Revamp Your Watering with The Best Garden Hose Quick Connect

Revamp Your Watering with The Best Garden Hose Quick Connect

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If you are like us, you probably hate connecting and disconnection various watering accessories to the hose. It takes all the fun out of gardening. However, garden hose quick connects have made our lives easier and enabled us to concentrate more on watering the garden.  

We decided to review some of the best garden hose quick connect that you can find online today. We will also tell you all about the features you should consider before buying garden hose quick connects towards the end.

How We've Selected the Best Garden Hose Quick Conntects

We started by limiting our budget to 25 dollars. You should not spend more than 25 dollars on a quick-connect. So, we selected all the quick connects that fell within this range. Then, we divided the budget into three categories: Low, medium, and high. At the low end of the budget, we looked for plastic quick connects that could last for at least a year. We looked for plastic and metal combination quick connects in the medium range, which lasted for a few years. Finally, at the highest end, we looked for all metal quick-connects that last several years.

Then we looked for essential features such as good grips and water stip function. Finally, we used customer reviews to narrow down our list. We were left with five garden hose quick connects, which we will now review.

Top 5 Garden Hose Quick Connects

1. Eden Garden Hose Fitting

Snapping watering tools apart or together has never been easier than using Eden garden hose fitting. Its quick turn-to-lock connectors are intuitive and make attaching or removing the hose from the pip feel like a breeze.

In addition, the kit has a faucet adapter, one faucet end connector, 1 product end connector, and two product adapters.

The connections are secure and lockable, which makes this hose fitting suitable for lightweight use. Although the material of choice here is plastic, it is entirely leakproof. Since it is made of plastic, you do not have to worry about rust.

We love that it also comes with built-in water stop features, which allow for a continuous water flow when you switch out the tools and the water is running. Switching your hose is also made more accessible through an ergonomic rubberized TPR grip. These rubberized hand grips are designed for easy on-and-off connections, and there is no need to attach or detach the watering tools. It also prevents you from the strain you might experience in your hands while tightening connections.

The only caveat with this hose fitting is that customer reviews tell us it lasts about one year. However, given its price and performance, it is still an excellent deal.

What We Like

  • Easy to snap together or take apart.
  • It comes with everything you would need.
  • It comes with secure and lockable connections.
  • Built-in water stop feature.
  • Does not strain the hands while tightening the connections.

What You Should Know

  • Customer reviews tell us that it lasts for one year.

2. Gardena Quick Connector Starter Set

Welcome to the world of easy-on, easy-off garden maintenance with the Gardena Quick Connector! With two complete sets in bulk packaging, you can water your garden easily all season long.

This connector works with 5/8" and 1/2" Garden Hoses, Sprinklers, and Spray Nozzles – making it incredibly versatile for various watering needs.

This reliable connector stays watertight from tap to hose to appliance, making watering your garden effortless. And if you remove the accessory? The water flow stops automatically – that's peace of mind for busy gardeners everywhere! Plus, with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that Gardena has created something to last.

Gardena has fifty years in the making – everything fits together perfectly and stays watertight each time- no more hassle or frustration trying to make connections! They've made a reliable connection between tap and hose as well as hose and appliances, so your job is done quickly and efficiently.

What We Like

  • Watertight fit.
  • If you remove your watering accessory, the water flow will stop automatically.
  • Reliable quick connect for the cost.
  • Lifetime warranty.

What You Should Know

  • Rule of thumb: Before the first frost, store where it is protected from frost.

3. Gorilla Easy Connect

Before reading this review of this quick connect, you should know that they are only suitable for Gorilla easy connect products.

These ¾ inch solid brass fittings are designed to make connecting and disconnecting garden hoses a breeze. The brass construction is solid and enhances durability. The set includes two male and female parts, making it easy to connect multiple hoses.

User reviews are a testament to the overall durability of this product, as some of them claim that these quick connects have been running strong for over five years.

You can use these garden hose quick connectors to fit all gorilla garden hoses, faucets, watering devices, a hose end tap timer, and pressure washers.

