowsuit should cover the body and reach no further than halfway down the dog's leg.

It's essential to keep in mind that not all dog breeds require a snowsuit. Some breeds, like Huskies and Malamutes, have thick double coats that provide sufficient protection in inclement weather. However, breeds with single coats, like Boxers or Greyhounds, can benefit from wearing a snowsuit to stay warm in cold weather. Additionally, smaller breeds are more sensitive to the cold, and a snowsuit can encourage them to venture outside and play in colder conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Snowsuits

It's wintertime, and your dog needs to stay warm, but you're not sure if a snowsuit is right for them.

A lot of people are unsure about whether or not a dog snowsuit is a right thing for their pup during the winter.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about dog snowsuits so that you can decide what's best for your furry friend.

Should dogs wear coats?

Whether or not dogs should wear coats is a question that depends on the climate in which they live and the type of breed of dog. In certain colder climates, coats can offer an extra layer of warmth for dogs with shorter fur coats or those without an undercoat. Coats can also be beneficial for elderly dogs that may have reduced muscle mass, making them more susceptible to feeling cold. In warmer climates, however, lightweight, breathable jackets are available to help protect against sunburn and overheating. Additionally, wind-resistant coats can be helpful for dogs who spend significant amounts of time outdoors as a protective barrier against wind chill and abrasive surfaces.

How cold is too cold for winter dogs?

The answer to the question of how cold is too cold for winter dogs can vary greatly depending on the breed and coat of the particular dog and the individual dog's tolerance for cold weather. Generally speaking, most experts agree that a temperature below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (or -7 degrees Celsius) is considered too cold for dogs in winter months. In such temperatures, it's important to make sure your pup is comfortable and safe from the elements. Thick-furred breeds like huskies and Malamutes are better equipped to handle colder temperatures than their thinner-coated counterparts. Even thicker-furred breeds may require extra protection in extreme temperatures, like heavy coats and booties outdoors. It's also important to check your pet often for signs of frostbite or hypothermia and bring them inside if they begin to show signs of distress. When venturing outside with your pup, always make sure they have access to food and water, so they don't become dehydrated or chilled. Additionally, a warm place to rest away from drafts is essential in keeping them healthy during the frigid winter months.

How should I dress my dog for snow?

When dressing your dog for snow, it is important to make sure he or she is comfortable and warm. Start by selecting a coat or sweater that fits your pup snugly, preferably made with waterproof materials. This will help protect your pup from rain, sleet, and snow by providing an extra layer of insulation between the elements and their sensitive skin. Choose a coat with reflectors on it to help keep him visible in low-light environments while they are out playing in the snow. Don't forget to include a pair of cozy booties to keep their paws warm. They should also be made of waterproof material to ensure no moisture penetrates through them during playtime. If you feel your pup needs further protection against the cold, look into getting a snowsuit designed specifically for dogs – this will keep them incredibly warm and dry as they romp around outside. Finally, if you want to make sure your pup stays fresh and dry during their snow adventures, consider investing in some waterproof doggy wipes, which can be used to wipe away any wetness that accumulates over time.

Should I cover my dog's paws in the snow?

It is important to consider whether or not it is necessary to cover your dog's paws in the snow. Generally, a short-haired dog that does not have long fur on its paws may benefit from some form of protection to avoid frostbite and other cold-related injuries. Additionally, if your pet has any pre-existing conditions or sensitivities to cold, then it would be wise to take extra precautions. Furthermore, suppose you are planning an extended outdoor activity such as a hike or a winter walk. In that case, it can be helpful to provide your pup with some sort of protective booties or socks for their paws. These products usually come with insulation and traction features that can help protect them from the harshness of the cold climate. However, if you are just taking your pet out for a brief stroll around the neighborhood, then covering their paws may not be necessary, as most dogs are relatively resilient against short periods of exposure to cold weather. Additionally, make sure that you clear away any ice or snow from between their toes after being outdoors.

What Option of Dog Snowsuit is Best for You?

We hope this article has given some clarity on what dog snowsuit you want for your furry friend. Remember, what works for one consumer may only work for some.

Take into account the size of your dog, their demeanor, and what budget you have to spend. These factors will contribute to which type of dog snowsuit is best for you and your pup.

If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to contact us; we can help guide you to the perfect product!

Thanks for reading!

Items reviewed:

1. Kurgo Dog Onesie Body Warmer

2. Helios Blizzard Dog Snowsuit

3. Gooby Padded Vest

4. Kurgo Loft Dog Snowsuit

5. DOGHELIOS' Weather-King' Snowsuit/Jacket

6. Furhaven Dog Snowsuit

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