Best Socket Organizer: Top 8 For Keeping Your Workspace Tidy

Best Socket Organizer: Top 8 For Keeping Your Workspace Tidy

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Are you looking for the best socket organizer to keep your tools and workspace in order?

If your workshop or garage looks like a jumbled mess of sockets and wrenches, then investing in a good-quality socket organizer could make all the difference. Not only will this help you to find the right tool quickly, but it will also keep your workspace organized and tidy.

There are several different socket organizers on the market, so deciding which one is right for you can be overwhelming.

We're here to help! In this comprehensive guide, we examine the top eight most popular options available to help you find the very best socket organizer for keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

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How We've Selected The Best Socket Organizer

The first thing we did was to determine the budget. For this one, we selected a budget range of up to $10. We believe you do not need to spend more than $100 to buy a good socket organizer. However, we also believe that anything that will cost under $20 will not have good quality.

Then we eliminated socket organizers based on overall customer experience and their utility. We repeated this process until we were left with the eight best socket organizers that we will now review.

8 Best Socket Organizers

1. ABN, Socket Holder Rail Set

Why We Love It

If you are looking for a good quality rail socket organizer on a budget, this is the perfect choice for you. The ABN Socket Rail Tool Socket Organizer Tray comes in a set of three pieces. It has 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch socket organizers and 16 socket clips to better organize your tool parts. This socket set organizer accepts both shallow and deep sockets. It also comes with 17-inch x 0.82-inch (43cm x 2cm) rails that can function as socket organizers for toolbox drawers.

This rail tool socket holder is constructed from aluminum with a black finish for strength and longevity. The socket clip material is heavy-duty plastic. The end caps are also constructed from soft plastic and are removable.

This set holds up to 48 sockets (16 sockets per rail) and features spring-loaded ball bearings on each clip for a firm and secure hold. Your sockets attach to plastic clips, which are friction-fit to the aluminum rail.

What You Should Know

Some customers complain that this socket organizer is a little short in size. We recommend this organizer if you do not have an overwhelming number of sockets.

2. MLTOOLS Socket Organizer Tray

Why We Love It

MLTOOLS Socket Organizer is the perfect way to keep your sockets organized and accessible. The socket organizers can be detached from the tray for easy transport and have molded end stops to keep them in place. These socket organizers are compact enough to fit in most drawers, cabinets, and toolboxes.

This socket organizer helps keep the socket clean and organized. Its rails are made of durable plastic material that can hold up to 90 sockets. Each rail has 15 twist-lock socket clips to secure the sockets in place. This twist lock mechanism is so strong that the sockets will not fall out even when you turn the tray upside down!

This socket organizer features three color-coded rail lengths for 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive sizes. These are color-coded blue, green, and red, respectively. The package also includes two trays to hold those rails.

This socket organizer is made of high-quality steel and will last a lifetime. It has the most popular sizes, with easy access to each socket. You can also choose between buying one or two trays.

What You Should know

This socket organizer works on a twist lock mechanism. However, some users complain that locks are hard to twist. This socket organizer is perfect for you if you do not mind applying some extra force.

3. Craftsman Socket Organizer Set

Why We Love It

Craftsman Socket Organizer Set helps you Keep your sockets and tools within easy reach. This organizer set includes six individual trays that can hold up to 195 sockets, standard or metric. The trays are color-coded for easy identification and organization. These trays snap together for compact storage. The Craftsman Socket Organizer Set is an excellent choice for keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Craftsman Socket Organizer can be converted for deep sockets through its 36 riser pins. The whole set is designed to fit inside most people's bottom chests. So you can consolidate all your tools in a smaller space. We also love that this socket organizer is that a good warranty backs it.

What You Should know

The toolbox is an excellent way to keep all your wrenching needs in one place, but some users find that it does not fit some of the sockets. We found that unless you do not have unusual sockets, this socket organizer is good for you.

4. ARES Magnetic Socket Organizer

Why We Love It

ARES Magnetic Socket Organizer offers an efficient way to store and organize your sockets. It's a great addition to any toolbox or garage workbench. The magnetic socket holder keeps your sockets organized and easy to find, which means you'll spend more time working on your project since you'll spend less time looking for the correct sockets.

