How Long Does Burnt Popcorn Smell Last?

How Long Does Burnt Popcorn Smell Last?

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Have you ever cooked popcorn on the stove top, left it cooking for a bit too long and ended up with a pan full of burnt kernels?

We've all been there! Though you may have found yourself questioning what seemed like an eternal smoky smell lingering around your house, rest assured that with a few simple steps the scent of burnt popcorn won't linger too much longer.

In this blog post we'll dive into why burned popcorn smells so strongly and how to eliminate the odor in no time.

So if you're looking to find out once and for all - how long does burnt popcorn smell last - then keep reading!

Why Does The Burnt Popcorn Smell Stay?

2-acetyl-1-pyrroline is an aroma molecule found in popcorn. It may also be found in basmati rice, jasmine rice, and white bread.

When heating maize kernels cook this chemical, it emits a strong, roasted aroma. We aren't used to this fragrance; therefore, it becomes overbearing and drowns out all other odors when it's overheated.

If you're tired of smelling burned popcorn residue, keep reading to learn how to make your house smell fresh again.

The first thing you'll want to do is clean up any leftovers from the burned popcorn. It includes the unpopped kernels as well as the packaging. If feasible, place them in an outdoor bin.

Then, in each room, open the windows. If it is safe, you may even try opening your front and back doors briefly. It will allow fresh air to flow around your house, reducing some of the odor.

How Long Does The Smell Of Burnt Popcorn Last?

The smell of burnt popcorn may last anywhere from a few days to many weeks, which is certainly not something you want to have. Because popcorn contains a lot of starch and fiber, you'll have difficulty getting rid of the scent if you wind up burning it.

The smell gets into your exhaust system or your oven; it all depends on how much popcorn you have and how much it has burned.

It is very feasible for you to clean up any messes and get rid of the burned popcorn smell from your oven. You have to make sure you're doing everything correctly and don't wind up messing with anything you don't want to bother with in the first place.

However, if you find yourself in such an unhappy situation and need to eliminate the odor that all those burned popcorn have left you with, here are a few things you may try.

How To Remove Burnt Popcorn Smell From A Home?

Remove The Source

The first step in getting rid of those burned odors in your house is to eliminate the cause of the scent. When you wish to get rid of the terrible odor from the burned popcorn, please do not throw it in the trash in your kitchen. If you do this, you'll be making things much worse, and the odor will only worsen.

You may wonder what to do since throwing it in the kitchen trash can is not an option. It's not a huge concern; all you have to do is throw the burned popcorn in a sealed plastic bag and dump it outdoors.

Also, ensure that any charred residues in pots and pans are fully washed and cleansed since they may cause unpleasant aromas.

Clean Up

The burning smell will only be eliminated if your home is sufficiently aired. If you want to remove the odor from your burned popcorn, leave your windows open to let in the fresh air. The burnt scents will be properly neutralized with this procedure.

Reduce the buildup of stale air by turning on the range fan and the kitchen exhaust fan; doing so will also help eliminate the burnt popcorn odor.

Place them near an open door or window to increase the refreshing impact of portable electric fans.

Onion Water

Another natural technique to get rid of that burned popcorn smell in your home is to use onions. The easiest method to accomplish this is by placing a basin of water with some sliced onion in the middle of the kitchen.

If your home smells horrible, try putting bowls of onion water in strategic spots around the house to absorb the scent of burned popcorn. Allow the onions to water in the bowls to soak overnight to absorb the scents for the best effects.

Baking Soda

Because there is no need to heat or combine anything, this approach needs less work than the others. Pour baking soda into many separate basins.

Place these bowls in areas where the burnt popcorn smell has been most strong, such as the kitchen. These bowls must be left in the rooms overnight to have the maximum possibility of neutralizing the odor.

White Vinegar

Again, the smell of white vinegar throughout your house may not be to your liking. Still, it is much preferable to burned popcorn and is quite effective in neutralizing odors. You will need a spray bottle to complete this approach.

Fill the container halfway with white vinegar. Now, add a few drops of your choice of fabric softener - this will be on your furniture, so make sure you like it! Before using, give the spray container a good shake to mix the two ingredients, and then mist the liquid all over the furniture that smells like burnt popcorn.

How To Remove The Smell of Burnt Popcorn From a Microwave?


Get a lemon and a basin of water ready. Cut the lemon in halves and squeeze the juice into the water basin. Put in the leftover lemon skin as well. Microwave the bowl for 3 minutes, but keep the door closed when the timer goes off.

Due to the acidic citrus that will balance out the bad smell, this method generates lemon-infused steam within your microwave. Keep the microwave lid covered for at least 15 minutes for best results.

Baking Soda

In a small dish, combine a heaping spoonful of baking soda and a tiny quantity of water. Blend the two ingredients until you have a thick paste-like liquid. This combination should be microwaved for at least 5 minutes.

As with the lemon, this will produce steam imbued with the alkaline component, which will aid in the elimination of the burned popcorn odor. Keep the microwave lid closed for at least an hour after heating the baking soda mixture to aid with this. You may take the bowl out after an hour.

White Vinegar

Half fill a bowl with white vinegar, half with water, and half a cup of each is decent. Microwave the bowl for at least 3 minutes, using the same procedure as the other hacks.

The fragrance will not be as lovely as the lemon or baking soda procedures, but it is effective! After that, close the microwave door for a few minutes before removing the bowl. Wipe off the interior of the microwave with cleaning agents and allow it to dry.


If you like the scent of coffee, this strategy could be for you. Mix half a cup of water and a tablespoon of freshly ground coffee in a small bowl.

Microwave for 3 minutes, then leave the steam in the microwave for at least 15 minutes. When you remove the bowl, wipe off the inside of the microwave with a moist towel. After that, dry it well to prevent it from growing stagnant within!

How To Remove The Smell of Burnt Popcorn From Clothes?

Bring a large saucepan up to temperature on the stove. In a saucepan, combine equal amounts of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar (depending on personal choice) and water - half a cup of each should be enough. Please give it a quick stir and set it aside to heat up.

You should wait until it begins to produce steam. Please turn off the heat and swiftly lay your affected clothes over the top of the pan now that steam is coming from it.

The steam should saturate the cloth, neutralizing the smell. The garment may get somewhat moist due to this, but it will dry quickly!

If you're struggling to eliminate that burnt popcorn smell, we hope this article has clarified how you can get rid of the smell. Sometimes, it's just a matter of opening up all the windows and doors and letting fresh air circulate through your home. Other times, you may need to call in professional help.

But either way, don't despair – there are solutions out there!