Best Air Fryer Dehydrator: 6 Options That Combine Two-Into-One

Best Air Fryer Dehydrator: 6 Options That Combine Two-Into-One

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Looking for the best air fryer dehydrator on the market? You've come to the right place!

Air fryers are a great way to cook without adding extra fat, and dehydrators can be used to turn fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy snacks.

We've compiled a list of our top picks to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Check out our favorites below!

But first, let's break it down.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is a great appliance to have in your kitchen if you enjoy cooking food. It can cook a variety of foods, including meats, vegetables, and even desserts. Air fryers use hot air for cooking food, so it is a healthier option than traditional frying. Some of the foods you can cook in an air fryer include chicken breasts, fish fillets, French fries, onion rings, and even brownies.

Types of air fryers:

Air fryers exist in a variety of designs, including the following:


These are excellent for air frying large batches of dishes that benefit from shaking, such as fries and veggies.


Along with air frying, they can also toast, bake, broil, and many other things. They require little cleanup regardless of style, which is one of the main reasons we enjoy utilizing them.

They frequently come with rotisserie accessories and are perfect for grilling meals on several shelves and air frying.


A dehydrator is a great way to preserve food. It removes the water from the food, which prevents bacteria from growing. This makes the food last longer and keeps it safe to eat. Dehydrated food is also very lightweight and takes up less space than fresh food. This makes it a great option for camping or backpacking.

Healthy Snacks

Instead of giving your children unhealthy, spicy chips and crisps, you may produce healthy snacks for yourself and your children at home with a dehydrator.

You don't have to worry about adverse responses because they are handcrafted and don't include any additives or preservatives.

Reduce Waste

Especially with fruits, we frequently purchase more food than we truly need. We often anticipate being able to consume a dozen bananas in a few days, but this rarely occurs, which causes them to become black and end up in the trash.

But with a dehydrator, you can make them into banana chips and eat them for weeks.


A dehydrator preserves the nutrients in any food you dehydrate, but that isn't the only thing it does. Additionally, it keeps the flavor intact. Food that has been dehydrated will taste the same whenever you eat it.

Air Fryer Dehydrators: What Are They?

To be as simple as possible: An air fryer dehydrator is an air fryer with a dehydrator option.

This is even better because it avoids clutter in your home.

Many air fryers have several modes, but not always a "dehydrate" mode. However, as these kitchen gadgets gain popularity, several manufacturers are making improvements and adding more cooking settings.

Technically, all air fryers can be used to dehydrate food, even though not all of them have a specific dehydrator option. To eliminate moisture from meals, simply reduce the heat on the air fryer to a very low setting.

You must take care to avoid cooking the goods you are dehydrating. While the food is being cooked in the air fryer, keep an eye on it. The moisture will eventually disappear at a low temperature, leaving you with dehydrated food.

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

Knowing which air fryer dehydrator is the best for your needs can be hard. You want something that is high quality, but you also don't want to spend a fortune.

With all of the different air fryer dehydrators on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. Not only do they vary in price, but they also have different features and functions.

We've researched for you and selected the top three air fryer dehydrators on the market. Our editors have considered each product's company, studied product specifics, read all consumer feedback, and then independently selected the best options. This ensures that the quality of each air fryer dehydrator is right for you and your home.

Air fryer dehydrators come in various sizes, so you can find one that will suit your needs. We selected air fryer dehydrators in various sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect one. From largest to smallest, we'll review air fryer dehydrators in the following sizes: 20, 19, 17, 10, 8 and 6.3 quarts.

1. WowChef Air Fryer Dehydrator: 20-Quarts

Why We Love It

If you need a maximum-capacity air fryer that can handle big batches, WowChef has you covered! This powerful 1800-watt convection oven air fryer can easily cook enough food for 7-9 people at once. Perfect for large families or get-togethers, the WowChef can handle everything from a 5lb chicken to a 10-inch pizza.

Plus, with its three-layer cooking design, you can cook multiple levels of dehydrated items at once without sacrificing taste or quality.

This handy little appliance can do it all - fry, rotisserie, bake and dehydrate. With its full set of attachments, you can cook up just about anything you can think of - from a whole chicken to fries, steak, frozen pizza, and even dried fruit! Plus, its sleek design means it won't take up much precious counter space. So go ahead and remove those small appliances taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen - the WowChef has covered you!