When you buy these connectors for your gorilla garden hose, one this is for sure: there will be no water leakage whatsoever. It is also effortless to connect and disconnect your watering accessories using this quick connection, as you can do that single-handedly. It is excellent for those with arthritis and limited hand and joint mobility.

What We Like

  • Premium construction: made out of solid brass construction.
  • It makes it extremely easy to connect and disconnect the hose.
  • Great for people with arthritis and limited hand and joint mobility.
  • Extremely durable, it can last for several years.

What You Should Know

  • Only suitable for Gorilla easy connect products.

4. Melnor 65117-AMZ QuickConnect

Melenor 65117 QuickConnect is one of the most budget-friendly quick-connect fittings. However, do not let the price fool you because it performs exceptionally well for its price.

Disconnecting a running lawn sprinkler or hose using this connector is so easy that you can do it with a wrist flick. Once you disconnect the hose, thanks to its automatic water stop function, it shuts off automatically. This quick connection is also effortless to reconnect your hose or sprinklers.

The Melenor QuickConnect is made up of plastic, but we have little to complain about while spending only about the amount of a latte on this quick-connect. We love that this quick-connect can adjust to any garden hose.

It also comes with a rubberized grip design to attach and detach your hose even when your hands are wet. It has a sturdy construction, which means that you will face no leakages when using this quick-connect. It is straightforward to connect this garden hose connector to your system, and fits standard garden hoses.

You should only know that customer reviews tell us these quick connects are unsuitable for use in a cold climate.

What We Like

  • One of the most budget-friendly quick-connect fittings.
  • Easy to install.
  • It makes connecting and disconnecting the water hose effortless.
  • It comes with a rubberized grip.
  • Features an automatic water stop function which is a pleasant addition to its price.

What You Should Know

  • Not suitable for use in a cold climate.

5. Dixon DGH7 Brass Quick-Connect Fitting

This quick-connect fitting by Dixon is one of the best choices for brass connectors that will last several years. It has a complete assembly, including a plug and a coupler to connect hoses. It features a valveless construction that allows water to flow even when disconnected.

We researched customer reviews to ensure the durability of this product and found out that it is highly resistant to corrosion and ductility at high temperatures. Although it is a metal quick-connect, it is effortless to connect. This is because it features a push-pull ring that lets you snap the garden hose to the system.

The only thing you should be aware of is that you should refrain from overtightening this quick-connect fitting. Some customers have complained that it deforms over tie because of over-tightening.

What We Like

  • One of the most premium quick-connect systems.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Features a valve-less construction.

What You Should Know

  • Do not over-tighten this quick connect.

What is a Garden Hose Quick Connect

The name of the garden hose quick-connects is self-explanatory. They are tools that fit into your hose and connect it to any garden accessories. They make it easier to connect and disconnect different accessories to hoses. They also make it easy to connect and disconnect the hose from the water source, such as a tap.

How to Buy the Best Garden Hose Quick Connect

Buying a quick-connect for a garden hose can be tricky. They may seem like simple connectors, but a wrong decision can make your life more difficult. So before buying a garden hose quick connect, let's see what you should consider.


Some garden hose quick connects are made of plastic, while others are brass. Plastic garden hose quick-connects are cheaper than brass ones. However, some garden hose quick connects made out of a combination of plastic and brass. These are more expensive than plastic quick connects but cheaper than all metal ones. Let'sLet's look at some of the pros and cons of each of these materials.

Plastic Quick Connects

Plastic quick connects are the most budget-friendly options out there. However, they still need to do their job better. They are easier to connect to the hose pipe compared to metal ones. They are also reasonably durable, and most good-quality ones will last you for one year. However, they are prone to breaking and leakages. Plastic quick connects are generally not suitable for colder climates as well.

Plastic and Metal Quick Connect Combo

These offer the best of both worlds. Their exterior is made of plastic, while the interior is made of brass. They are also the most value-for-money quick connects. They are easy to fit and generally suitable for cold climate use. However, they are less durable than all metal ones.

