Best Wall-Mount Speakers: 6 Speakers For Superior Sound

Best Wall-Mount Speakers: 6 Speakers For Superior Sound

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Good quality audio is essential for an immersive listening experience.

Most television screens today offer 4k videos with high frame rates. Yet, that experience gets wasted when you do not have surround-sound speakers. A good set of speakers are also essential for enjoying your favorite music.

Poor sound quality can ruin even the best music because most of today's music is made to be enjoyed on a good sound system. The problem is that speakers occupy space that many people do not have. An easy fix to this problem is to get yourself wall-mount speakers.

Wall mount speakers are elevated and hence do not occupy ground space. They deliver high-quality audio without taking up space in the living room. It is easy to integrate wall-mount speakers with your home theatres. You can also build a complete home theater system based on wall-mount speakers (except for the bass).

If you've been looking for the best wall-mount speakers, you have landed on the right page. We will review six wall-mount speakers you can purchase online. We have compiled this list for you whether you are considering upgrading your home theatre or buying your first set of speakers.

Let's first dive a little deeper into why you need to buy wall-mount speakers.

Why Do You Need Wall-Mount Speakers?

The first thing you should know about surround sound is that it takes more than sound from one direction to create that effect. The center channel is vital, but you need more than that. While your TV or the sound bar is best suited for the center channel, they cannot produce multi-directional sound.

Therein lies the need for at least two other speakers. These speakers can be wall-mounted or standing. If the space in your living room is limited, you should opt for wall-mounted speakers. They come in a set of two, and you can pair them up with your center channel for immersive sound quality. The best thing about wall-mounted speakers is that you can mount them on the ceiling for a 5.1 surround sound.

How To Buy Wall-Mount Speakers

Buying a gadget such as a wall-mount speaker can be tricky. However, we have simplified it to make it easier for you to land on your next wall-mount speaker.


The installation process can be a deal breaker. Some speakers are easier to install, while others are more difficult. Here, we should mention that wall-mount speakers can be divided into two categories based on their installation. The first category is wall speakers, while the other is in-wall speakers.

In the wall-speakers are fixed within your walls. They look great and sleek but are hard to install because you need to modify your wall. Wall speakers are easy to install as you only need to drill holes in your walls. You would want to ensure that your speaker comes with a mounting template. This simplifies things and speeds up the alignment process.

In this article, we will not recommend in-wall speakers simply because they are hard to install.

Whether Resistance

This factor comes into play if you are purchasing outdoor speakers. However, if your budget allows, we also recommend speakers with an extra layer of protection indoors. This is especially true if you live near the beach and the air has considerable moisture.

Sound Quality

This one is self-explanatory. Of course, you would want a speaker system with the best sound quality. Generally, the higher the speaker's price, the better its sound quality will be. Yet, if your budget is limited, you can still find speakers with decent sound quality. Sometimes, you can get worse sound quality than you would expect for the price. You may end up paying more for the brand name than what it offers.


Most people take their time to build the perfect sound system. Chances are that you already have some speakers at your home, which you will pair with this new set of speakers. So, it is important to check if the speakers you are going to buy are compatible with your existing sound system. If these are your first set of speakers, you would want to go with one compatible with most speakers.


We can write a whole article on speaker drivers. It is a detailed topic, but you only need to know some basics for now. The higher the number of drivers in a speaker, the more range it will have. The number of drivers also impacts sound quality. The more drivers a speaker has, the higher its frequency range. So, you would want to go with the speaker with the highest number of drivers.

Grill design

Wall-mount speakers will typically have a front grill. You would want to ensure that this grille is removable and paintable unless you are happy with the original color. This option allows you to match the speaker system with your décor. Getting your hands on a speaker with a grill that attaches magnetically will save you time when dismounting it.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

When it comes to wall mount speakers, you can expect any price. They can be as cheap as $30 and as expensive as $1,000. So, the first thing we did was to limit the price range. The range specified for this one was $50 - $650.

The next thing we did was to divide this range into six and select the best set of speakers for each. We focused on basics such as good sound quality at the lower range. We increased our expectations at the mid-range budget to include features such as limitless compatibilities. At the high range, we selected products that had weather resistance and sounded like studio-quality speakers. All the products we selected give you the best value for your money.

1. Yamaha 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Why We Love It

Good value for money

If your budget is just over $100, get your hands on the Yamaha wall-mount speakers because this speaker set gives excellent value for money. Yamaha is one of the most trusted names in consumer electronics. Therefore, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind.

The speakers deliver a high-frequency range with crystal-clear highs. It has a frequency response of 80Hz to 40 kHz, which is broader than almost all the speakers in its price range. It helps deliver crisp and clear dialogues and music.

This speaker is suitable indoors and outdoors because its enclosure is water-resistant. So, you can even use these speakers around your pool area. Although it is not one of the most weather-resistant speakers, it is less likely to be affected by dust and other weather conditions. This speaker also has magnetic shielding, so you can keep it around magnetically sensitive equipment.