What You Should Know

We all know how tough it is to cook healthy meals. Every time we turn around, there's some new fad diet or superfood we're supposed to eat. And let's be honest - who has the time to cook a gourmet meal from scratch every night?

WowChef is the perfect solution for busy families who want to eat healthily without sacrificing taste or convenience. With ten preset cooking programs and an LED touch screen, WowChef takes all the guesswork out of cooking. Just select your desired program and walk away - it's that simple! And because safety is their top priority, WowChef includes an auto power-off system to prevent accidental fires.

This incredible air fryer circulates hot air from top to bottom, ensuring that your food will be cooked evenly and perfectly crisp every time. No more soggy microwaved leftovers or waiting for the oven to heat up - the WowChef is ready to go as soon as you are.

Time and temperature range is from 1 minute to 60 minutes, with an option for heat up from 90 to 400° Fahrenheit.

It's made with stainless steel attachments, so this air fryer dehydrator is built to last. Plus, the dishwasher-safe design makes cleanup a breeze.

And for your peace of mind, it's always recommended to do a test run of the machine before cooking. Simply set the timer for 20 minutes and the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it run without any food in it. This will help eliminate any initial smell from the heating element.

2. CROWNFUL Air Fryer Dehydrator: 19-Quarts

Why We Love It

If you're looking for a large-capacity air fryer that can accommodate a whole chicken or multiple servings for the whole family, Crownful is a great choice. With its 19 quarts (18 liters) capacity, you'll have plenty of space to cook up your favorite dishes. Plus, the included accessories and cookbook give you more ideas for delicious recipes to try.

This amazing cooking appliance uses 360° hot air circulation to cook food with little to no oil, resulting in crispy and crunchy textures just like traditional deep frying – but without all the unhealthy calories and fats.

Plus, we love that Crownful is committed to continually improving and upgrading its products based on our customer's feedback, desire, and needs. Crownfuls' products are perfect for those who want quality and durability. With its sleek design and superior functionality, the Crownful is the perfect addition to any home.

What You Should Know

With this one appliance, you can air roast, fry, toast, bagel, bake, broil, dehydrate, and even reheat and keep warm. Perfect for busy families or anyone who loves freshly cooked meals, Crownful is your all-in-one solution for delicious and healthy meals.

This powerhouse appliance comes with eight accessories, so you can easily cook various foods. The rotisserie chicken shaft and roasting air fryer basket are perfect for cooking meats to juicy perfection, while the skewer rack lets you get creative with kabobs and kebabs.

The Crownful air fryer dehydrator has a powerful 1500 watts and comes with a temperature range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit - 450 degrees Fahrenheit!

The removable wire rack is great for baking or broiling, and the drip tray and crumb tray make cleanup a breeze. Plus, the fry basket is perfect for whipping up fried favorites.

And because the air fryer is non-stick, it's super easy to clean - just wipe down the exterior and interior with a damp cloth after cooking. Plus, the built-in LED display and control buttons make it simple to use, even for those who are new to air frying.

We would think there would be at least three trays with such a large capacity, but you should know this is not the case. With this Air fryer dehydrator, you'll have two racks, which still allows for plenty of dehydrating room for your fruits, jerky, and vegetables.

With so many options, mealtime will be a breeze with the Crownful multicooker.

3. OMMO Air Fryer Dehydrator: 17-Quarts

Why We Love It

OMMOs' air fryer dehydrator is an incredible appliance offering a whopping 17 Qt capacity, meaning you can still cook up whole chickens or big meals easily. The rotisserie spit and forks make it easy to fry up your main course and/or side dish all at one time. And despite its large size, the OMMO air fryer is still relatively compact and will look great on most kitchen countertops.

OMMOs' air fryer is more than just an air fryer; it is also a rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza grill, and convection oven toaster. You can fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, and grill almost anything with the OMMO, making it a great option for those who want to cook more efficiently and healthily. With the OMMO, you can make French fries, breaded meat or steak, pastries, fried snacks, and even small turkeys! With so many options, OMMO will be your go-to meal plan every day of the week!

What You Should Know

Get the perfect cook every time with OMMO. The LCD display includes eight presets for accurate cooking times and temperatures; just select a one-touch to start; with a wide temperature range from 90℉ to 400℉ and a timer for up to 60 minutes, you can also adjust the setting while cooking.