Brass Quick Connects

These are the most costly quick connects you can find in the market. However, their price is well worth their performance. They last for at least three years, during which you may have bought three plastic quick connects. Their most significant advantage is that they are entirely leakproof in most cases. They are also perfectly suitable for cold climates. However, most brass quick connects are challenging to fit.

Waterstop Feature

Some good quality quick connects come with a water stop feature. It lets you disconnect your garden hose without running to the tap and closing it. When you remove the hose, a ball valve stops the water from flowing. This makes life easier because you save up on all those annoying trips to the tap.

Some people think this feature is unnecessary, but we love it. It takes the inconvenience out of the picture and makes watering your garden like a breeze.

Quick Connect Grips

There is a high likely hood that your hands may be wet while using the garden hose. Unfortunately, this means you may be unable to grip things easily. This is why your garden hose quick-connect must come with good grips. Some good ones come with recessed plastic grips, making connecting and disconnecting the garden hose easy.

Swiveling Feature

This one is optional, but you should look for a swiveling feature in your garden hose quick connects. Swiveling feature allows the hose to rotate 360 degrees, preventing kinking and twisting of the pipe, which may lead to leakages in the future.


This is a no-brainer. Your garden hose quick-connects should be durable. However, there is no way to judge durability, especially when purchasing the product online. You will have to take the manufacturer's word for durability. So, ensure that the quick connect is suitable for your purpose. For example, homemade ones can tolerate lower pressure than professional ones. So, if you have a large garden and will be using them for heavy-duty use with high water pressure, ensure that you buy a professional one.

Look at customer reviews. Customers who have used this quick-connect for years will be able to give you the best picture of their durability. As a rule of thumb, expect plastic quick connects to last for a year, while brass ones to last for five years.


There is no point in buying a quick-connect that starts leaking. So, ensure that you read customer reviews. Leakage means you are wasting water, and you might make a mess.


Make sure that your quick connect is adaptable with your garden accessories. For most people, this must not be an issue. Most quick connects are suitable for all North American garden fittings. However, suppose you have garden accessories from brands such as 'Gorilla,' which make their custom fitting. In that case, you should buy their quick connect.


Always ensure that your quick connects come with all the accessories required to make them work and attach to all hose accessories. Ensure it comes with a facet adapter, faucet end connector, product adapter, and product end connector.


If you live in a cold climate, you should only buy quick connectors suitable for your environment. This is because water freezing indie the hose and connector may cause it to break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do garden hose quick connectors reduce flow?

Garden hose quick connectors may reduce flow depending on the type and quality of the connector, as well as the diameter and length of the hose, with some connectors causing moderate to significant decreases in water pressure and volume, while others are designed to minimize or eliminate such reductions.

Can you use a quick connection with a garden hose?

Yes, a quick connect can be used with a garden hose as it allows for easy attachment and detachment of various watering tools and accessories without constantly unscrewing and re-screw the hose. Additionally, quick connects come in various sizes and styles to fit different hose types and can improve water efficiency by preventing leaks and minimizing wasted water.

What are the most durable hose fittings?

According to experts, brass fittings are considered the most durable option for hose fittings due to their resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand high water pressure.

Are brass or plastic hose connectors better?

The answer to the question depends on various factors such as usage frequency, durability, environmental impact, and personal preferences; however, brass hose connectors are typically more durable and environmentally friendly, while plastic ones are cheaper and lighter.

What Option of Garden Hose Quick Connect is Best for You?

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all option for garden hose quick connects.

Each quick connect has a different set of features and considerations you have to be mindful of. Your ideal choice will depend on the size of your garden and what you generally use the hose for.

Do your research, and don't forget to think about any future considerations or needs that may arise as you choose your product. Depending on all these factors, you can find the best garden hose quick connect for your home.

So take advantage of all the options and choose something highly compatible with your setup!

Items reviewed:

1. Eden Garden Hose Fitting

2. Gardena Quick Connector Starter Set

3. Gorilla Easy Connect

4. Melnor 65117-AMZ QuickConnect

5. Dixon DGH7 Brass Quick-Connect Fitting

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