Best Rear Tine Garden Tiller to Get the Best Harvest Yet

Best Rear Tine Garden Tiller to Get the Best Harvest Yet

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A rear tine garden tiller is a powerful tool designed to help break up soil and prepare it for planting. These machines feature large, heavy-duty wheels and steel tines mounted on the back of the machine, which works to dig deep into the soil and turn it over, creating a soft and aerated bed for your plants.

Choosing the best rear tine garden tiller can be a challenge, as so many models are on the market.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the top rear-tine garden tillers available today and help you decide which one is right for your gardening needs.

How We've Made Our Selection

Our selected rear tine garden tillers only made it into our list by clearing our screening test first. We placed some parameters to judge machines on those grounds. We start with the product's durability, as these machines leave a significant dent in the wallet. These gardening tools should come with a warranty, giving you the confidence to use them comfortably without any fear of breaking. Width and depth were also checked. A tiller with very low depth limits your sowing option and affects the growth of your crops.

We also gave utmost importance to tires because a big tire makes operating the tiller easier. Another aspect that makes tilling less tiring is the ergonomics. That's why we looked at the distribution of weight and the design of the product. We also looked at the motor and selected the ones that we thought would be most suitable for our readers. Finally, we looked at rear tine tiller reviews to shortlist and bring you our top picks.

4 Best Rear Tine Tillers

What Stands Out

  • Dual rotating rear tines for efficient soil preparation.
  • Self-propelled agricultural tires for easy maneuverability.
  • Adjustable depth control for precision tilling.
  • Counter-rotating tines.

What to Keep in Mind

  • It is a heavier and more powerful machine than some other rear tine tillers, making it more difficult for some users to maneuver.

This 212cc engine rear tine tiller is our favorite on the list. The engine supports gear-driven transmissions allowing this tiller to move backward and forward. For the longevity of a gear transmission service life, it is packed around with a strong cast iron case. The engine is in a gasoline-powered configuration.

It has four sets of 13.8 inches of tines. They are bidirectional and designed to till the land in both forward and backward directions. The ability to rotate tines anti-clockwise enhances the performance of this machine. This method gives you the desired soil for your cultivation in a single go. The tines are equipped with self-sharpening technology that saves you from extra maintenance. So you do not need to waste your time taking care of these tines. With this machine, you can adjust the depth according to your needs.

The gigantic 13' inch tires help you maneuver this beast like nobody's business. Its exceptional grip makes the tiller move around easily on any given terrain, even with rotating tines, making tilling faster and easier. This Champion model can till 19' inches in width and with a depth that can go up to 8' inches. The controls on this device make it easy to operate this product. It comes with a two years limited warranty and free lifetime technical support from dedicated experts.

What Stands Out

  • Powerful 209cc 4-cycle Viper engine.
  • It features a rugged bronze gear transmission for durability and longevity.
  • The counter-rotating tines provide better soil preparation and break up tough soil.
  • The pneumatic tires enable effortless movement on different types of surfaces.

What to Keep in Mind

  • It is a heavy-duty machine and may not be the best choice for those with smaller gardens or less demanding tasks.

This Victory model from Earthquake has all the characteristics of a heavy-duty garden tiller while remaining budget-friendly. It is designed to perform efficiently and comfortably because of its ergonomic structure layout. An evenly balanced weight distribution makes tiling less stressful and provides you with stable and consistent tiling throughout your land. The handle is so well designed that it even allows single-hand operation. It makes tiling in small and tight spaces easy.

It features dual tine rotation. The Instant Reverse feature sets this machine apart from the rest of the rear tine tillers. With just a pull of a lever, you can pivot this product in a backward position. This Victory model is one of the most compact and light-weighted machines among heavy-duty tillers. Being lightweight, compact, and having features like Instant reverse makes this machine highly maneuverable. The mixture of all these elements makes it a perfect tool for backyard gardening.

The handle has three levels of adjustability options, making your tiling more convenient. The engine has a 209cc of power output, allowing you to cut through even in tough soil conditions without any difficulties. It is a gas-powered engine. The counter-rotating tines give you a professional tiling experience. Rotating against the opposite direction of wheels helps tines to dig deep and thoroughly in the ground.

You can get a 16' inch wide and 10-inch deep tiling out of this machine. The depth is adjustable in this product, which helps you provide even ground tiling. The fascinating part of this Earthquake model is that it comes with a five-year warranty, which ensures that it will stay with you for a long time.