It's the perfect size for family cooking; their air fryers come with extra accessories to expand your cooking options: 2 wire racks, eight skewers, one rotating basket, one drip tray that catches fat and oil, and one rotisserie shaft to jab into chicken or roast.

Plus, the removable parts make cleanup a breeze because the drip pan, rotisserie basket, cooking trays, rotisserie spit, and forks are all dishwasher safe. Plus, the stainless steel interior is easy to wipe clean.

OMMO is made from food-grade material, and the OMMO oil-less air fryer is ETL-listed for long-lasting durability and safety. It also features a 12-month warranty and free lifetime support from OMMO, so you can purchase worry-free.

With 1800 watts of power, the OMMO oil-less air fryer can cook food quickly and evenly, ensuring that your food comes out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside every time.

Short on ideas on what to use your new air fryer dehydrator for? Not to worry! OMMO includes a 40 + recipe cookbook with various dishes; that way, you'll always have ideas on what to cook for you, your friends, and your family!

4. COSORI Air Fryer Dehydrator: 10-Quarts

Why We Love It

Cosori's air fryer dehydrator is an amazing appliance that comes with two dehydrating racks, so you'll have plenty of space to dehydrate your favorite foods. Plus, if you run out of ideas on what to cook, it comes with a free app with over 1,000 recipes! With the VeSync app, you'll enjoy step-by-step instructions with cook times and temperatures. So you can make delicious meals without any guesswork.

Whether you're looking to dehydrate fruits and vegetables or create mouth-watering meals and snacks, the Cosori 10-quart air fryer dehydrator is a perfect option!

What You Should Know

The Cosori 1800 watts air fryer dehydrator is the perfect kitchen appliance for those who want to make healthy and delicious meals easily because it offers various functions and features that make it easy to use. With eight presets for specific foods and six cooking methods, it can handle any cooking need with just the touch of a button.

Whether you're looking to roast a chicken or bake a cake, the Cosori can do it all. And when you're done cooking, the Keep Warm function will keep your food at the perfect temperature until you're ready to eat.

Plus, it has the dehydrate function you're looking for, so you can make your own dried fruit or jerky.

This incredible air fryer uses Rapid Heat Circulation technology; this will cook your favorite meal up to 50% faster than a traditional oven, which means spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your meal.

With the Cosori air fryer, you can make any fried food you crave without all the grease and fat. The air fryer includes an air frying basket, wire rack, crumb tray, crisper plate, and two dehydrating racks. The non-stick basket and dishwasher-safe accessories make mess-free cooking and easy cleanup a breeze.

This air fryer dehydrator can also be used remotely and is easy to use. Simply choose your desired settings on the VeSync app and monitor the cooking process from your smartphone. You can also access voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. So whether you're a busy parent or working professional, you can easily cook up a healthy meal with the Cosori.

5. Ninja Air Fryer Dehydrator: 8-quarts

Why We Love It

The Ninja Foodi is the perfect medium-sized appliance for those who want to make quick and easy meals for their families. The 8-quart capacity lets you cook multiple items at once, making it perfect for busy weeknights.

The Ninja Foodi is the original air fryer with two independent baskets! This XL air fryer lets you cook two meals simultaneously, eliminating back-to-back cooking like a traditional single-basket air fryer. Is 8-quarts not quite large enough, but do you love the two baskets? No problem! Ninja Foodi is also available in a 10-quart capacity.

However, remember that this air fryer dehydrator is a basket model; therefore, check in with yourself to know how much food you'll want to dehydrate regularly.

So whether you're preparing a quick snack or a full meal, the Ninja Foodi is perfect for all your cooking needs. Plus, with its unique design, this air fryer looks great on any kitchen countertop!

What You Should Know

With the Ninja Foodi, you can easily cook multiple dishes at once. Each four-quart cooking zone has its own cooking basket, cyclonic fan, and rapid heater, so you can customize your cooking to perfection.

The Ninja Foodi features six different cooking programs, so you can air fry, broil, roast, bake, reheat, or dehydrate.

With up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, the Ninja Foodi is a healthier way to enjoy your favorite fried foods. The unique design of the Ninja Foodi also allows you to cook multiple items at once, saving you time and hassle in the kitchen.

