Best Bread Knife for Sourdough: 5 Top Picks for Sourdough Lovers

Best Bread Knife for Sourdough: 5 Top Picks for Sourdough Lovers

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There's nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread. The crusty, artisan bread is perfect for slicing and slathering with butter or jam. And a good bread knife is essential for getting nice, even slices. But what makes a good bread knife?

When slicing sourdough bread, you want a sharp, serrated knife. This type of knife will easily slice through the crusty exterior while being gentle enough not to squish the soft interior. A bread bow knife is also a great option for slicing crusty bread. So what are the best bread knives for sourdough?

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

You're probably like most people and don't have the time to do all of your own research on the best bread knife for sourdough.

Between work, family, and social obligations, who has time to do all of their own research?

We've got you covered. Our team of experts have done the hard work for you and have selected the top five bread knives for sourdough based on quality, value, and consumer feedback.

In our search for the best bread knives for making sourdough, we found some great bread knives, but some were more suited than others for this type of bread.

Why do you need a special Knife for Sourdough?

Suppose you have an assortment of knives that already has the bread knife. Although some don't make the most of bread knives, these knives with serrated blades are essential for every kitchen.

A bread knife is needed to cut not just slices of bread and other bread and baked items but also to cut foods that have tough skin and soft inside.

A bread knife can technically be ideal for all types of bread, but the process could be difficult with sourdough bread.

This is because bread made with sourdough is generally firmer and crisper on the outside compared to bread of other types.

Sometimes, the crust can be too thick. But the interior of a well-baked sourdough loaf is still moist and airy.

A well-designed bread knife can slice through the tough crust of sourdough bread in a matter of little or almost no effort.

In the same way, it won't harm the crumb. In case you weren't aware, the word "crumb" refers to the fluffiness as well as the patterns of holes in the bread.

If you use a poor bread knife, plenty of pressure is applied to the bread made from sourdough. In the end, the airy inside is compressed and destroyed.

5 Best Bread Knives for Sourdough

1. Mercer Culinary Millennia 10" Bread Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia is a 10-inch bread knife that users will find the most enjoyable in using. This high-carbon, stainless-steel Mercer knife has a handle with fingers with textured points to give you a good grip and a sharp wavy edge that is ideal for cutting and slicing with minimal effort.

If you misuse the 10-inch Mercer Millennia knife, you'll probably get an injury requiring you to visit the doctor for stitches. It's suggested to use a wood cutting board instead of a plastic or rubber one to keep this knife sharp.

This sharp bread knife is good for crusty sourdough bread and for foods such as cake, meatloaf, tomatoes, and fruits.

The Mercer knife is also a stamped blade; it's cut from a huge sheet of steel before being transformed into a knife. It's more straightforward to sharpen, and the textured points on its fingers provide a firm grip, which gives you more control when you use it.

When you're finished, it's recommended to put it away in a block of the knife. It's not the ideal knife to lie around, particularly if you reside with children.

What We Like:

  • Textured finger points for good grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Japanese steel blades that are simple to sharpen.

2. ZWILLING 8" Bread Knife

Zwilling knives are known for their excellent quality, and their knives are no exception. The blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel and have a Rockwell hardness of 57, making them extremely sharp and resistant to wear. The edge angle is 15 degrees per side, which helps the knife stay sharp longer. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip, and the knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

The company uses a signature ice-hardening technique that creates a harder, sharper blade that is less likely to stain or chip. These blades also retain their sharpness longer, making them a great choice for any home cook.

Zwilling knives are some of the best in the business. They're German-engineered and informed by almost 300 years of masterful knife-making. That means they're built to last. And not only do they last, but they perform exceptionally well, too. Whether a professional chef or a home cook, you'll appreciate the precision and control Zwilling knives offer. Plus, they're just plain fun to use. With their sleek design and excellent craftsmanship, Zwilling knives elevate your cooking experience and make meal prep a joy. So if you're in the market for new knives, be sure to give Zwilling a try. You won't be disappointed.

What We Like:

  • A single piece of German Stainless steel.
  • Laser-controlled edge honed and hand-finished by artisans
  • Lighter knives that do not compromise on sharpness
  • Uses an ice-hardening technique for harder, sharper blades that do not stain or chip

3. Imarku 10" Bread Knife

Cutting bread is an art. With the help of this bread knife, it has become a skill that you can master. The blade material is high-carbon stainless steel imported from Germany; the knife is durable and will stay sharp for longer.