One of the areas where this speaker shines is the higher frequency range. It delivers clear high-frequency sound without straining your ears. We also love the fact that the enclosure of this speaker system is a high-quality sealed cabinet which helps prevent any resonation that usually destroys listening experiences. The Yamaha NS-AW150BL is great for stereo sound in home theatres, and you can pair it up with most amplifiers.

What You Should Know

Not for bass enthusiasts

If you are a bass enthusiast, this speaker is not for you. While it has an impressive overall frequency range, it lacks a bit at the lower end. However, if you have a subwoofer to pair it with, you will get a decent overall sound.

2. Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Why We Love It

Best Indoor and outdoor use wall mount speakers

If you want an unmatched audio performance and your budget, you cannot go wrong with Klipsch. These speakers can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and they deliver stellar performance.

These speakers are ideal for outdoor settings because they bring a big sound that fills the outdoor atmosphere. If you're searching for a speaker to go on your patio, this is the best you can get for your buck.

These are big speakers, and they definitely have a presence. They can become the center of attraction for your outdoor décor. It is good that they come with paintable grills so you can match their color with the rest of the décor.

One of the best things about these speakers is that they are easy to install. They come with a C-clamp to mount on the wall. It takes a few minutes to set them up and get the party started.

The frequency response of these speakers is excellent. You get crystal-clear highs and punchy bass. These speakers deliver so much bass on their own that you would not need to add a subwoofer to your home theater system. These speakers are weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about damaging them when on the outside.

What You Should Know

The price is on the higher side

This is an excellent price for what it offers, but it may leave a dent in your wallet. Go for these speakers if you are absolutely sure that you want a huge speaker for your patio.

Too loud for some spaces

These may not be suitable if you want speakers for a small living room. They emit a wall of sound that might be unpleasant for small places. We do not recommend these speakers for most indoor living rooms as well.

3. Dual Electronics 3-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Why We Love It

Best wall mount speaker under $50

If you think you cannot buy decent quality speakers under the $50 range, then these Dual Electronics speakers are here to prove you wrong. What if we tell you that you can even get some weather protection within that budget? You get all of this with these Dual Electronics speakers. The company markets them as indoor and outdoor wall-mount speakers, which can be mounted on your patio.

These speakers weigh only about 2.8 pounds, so they are easy to install. However, do not let the lightweight fool you. They pack about 1000 watts of peak power and can still bring your patio to life. They have a decent frequency response with adequate bass and clear mids and highs. These speakers deliver one of the best value for money. You can pair them with your existing home theatre system and add stereo sound.

You can mount these speakers horizontally and vertically as well. This versatile orientation gives you versatility as sound differs according to the orientation.

What You Should Know

Not for harsh weather

These speakers are perfect for the patio. However, they may not do so well in rough-weather environments. They cost less than $50 and deliver good weather resistance for this price. However, they will not do well in humid areas.

These speakers may not be the best for you if you live near the beach. Their grill will catch rust after a year or so. If you have these speakers on a patio, we recommend installing them under protection, such as in a shed.

4. Kicker 2-Way Full Range Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Why We Love It

Best value for money

At around $129, Kicker gives the best bang for your buck. These full-range speakers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The IV treatment of their enclosure provides the ultimate weather protection. These speakers deliver crystal clear sound with punchy mids over a long distance. It is the perfect set of speakers for your home theatre setup and outdoors.

These speakers deliver a fantastic frequency range. They come with a built-in woofer that delivers good bass. This speaker set is designed acoustically in a way that blends all the sounds and presents a pleasant output.

The Kicker speakers come with mounting hardware that makes it easy to install them on the wall. These can be mounted vertically and horizontally as well. The mounting system can rotate the speakers by 180 degrees, and you can adjust the directional audio according to your needs. You can also use them as bookshelf speakers by attaching rubber feet to the base.

The best thing about these speakers is that they come with lifetime support. You can contact Kicker's customer support anytime for any technical assistance.

What You Should Know

Not the most long-lasting speakers you will find

These speakers deliver good value for money. However, some customers complain that they do not last for long. We did our independent research and found out that they will last for at least three years.

Most people usually replace their tech gadgets after two or three years of use. It would have been great if these speakers could last longer. However, we believe that it serves its purpose if it lasts three years. If you have a limited budget and you want to get good wall-mounted speakers, by all means, buy this speaker set.

5. Pyle Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Why We Love It

Best budget Bluetooth wall-mounted speakers

The Pyle speaker system is one of the best budget wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers. It is compatible with all android and apple devices, and you can even connect them to your TV, PC, and tablet. These speakers are also weatherproof. So, if you were looking for a wireless surround sound system for your patio, you will like these speakers. They are great for listening to good quality music by your pool or even in a boat. You can also connect these speakers to your home theatre and enjoy your favorite movies.