The large temperature range from 105°F to 450°F means you can gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp them up. The convection heat ensures evenly cooked food every time.

The Ninja Foodi comes with two 4-quart baskets that are perfect for batch cooking or preparing multiple dishes at once. The non-stick crisper plates make cleanup a breeze, and the 15 recipes will get you started making some mouth-watering meals.

If you want to make a quick and easy weeknight dinner or impress your guests with a show-stopping meal, the Ninja Foodi is up for all your cooking tasks!

6. Chefman Air Fryer Dehydrator: 6.3-quarts

Why We Love It

We have arrived at the smallest air fryer dehydrator on our list. But with two racks and 6-quarts of capacity, there is still lots of room for dehydrating!

This smaller yet amazing air fryer still packs a punch with features! It functions as an air fryer, rotisserie oven, baking oven, reheater, and dehydrator – perfect for nearly any cooking task. With the Chefman, you can eat fries that are better for you, but are still just as crispy and tasty as you know them to be. As well as roast a whole chicken, or dehydrate that leftover pineapple you've been meaning to eat.

Plus, the sleek design of the Chefman will look great on your countertop.

What You Should Know

This versatile appliance uses hot air to cook food, using at least 98% less oil than traditional fryers – so you can enjoy your favorite fried foods without all the guilt. Plus, it cooks faster than an oven and doesn't require any preheating, making it perfect for busy weeknights.

The Chefmans' 1700-watt air fryer dehydrator comes with an easy-to-use capacitive touch screen display and eight preset cooking options, so you can perfectly roast, fry, dehydrate or bake whatever you're in the mood for. And with a temperature range of 90-400 degrees, it can easily handle any kitchen task. So why not ditch the deep fryer and give the Chefman air fryer a try? Your taste buds (and waistline) will thank you.

This CETL-approved air fryer comes with advanced safety technology, making it a lasting investment for your kitchen. Plus, the 1-year warranty provided by Chefman takes all the worry out of your purchase, so you can buy without worrying about defects.

Love Chefman but need a bigger size? How about 20 quarts? The Chefman 20-quart Digital is the perfect size for larger dehydrating needs. With a larger capacity, this model will never run out and can handle any job that comes your way!

Points to Consider Before Buying the Best Air Fryer Dehydrator

Finding the correct air fryer with a dehydrator might be challenging in today's world of possibilities. You have a ton of alternatives to pick from, nearly too many depending on what you want to get.

You may already be aware of what buying the best air fryer entails. You can find thousands of alternatives, each unique from the last, with just one Amazon search. It's challenging to pick one out of all those possibilities. Our actions are motivated by this.

We can assist you only to avoid spending your time and money on the wrong purchase. When shopping for the best air fryer dehydrator, you should consider the following.

Size of the air frying unit

Depending on your needs and the size of your home, the ideal size will vary. The size of your kitchen counter is another factor. You wouldn't want a unit that takes up too much room, especially if you don't need an air fryer with a large capacity.

When shopping for one, you'll see that the size is specified in quarts. The size increases with the size of the quarts.

Cooking Capacity for air fry

The cooking capacity is the most important factor when purchasing an air fryer dehydrator. There is no use in spending your money on an air fryer if it cannot produce enough meals for you and your family. However, everyone will have a different need for their cooking space.

So before you go out and get an air fryer, you should consider how much food you cook.

You must also consider available kitchen space because the size of the air fryer will also affect its air frying capacity. If you purchase a large air fryer, you will otherwise have difficulty keeping it secure and in storage.

Ease of use

If something is practical for you, it will be simple to utilize. Some air fryer dehydrators will be simple to operate, and others might be too high-tech and complicated for your style.

Versatile cooking functions

Unless you have to stick to a fixed budget, you should always strive to invest in a flexible air fryer. We say so because a multipurpose and best air fryer will do the duties of three to four different kitchen appliances in a single piece of equipment.

You may get the best air fryer and indoor grill combo or an air fryer and toaster oven combo, just like we named the best air fryer dehydrator combo. This increases your cooking range while saving you money and kitchen space. So you can experiment with and savor various meals at home.

Dehydrating Settings

A dehydrate setting helps ensure your food doesn't dry unevenly compared to if you're using a conventional air fryer. The temperature for dehydrating can frequently be adjusted on most air fryers with this setting.

