How To Shave Without Clogging Drain?

How To Shave Without Clogging Drain?

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Have you ever been taught not to shave over the sink or in the shower, even if it's more convenient, to prevent clogs?

Yes, shaving in the sink or shower is more convenient, but that convenience comes at the expense of a blocked drain. Drains may get clogged with soap and hair over time, and it may be some time before you notice the issue until the water drains slowly or not at all. Clogged drains are not always repairable, particularly if the clog has built up over time.

Fortunately, if you adhere to the methods outlined below, you won't have to worry about your shavings clogging the sink.

Ok, so let's get going!

What Causes Clogging The Drain?

Shower shaving may lead to blocked sinks. When many men shave, little hair fragments might fall into the sink and produce a clog. Even a minor shaving cut may cause a blockage.

The primary cause of shower drain blockages is hair loss from the body when shaving, washing, and rinsing. Some shampoos, leaving too much residue in the plumbing, might also lead to blockage.

Shaving cream is another reason for clogged drains. If you shave in the shower, you will see a lot of bubbles on top of the water, which might be a major issue for your drain. Taking a bath instead is the most effective technique to avoid the issue.

However, if you'd rather shave in the shower, you may remove the foam with an inexpensive soap bar or shampoo.

How To Unclog a Shower Drain?

When you find your shower draining slower than normal, it's time to figure out what's wrong. First, remove the drain stopper and any hair or soap scum clogging the water flow. If this does not cure the problem, remove as much of the P-trap as feasible.

It is normally found behind your shower drain. However, it may be buried behind a wall or cabinet. If things have been flushed down the drain, you may need to use a chemical cleaning or a snake. If you want to know how to shave without causing a blockage in the bathroom sink, read on.

How To Shave Without Clogging The Drain?

Try one or all of these tips; at least one should keep you from blocking the drain while you shave.

Shave More Often:

If you only shave once or twice a week, shaving more regularly may help avoid blocked drains. Because the individual hairs are too tiny, one or two days' worth of stubble is unlikely to block the drain.

Don't Fill The Sink Drain With Water:

After shaving, the sink is not the ideal location to rinse your razor. This terrible practice can rapidly block your drain, leaving you with no way to rinse your razor.

Filling the sink with water is not a good idea. Instead, clean your razor in a coffee cup or a basin of hot water. If the water in the cup or bowl gets filthy, discard it and replace it with water from the bathtub or kitchen sink.

Alternatively, pour two cups of hot water and soak your razor in the first cup to remove most shaving cream. The last step is to give it a good rinsing in the second cup.

Do Not Rinse The Lather In The Sink Drain:

Shaving cream and shaving soap may both block your drain. Rinse your razor in a hot water basin to minimize hair clogs and generate an efficient lather. Shaving soap creates a strong lather for your razor, but if you rinse it in warm water, the suds will not block your drain.

Prep Your Sink Drain:

As the hairs fly everywhere while using an electric razor, it might not be very pleasant to cleanup afterward. Cover the sink with a trash bag or paper towels to prepare for a clean shave. Ensure the sink basin is fully covered to prevent stray hairs from escaping. Get a shaving mat that won't slide and capture stray hairs if you have a big mirror.

A disposable soup spoon or plastic fork kept by the sink might be used instead to collect stray hairs as they are scraped away. Before you begin shaving, don't bother cleaning the sink. Instead, use this chance to clean the sink and remove stray hairs thoroughly. When you're through shaving, clean the sink and discard any hair you discover within.

Choose An Electric Shaver:

If you can't shave more often, upgrading to a rotary or foil shaver, which is effective even after a week's growth, is a good alternative. Instead of letting your stubble tumble into the sink, modern rotary and foil shavers include chambers beneath the blades that catch it. When you're through shaving, cleaning your shaver is a breeze.

Lay Down A Paper Towel:

Place a paper towel over the sink if you dry shave using an electric razor that doesn't catch stubble well. When you shave, the paper towel will gather all the debris, which you can conveniently dispose of by balling it up.

Use A Proper Sink Drain Insert:

Remove the plug and replace it with the correct sink drain insert before shaving in the sink. This one-of-a-kind mechanism collects hair to keep it from blocking the sink. If you drop jewelry in the sink, this drain catcher will collect it.

Use A Drain Auger Afterwards:

After you're done shaving, use a drill to clear the drain. Brushing hair over the sink will result in a few strands ending up in the gutter. A drain auger prevents hair from accumulating in your pipes.

Drain augers are inexpensive, but they take up considerable room. Smaller items may be removed using drain snakes that attach to the wall of your tub or a piece of furniture.

Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided since they chew through pipes. Instead, you may use a combination of hot water, detergent, bleach, baking soda, and vinegar.

Tips To Avoid Future Shower Drain Clogs

You can do several things to avoid having a blocked shower drain in the future. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid clogging the shower drain as you shave:

1. Use a Vacuum Beard Trimmer:

Don't let the hassle of post-shave cleanup clog your bathroom! A vacuum beard trimmer is here to save the day -- no more falling strands in your sink or drains. Enjoy a neat and tidy shave every time!

2. Do Not Shave While The Water Is Hot:

Facial hairs will float around your shower, ultimately blocking the drain. Rather, wait until you've showered or bathed, turn off the hot water, and then shave. Conditioner may also be used in place of shaving cream.

3. Combine The Baking Soda And Vinegar:

Baking soda and vinegar are quite good in unclogging drains. Pour it carefully down the drain and let it rest for approximately an hour before washing it with hot water.

4. Avoid Using Deodorant-Containing Soaps:

The odors from deodorants and perfumes block your drain.

5. Make Use Of A Mesh Strainer:

Using mesh filters, hair and other shavings are kept out of the drain, which is an excellent method for preventing future clogs.

6. Maintain A Regular Drain Cleaning Schedule:

Boiling water should clear out your shower drain once a week. If there is grease or oil buildup, you may clear it out with a cleaning brush or a hydrogen peroxide solution.

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The easiest cure to a clogged sink drain is to shave frequently, as in trimming your facial hairs once a week. Regular preening treatments will produce smaller hairs that may be readily washed away in the sink drain or shower without clogging. Even if the hairs removed are shorter, keep the tips above in mind to keep your drains in excellent functioning condition.

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