ARES Magnetic Socket Organizer has 26 individual compartments to keep all the sockets in one place. It's made with a strong, durable material that will stand up to everyday use. This magnetic socket organizer is perfect for storing shallow and deep metric sockets. The holder sizes range from 4mm to 14mm.

These portable socket holders are made from high-impact, heavy-duty plastic that features extremely strong magnets that will hold your sockets in place. With this organizer, your sockets aren't going anywhere. The magnetic socket organizer comes with a removable tray that can be stored on the top or bottom of the holder.

What You Should know

Some users complain that it should have more rails because its rack is large. You should also know that it is not designed for use with impact sockets.

5. Hansen Global 2-Row Socket Tray

Why We Love It

This Hansen Global Socket Tray is perfect for organizing and accessing your sockets. The tray has easy-access slots, and posts are marked with sizes for instant identification. Made of tough ABS plastic, the socket tray resists gas, oil, and abuse.

Hansen Global 2-Row Socket Tray is designed to securely hold sockets and tools at a comfortable height for efficient work. The thick post bases prevent tipping or wobbling, while the edge tangs provide easy handling when removing sockets from the tray. Hansen Global's socket trays are made in America and constructed of high-strength polyethylene plastic that will not rust, chip or peel.

What You Should know

Some customers complain that their package is delivered without any shipping protection. If you end up getting a damaged piece, you can exchange it, but it is always a hassle.

6. OEMTOOLS SAE and Metric Socket Tray Set

Why We Love It

This socket tray set is perfect for organizing your sockets and quickly finding the right size. Its six trays can store up to 40 deep well, 40 shallow SAE sockets, 45 deep wells, and 45 shallow metric sockets that can fit 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch drives. The clear size marking at the top of each socket peg makes finding the right size a breeze.

These socket trays from OEMTOOLS are designed to be strong and sturdy, with a tight and tidy fit for your sockets. The Stronghold design prevents them from tipping over in workshop environments, and the hole in the base allows you to mount them on a workstation or wall. The metric sockets range from 4 - 15 millimeters, while the SAE sockets range from 1/8 - 5/8 inch. They are also available in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch drive sizes.

What You Should know

Some customers complain that all 1/4 inch sockets do not fit in this organizer. However, if you do not have any odd-shaped sockets, you do not have anything to worry about.

7. TEKTON Socket Holder Set

Why We Love It

These Tekton socket holders are a great alternative to their more expensive competitors. They offer a great way to keep the sockets organized. The patented twist-to-lock design is simple to use and securely holds sockets in place. You can keep the socket holder in your tool chest, carry it in your toolbox, or mount it to the wall or workbench with the keyhole slot. This socket holder is made with the highest quality materials in the USA. The spring-loaded ball bearing ensures that your sockets fit perfectly.

They're lighter, have a twist lock that's faster to use, and pack sockets in denser, so you can fit more in your tool drawer. The label stickers make it easy to identify which sockets are stored in each holder.

What You Should know

Some customers complain that the locking mechanism does not work all the time. You might have to twist it two or three times at maximum. If this is something that you do not mind, these organizers give immense value.

8. Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays

Why We Love It

Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays make it easy to find and identify sockets. The 6-piece 3-row SAE and Metric socket organizers ensure your workspace is clutter-free. The trays are compact and easy to use.

All you need to do is to place your sockets hex-side down and drive-side up in their spot. Each post is clearly labeled, making it easy to identify your sockets.

This socket organizer lets you save space in your toolbox. It will allow you to free up much-needed space in your drawers and makes it even easier to see what's missing. It will also let you keep your sockets perfectly organized and distinguished by color groupings.

The organizer trays are made from durable and sturdy, high-quality plastic. It also comes with clear instructions for assembling.

What You Should know

These are one of the best socket organizers available. However, if you have 1/4-inch drive impact sockets, they will not fit into these.

Why do you need socket organizers?

A socket organizer is a tool that helps your sockets organized and easy to find. It typically consists of a series of plastic or metal bars mounted on a board or wall. Each socket has a specific place on the organizer, so you can easily find the one you need.

A socket organizer can be very helpful in a workshop or garage, where often many different types of sockets need to be stored in a small space. Having an organized system can help you save time and frustration when looking for a particular socket.

In addition, a socket organizer can help protect your sockets from damage by keeping them safely stored away when not in use.