What Stands Out

  • Powerful 212cc 4-cycle Viper engine.
  • Dual-direction tines for versatile tilling.
  • Self-propelled wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Adjustable tilling depth up to 11 inches.
  • Airless wheels.

What to Keep in Mind

  • It is a heavy-duty machine that may not be suitable for smaller gardens or those with limited storage space.

If you're looking for a tiller that can handle the toughest jobs, look no further than the Earthquake Pioneer. This bad boy is packed with features that make it perfect for breaking new ground or preparing existing soil for planting.

First of all, the powerful 212cc Viper engine is built to last and provides plenty of torque to get through even the hardest soil. And with the dual-direction tines, you can choose to till forward or backward depending on your needs.

But the real standout feature of this tiller is the easy-to-use control system. The gear selection and throttle controls are conveniently located on the handlebars, so you can make adjustments on the fly without stopping and bending down. And the adjustable depth stake allows you to control the depth of the tines, so you can till as deep or shallow as you need to.

But don't worry about getting tired out while using this tiller, thanks to the comfortable padded handles and pneumatic wheels that provide a smooth ride over rough terrain. And when you're done with your job, the folding handlebars make storing this tiller in your garage or shed easy.

All in all, the Earthquake Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller is a top-of-the-line machine that will make tilling a breeze, whether you're a professional landscaper or just a weekend warrior looking to get your garden in shape.

What Stands Out

  • Powerful engine that can handle tough soils.
  • The 11-inch tines provide deep and thorough tilling with each pass.
  • It has a forward and reverse gear drive system that makes it easier to maneuver the tiller.
  • The adjustable depth regulator allows you to till at the depth you need for your specific gardening needs.
  • Self-propelled.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Requires some assembly upon arrival.

The Southland is a versatile and powerful machine that can make gardening and landscaping tasks much easier. This tiller is designed with a 212cc, 4-cycle engine that delivers a lot of power to the tines, making it capable of breaking up even the toughest soil. Plus, its 18-inch tilling width and 6.5-inch tilling depth make it ideal for larger gardens and landscapes.

One thing that sets this tiller apart is its self-propelled rear wheels, making it easy to maneuver around the yard. Additionally, its adjustable depth regulator allows you to customize the depth of the tilling to match the needs of your specific project.

Another great feature of the Southland is its 11-inch pneumatic wheels, which provide excellent traction on all types of terrain, making it easy to move around your yard without getting stuck. And, with its heavy-duty, heat-treated tines, this tiller can take on tough jobs without breaking a sweat.

Overall, the Southland is a fantastic option for anyone needing a powerful and versatile tiller for landscaping and gardening needs.

Why You May or May Not Want a Rear Tiller

A rear tine tiller is a powerful gardening tool that can be very useful for breaking up tough, compacted soil and preparing your garden beds for planting. However, it's not necessarily the right tool for everyone.

Here are a few factors to take into account when determining whether or not to make a purchase of a rear tine tiller:


  • Rear tine tillers are typically more powerful than front tine tillers, which can make them more effective at breaking up hard soil.
  • The counter-rotating tines on a rear tine tiller can help pull the machine forward, making it easier to use and reducing operator fatigue.
  • Rear tine tillers usually have larger tines and wider tilling widths than front tine tillers, which means you can cover more ground with each pass.
  • Some models have adjustable tine widths, allowing you to customize the tiller to suit the needs of your garden.


  • Most rear tine tillers are typically more expensive than front tine tillers, which means they may not be a good choice if you're on a tight budget.
  • They're also heavier and bulkier than front-tine tillers, which can make them more difficult to maneuver and store.
  • Rear tine tillers are generally not recommended for use in small gardens, as they can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Finally, rear tine tillers may not be the best choice for gardeners with limited physical strength or mobility, as they require a significant amount of upper body strength to operate.

Types of Garden Tillers

You will find three kinds of tillers in the garden tiller market. Front tine tillers, mid tine tillers, and rear tine tillers. Both front and mid-tine tillers move only in a forward direction because they have forward-rotating tines. Since they are light, compact, and cheaper, these two types are more popular among the masses.

Rear tine tillers offer heavy-duty power. It can move in both forward and backward directions. It is a perfect machine for a big size garden bed. All three types of garden tillers come in gas-powered and electric-powered configurations. It is worth noting that cultivators are not garden tillers. Their purpose is to mix compost or fertilizer with the soil only.

Buyer's Guide- What to Look for When Shopping

Width & Depth

Various options are available in the market regarding the width and depth of tillers. The decision is up to you and what you are looking for. You should start by determining what type of soil you have. If you are living in a cold state or region, or you have hard soil underneath your land, then it is better to have a tiller that can dig deep.

