How to Keep Chickens Out of Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

How to Keep Chickens Out of Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

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Keeping chickens can be a wonderful experience. They provide fresh eggs, are fun to watch, and can be great companions. However, sometimes chickens can get into places they're not supposed to – like your garden.

If you have a garden that is only meant for humans, you may be wondering how to protect your plants from your curious and hungry chickens.

Fear not, because in this micro-post, we'll share five tips and tricks on how to keep chickens out of your garden.

1. Build a Chicken Run

The simplest way to keep your chickens out of your garden is by giving them their own space to roam around. Building a chicken run is an effective way to keep your feathered friends contained in a designated area. You can create a permanent chicken run by erecting a fence around a specific area of the yard or by using portable fencing. Be sure to include a sheltered area for your chickens to rest and a shaded area to keep them cool on hot days.

2. Use Physical Barriers

Another way to keep your chickens out of your garden is by using physical barriers. Chicken wire or hardware cloth can act as a deterrent against your curious chickens. Place the barrier around the perimeter of your garden or individual plants to keep your chickens from getting too close. Additionally, you can use chicken wire around the base of raised beds to prevent chickens from digging or scratching near the roots of the plants.

3. Create a Chicken-Distracting Garden

Instead of trying to keep chickens out of your garden, you can opt for planting a poultry-friendly garden. Include plants that chickens enjoy, such as mustard, clover, and alfalfa. This will keep your chickens happy and satisfied, and they won't feel the need to venture into your vegetable garden.

4. Opt for Natural Deterrents

If you're looking for natural ways to keep chickens out of your garden, there are a few options to consider. One natural deterrent is using cayenne pepper or hot sauce around the perimeter of your garden. Chickens don't like the taste or smell of hot peppers and will generally avoid the area. Another option is to plant plants with strong smells, such as garlic or onions. The smell deters chickens and will avoid getting too close to the plants.

5. Training Your Chickens

Chickens can be trained to avoid certain areas or behaviors. Once your chickens have a designated area to roam, be diligent about keeping them out of your garden. If they do manage to sneak in, be sure to shoo them out and discourage them from returning. However, you can also use positive reinforcement to train your chickens. Reward your chickens for staying within their designated area by offering treats or toys.


Chickens can be a wonderful addition to your household, but keeping them out of your garden can be a challenge. You can keep your garden and chickens happy and healthy by creating a designated area for your chickens, using physical barriers, creating a chicken-distracting garden, using natural deterrents, and training your chickens.

Your garden will thank you, and your chickens will still get the chance to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

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