Consider an oven-style air fryer with a specific dehydrating setting if you want to dehydrate food in larger quantities.


The price will vary depending on several variables, including the size and features. Even if learning the price is important, you should also consider the size and characteristics of the appliance.

Air Fryer Dehydrator FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about air fryer dehydrators.

Do air fryers make good dehydrators?

Yes, air fryers make good dehydrators. An air fryer uses a fan to circulate hot air around the food, which causes it to dehydrate. The circulating hot air also cooks the food, so it can be used as a dehydrator and an oven.

How good is the Ninja air fryer dehydrator?

The Ninja air fryer dehydrator is a good appliance. It does a great job of dehydrating food and is very easy to use. However, keep in mind if you're looking at a basket air fryer model, you may not be able to dehydrate a lot of food at once, which may not make your purchase worthwhile.

Does the Cosori air fryer have a dehydrator?

Cosori has a great dehydrator because it can evenly dry your food. This means that you will not have any soggy spots on your food, which will taste great. Additionally, the Cosori dehydrator is easy to use and dishwasher-safe.

Which Ninja air fryer has a dehydrator?

There are a few Ninja air fryer dehydrators on the market. Such as Ninja DZ201 Foodi, Ninja Foodi AG301 Indoor grill, Ninja AF101, and Ninja DT201 Foodi.

Does the air fryer dehydrator use a lot of electricity?

It depends on the air fryer dehydrator. Some use a lot of electricity, while others don't. You'll have to check the specs of the specific air fryer dehydrator you're interested in to find out.

Is it worth buying a food dehydrator?

Yes! A food dehydrator is a great investment for anyone who loves to cook and wants to save money.

Food dehydrators are a great way to preserve your food. By drying fruits and vegetables, you can extend their shelf life by up to a year. Dried fruits and vegetables also make a healthy snack that is full of fiber and vitamins.

A food dehydrator can also be used to make your own jerky, fruit rolls, trail mix, and more. With a food dehydrator, the possibilities are endless!

Can all air fryers dehydrate fruit?

Yes, all air fryers will dehydrate fruit. The amount of time it takes to dehydrate fruit will vary depending on the size and power of your air fryer.

Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve it for long-term storage or make it portable for snacking. It's also a great way to reduce the number of calories in your diet, as dried fruits tend to be much lower in calories than their fresh counterparts.

Can you slow cook in an air fryer?

Yes, you can slow cook in an air fryer. I typically use the "roast" setting on my air fryer to slow-cook meat or poultry. It works well, and the food comes out nice and juicy.

How do the best air fryer dehydrators work?

Dehydrators act by removing moisture from food, as the name suggests.

Foods like fruits and vegetables can be preserved longer by removing moisture. Food rots because bacteria proliferate when there is moisture present.

Dehydrating food makes it last longer in your refrigerator or pantry, which is a smart approach to prevent food waste. Because of their prolonged shelf life, you can utilize dried fruits and vegetables for weeks.

Can jerky be made in a dehydrator?

Absolutely! You can produce tasty, tender beef jerky with a dehydrator at home. You should select a lean cut of beef if you plan to create jerky in the dehydrator. Lean pieces like top or bottom round roast are excellent. Flank steak is also effective.

What Option of Air Fryer Dehydrators Is Best For You?

An air fryer with dehydrator is a useful kitchen tool to have. Several machines that perform this combination are available on the market.

This handy appliance can come in use for preparing a quick and wholesome dinner or storing goods that are about to spoil.

We've discussed some of the best air fryer dehydrators available. Any of them will suffice if you're looking for a device that can perform both tasks and much more.

You must ultimately choose an air fryer and dehydrator suitable for you and your cooking requirements.

Looking for a delicious and healthy snack to use in your new air fryer dehydrator? Look no further than Catchy Finds' Beet Chips Recipe and Diet Tips article!

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. WowChef Air Fryer Dehydrator: 20-Quarts

2. CROWNFUL Air Fryer Dehydrator: 19-Quarts

3. OMMO Air Fryer Dehydrator: 17-Quarts

4. COSORI Air Fryer Dehydrator: 10-Quarts

5. Ninja Air Fryer Dehydrator: 8-quarts

6. Chefman Air Fryer Dehydrator: 6.3-quarts

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