The same is the case with the width of a tiller. It depends upon your situation. The wider the width of a tiller, the more area it will cover at a time. But it will be a problem to maneuver it in tight spaces. Hence, it is recommended to buy according to your lawn, and if there's any doubt relating to the size, then there are garden tillers with adjustable coverage options.


Rear tine tillers feature a durable big-size tire, along with proper grip, which plays a crucial role in providing ease of operation. With quality tires, moving back and forth and maneuvering in harsh terrain becomes much easier. Using simple-built tires on uneven and rough surfaces makes the tiller inefficient and harder for tilling.


Rear-tine garden tillers are usually heavier and bulkier than front and mid-tine tillers. Therefore it requires extra strength to operate this type. But due to advancement, some products in the market incorporate new modern designs and help distribute the weight evenly to the overall structure. It makes operation smooth and comfortable for the user.

Engine or Voltage

Selecting the motor should be based on the soil condition and the size of your vegetable garden. The performance of the engine is based on how much Horsepower (HP) it generates. More horsepower or voltage means more power and faster tilling. But, getting a high-powered rear tine garden tiller for an already maintained garden with good soil quality would be an overkill and a costlier option.

Similarly, a tiller that falls under the lightweight category faces difficulties in frozen and hard soil. Though it consumes less fuel or electricity, however the time it takes to till the ground; So, it is best to look for those options that suit you most.

Electric or Gas-powered

Both gasoline and electric-powered motors have their pros and cons. You need to decide which configuration of the tiller is best for you. With the gas-powered option, you take on heavy tasks. You get hours of operation without taking any intervals. Gasoline configuration tillers are more suited for tough and big projects.

Electric-powered motors are perfect for soft soil and small-scale work. They are light, compact, and considered eco-friendly. There are two versions available in the electric category; corded and cordless.

In the corded version, you can do your tilling as long as you want, but the distance is limited because of the cable. And in cordless, you can freely move around like in a gas-powered option, but the battery gives you limited operation time. To make your selection easy, there's hardly any proper rear tine garden tiller in an electric-powered configuration in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tires on rear tine tillers?

The type of tires on a rear tine tiller can make a big difference in the performance and maneuverability of the machine. The best tires for a rear tine tiller would depend on the type of terrain and the user's needs.

Some rear tine tillers come with air-filled pneumatic tires, which provide traction on uneven or rough terrain. These types of tires are also more forgiving on the machine, reducing the impact on the engine and other parts.

Other rear tine tillers have solid rubber or foam-filled tires, which are good for users who want low maintenance and don't want to worry about getting a flat tire. These types of tires can also provide good traction on flat and even terrain.

Are dual-rotating tines best on a rear tiller?

Dual rotating tines can be a great feature on a rear tine tiller as they can break up the soil more thoroughly and create a finer seedbed. However, whether or not they are the best feature will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Some people may prefer counter-rotating tines or other types of tines depending on the soil type and the type of work they are doing. Ultimately, the best tines for a rear tine tiller will depend on the user's needs and the type of gardening or landscaping they plan.

Is there a rear tine tiller with adjustable tilling width?

Yes, there are rear tine tillers with adjustable tilling width. Some tillers even allow you to adjust the width on the fly while you are tilling. Having an adjustable tilling width is especially beneficial if you have different sizes of garden beds or if you need to till in narrow spaces without harming your plants. It's important to note that not all rear tine tillers have this feature, so it's something to look for if it's important to you.

What Option of Rear Tine Garden Tiller is Best for You?

Overall, choosing the right tiller for your gardening needs is all about personal preferences and is dependent upon what type of soil you will be dealing with.

Each type of tiller has its advantages and disadvantages, so ultimately, you will need to determine which one suits your needs best. While there may be a lot of options out there, rear tine tillers offer the ultimate in power, convenience, and longevity—making them the ideal tool for gardeners who need reliable help keeping their landscape neat and tidy.

As always, make sure to read reviews and do your research before investing in any tool, as it can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Thanks for reading!

Items reviewed:

Best Self-Propelled- 1. Champion Rear Tine Garden Tiller

Best Bronze Gear Drive Transmission- 2. Earthquake Victory Rear Tine Garden Tiller

Best Rear Tine Tiller with Airless Wheels- 3. Earthquake Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller

Best for Tough Soil & Clay- 4. Southland Rear Tine Rotary Tiller

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