These speakers deliver a good frequency range. However, we are in love with its bass because it is deep and punchy without too overpowering. This is made possible by its 6.25" sub-woofers.

The speaker is truly weather-resistant. Its grill is rust-resistant and can handle rough weather conditions.

There are several ways to connect these speakers to a device. You can use its 3.5 mm audio jack and connect it to any device that does not have Bluetooth. The speaker also has a built-in pre-amp that helps deliver extra punchy sound.

What You Should know

Not the best for large spaces

These speakers are great indoor and outdoor speakers. However, their maximum power output is 800 Watts. It has a good output for medium indoor and outdoor spaces.

These speakers will work exceptionally well in small spaces. They will work well in medium spaces. However, they will only work okay in large spaces. If you want to buy a speaker exclusively for a large area, then we would not recommend this one. However, this is the best you can get if you need a wireless speaker system for a medium and small place.

6. Polk Audio Wall-Mount Speakers

Why We Love It

Best compact-sized, wall-mount speakers

These wall-mount speakers have high performance that delivers deeper bass with minimal distortions, even at extreme volume levels.

Polk Audio uses Captive Coupling Technology. This advanced signal-blocking technology overcomes the limitations of small-enclosure loudspeakers, delivering extended dynamic range and enhancing deep bass response for clear, detailed musicality with little or no coloration.

This versatile speaker is perfect for various applications, from on-wall surround sound in a small to a mid-sized room to part of a desktop stereo setup for extreme gaming or computer-based video.

Polk Audio has a slim, unique curved design and removable base, so you can place it just about anywhere. And the built-in keyhole slots provide maximum flexibility.

What You Should know

Only for indoors

These speakers have seven unique placement options, so they can be placed just about anywhere in your home except for outside. So if you were looking for speakers for your outdoors, these speakers aren't for you.

However, if you want to use them as surrounds for your home theater or mount them on a wall in your bedroom, they'll look great and deliver unparalleled sound quality.

Wall-Mount Speaker FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about wall-mount speakers.

Are on-wall speakers better than in-wall speakers?

In general on-wall speakers may tend to have a more focused soundstage than in-wall speakers. This is because on-wall speakers are placed near the wall, whereas in-wall speakers are designed to be mounted flush against the wall. Therefore, if you are looking for a speaker that delivers a precise and immersive soundstage, then on-wall speakers may be a better option.

What is the best height for wall-mounted speakers?

Wall-mounted speakers should be installed at a height that allows the tweeter to be at ear level when you are seated. This will ensure that you get the best sound quality from your speakers.

If you are unable to mount your speakers on the wall, you can also place them on a shelf or table. However, ensure they are not blocking any of the speaker's ports or facing a wall. Also, try to keep them at least 18" away from any other objects to avoid interference.

Do speakers wear out if not used?

It depends on the speaker. Some speakers are designed for occasional use and will last a long time if not used frequently. Other speakers are not as durable and may wear out more quickly if they're not used often.

How do you hang speakers without damaging walls?

There are a few different ways to hang speakers without damaging walls. One way is to use adhesive hooks or velcro. Another way is to use wire hangers. Wire hangers can be bent into a loop and then inserted into the gap between the speaker and the wall. The loop can then be used to hang the speaker from a nail or screw.

How do you hang a heavy speaker on the wall?

There are a few ways to hang a heavy speaker on the wall. One way is to use a speaker stand. Another option is to use wall mounts.

If you're using a speaker stand, make sure it's sturdy and can hold the speaker's weight. Place the stand on an even surface and set the speaker on top. Then, use the screws that came with the stand to secure it to the wall. Make sure it's level before you tighten the screws.

If you're using wall mounts, find a spot on the wall where you want to hang the speaker. It's best to place them at ear level so you can get the best sound quality. Mark where the mounts should go, then

Do higher-watt speakers sound better?

It depends on what you mean by "better." A higher-watt speaker will be able to play louder without distorting than a lower-watt speaker. However, if you're looking for better sound quality, then it really depends on the design of the speaker and the materials used.

Some higher-watt speakers may sound better than lower-watt speakers, while others may not. It's important to research before buying a speaker to ensure you're getting something that will produce good-quality sound.

Is it better to have speakers higher or lower?

It depends on the situation. If you're using your speakers for music, then it's generally better to have them higher so that the sound can fill the room more evenly. However, if you're using them for gaming or watching movies, it's usually better to have them lower to get a more immersive experience.

What Option of Wall-Mount Speakers Is Best For You?

Now that you've read our reviews of the best wall-mount speakers, it's all up to you.

The options we presented can be great choices for you and your home. It really comes down to personal preference at this point.

We hope this article has given some clarity on what wall-mount speakers you want in your home.

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. Yamaha 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

2. Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

3. Dual Electronics 3-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

4. Kicker 2-Way Full Range Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

5. Pyle Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

6. Polk Audio Wall-Mount Speakers

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