Socket Organizer Buyer's Guide

When it comes to keeping your workshop organized, a good socket organizer is essential. But when there are so many options available, how do you figure out which socket organizer is best for you?

Let's look at a few considerations before buying a socket organizer.


The first thing to consider when looking for a socket organizer is size. How many sockets do you need to store?

A small tray or hanging organizer will do the trick if you have a few sockets. But if you have a large collection of sockets, you'll need something bigger, like a drawer insert or wall-mounted organizer. Once you've decided on the size, ensure to measure the space where you'll be storing your sockets, so you know what will fit.


The next thing to consider is material. Socket organizers are usually made from plastic or metal. Plastic is less expensive and lighter in weight, but it's not as durable as metal. Metal organizers are more expensive and heavier, but they're also more durable and can hold more sockets.

If you're not sure which material to choose, consider what type of sockets you have. If they're heavy-duty sockets that will be used often, then go with a metal organizer. If they're light-duty sockets that won't see much use, then plastic will work just fine.

Type of Organizer

Once you've decided on the size and material of your socket organizer, it's time to choose the type of organizer that best suits your needs. Here are some of the most popular types of socket organizers:

Tray Organizers

These are small trays with compartments for each socket size. They're great for organizing a small number of sockets and keeping them within easy reach on a workbench or countertop.

Hanging Organizers

These are large organizers that can hold multiple tray organizers. They typically have hooks on one side so they can be hung on a wall or pegboard for easy access.

Drawer Inserts

These fit inside a drawer and have compartments for each socket size. They're ideal for organizing several sockets in an out-of-the-way place like a tool chest or workbench drawer.

Wall-Mount Organizers

These are similar to hanging organizers but are designed to be mounted on a wall instead of being hung from hooks. They're great for organizing a large number of sockets in a shop or garage where space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions about Socket Organizers

Below are the most frequently asked questions about socket organizers.

What is the best way to organize sockets?

Some of the most popular ways to organize sockets include using a socket organizer, a socket tray, a socket rail, a peg board, or a socket wrench set.

Each method will have its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to focus on the one that fits your needs. For example, if you have a lot of sockets that are used infrequently, then a socket organizer may be the best option because it takes up less space. However, if you have a lot of sockets that are used frequently, then a socket tray organizer may be better because it keeps the sockets organized and easy to access.

For more ideas, check out Humble Mechanic's video on the best way to organize sockets.

How do you organize sockets on a pegboard?

Here are some general tips for organizing sockets on a pegboard:

  • Start by sorting the sockets into basic categories, such as metric or standard sizes, and then organize them within each category.
  • Make sure the socket sizes are easy to read and access.
  • Try to use every inch of space on the pegboard in order to maximize socket storage capacity.
  • If possible, use a labeled holder or tray to hold each socket category in place.

How do you organize a socket bag?

It depends on the socket bag. Some socket bags have specific slots for each type of socket, while others just have a bunch of pockets of different sizes.

If you have a specific slot for each type of socket, then you should organize them in the following order: standard sockets, deep sockets, hex sockets, and then metric sockets. If your socket bag doesn't have specific slots for each type of socket, then just organize them in any way that makes sense to you. You might want to organize them by size or by type.

How do you make a foam socket organizer?

There are a few ways to make a foam socket organizer. One way is to cut a piece of foam board or insulation foam to the size you need and then use a sharp knife or box cutter to cut out small squares or rectangles. You can also use a hot wire cutter, which is handy if you need to make curved slots for circular sockets.

Can you recommend another brand?

Neiko's Tooluxe Universal Socket Holder Organizer, for 80 pieces, is worth checking out. However, at the time of writing this article, they were currently unavailable.

What Option of Socket Organizers Is Best For You?

When it comes to keeping your workshop organized and sockets secured, a good socket organizer is essential. That said, the best socket organizer for you is ultimately the one that fits your needs and your personal preferences.

We hope this article has clarified what to look for when shopping for a socket organizer so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your home.

Remember that what works well for one consumer may not work well for another – so trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you!

Items reviewed:

1. ABN, Socket Holder Rail Set

2. MLTOOLS Socket Organizer Tray

3. Craftsman Socket Organizer Set

4. ARES Magnetic Socket Organizer

5. Hansen Global 2-Row Socket Tray

6. OEMTOOLS SAE and Metric Socket Tray Set

7. TEKTON Socket Holder Set

8. Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays

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