Its sharp blade and unique shape make it perfect for slicing bread, but have you ever noticed the handle? Imarku's handle has an ergonomic design, which improves the comfort of the grip during actual use, making it easier for the user to cut bread slices and avoid stuttering. It makes your kitchen work better and is also friendly for left-handed people.

The 10-inch bread knife blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel that is imported from Germany, which makes this knife more durable. The anti-corrosion performance is improved, and it can maintain the sharpness of the blade for a long time. The serrated edge can easily cut through crusty bread without crushing the soft interior, making this a perfect sourdough bread knife.

What We Like:

  • Ergonomic Wood Handle
  • High-carbon Raw Materials
  • Serrated Edge Design
  • 10-inch bread knife

4. DALSTRONG 10" Bread Knife

The Dalstrong Serrated Bread Knife is the perfect option for people who need simplicity in cutting. Given the difficulty it is to cut through bread loaves of sourdough, there's no reason to wonder why offset knives are in high demand for bakers of sourdough. If you're going to go to offset, go to use the knife Dalstrong.

Dalstrong Knife was constructed with top-quality craftsmanship. The ultra-sharp full-tang knife comes with a high-carbon German steel blade, which has the ability to bend and bend, making it easy to cut through all bread.

It's not just the stunning edge that is what makes the knife an offset top pick. This G-10 handle is unique to any other handle in this listing. It's indestructible to humidity and temperature and is guaranteed to last for a long time. Because it is hand polished, it is also able to allow complete control, relaxation, and freedom of movement.

This knife has numerous advantages, the most notable being that this knife has an offset design that allows for greater ease of cutting. Some claim that the knife must be sharpened more often, but you may think about buying sharpeners.

What We Like:

  • G-10 handle, waterproof handle, flexible blade
  • NSF certified
  • The blade is made with high-carbon German steel
  • The blade is water and stain resistant

5. HENCKELS Dynamic 8" Bread Knife

Looking for a high-quality, lightweight knife that won't let you down? Henckels Dynamic knife is perfect for home chefs and professionals alike. Made from a single piece of stainless steel, these precision-stamped knives are built to last. The lightweight design means you won't have to worry about sacrificing strength and durability, and the sleek, modern look will complement any kitchen or campsite.

This professional-grade knife is designed for precision and comfort, making them a joy to use. The satin-polished, fine-edge blades boast superior sharpness—they are finely honed for long-lasting precision. The ergonomic, traditional triple-rivet handles are comfortable to grip for fatigue-free cutting. Easy to use, the dishwasher-safe 8" bread knife is also easy to maintain. This knife is an excellent choice for your sourdough.

What We Like:

  • Made from top-quality German stainless steel.
  • Fine-edge, satin-polished blade.
  • Full-tang.
  • Triple-rivet handle.

What are the advantages of using a particular type of knife to slice Sourdough Bread?

The wrong knife (or a poorly designed knife) will make it difficult to cut your bread and ruin the crumb (the fluffy inner layer of bread).

The difficulty of cutting the sourdough bread is that while the crust may be dense with a hard exterior, its interior can be soft and fluffy and presents a unique challenge to the knife that it's cutting with. It must be able to cut through both soft and hard simultaneously without causing damage to either.

The Benefits of Using a Specifically Designed Bread Knife

A well-designed bread knife will function better and produce slices that appear like slices. Moreover, the bread's integrity will remain intact. There are additional advantages:

  • There will be less waste in general since there's less loss.
  • It is simpler, quicker, and more effective to cut bread.
  • It takes less skill to cut neat slices.
  • There will be no harm to how the bread is made.
  • The crust will be intact during slicing, resulting in less destruction of the crumb and less waste.
  • There's less stress on your wrists and hands while cutting.

It is evident that, particularly if you're making bread at home, the time and effort spent in making that stunning handmade loaf, which has an open crumb, fantastic texture, and a gorgeous crispy crust, can go sour if you use the wrong kind of knife!

If you've used the wrong knife now, you can confidently say that the pieces were messy because of the knife, not YOU!

Making Use of a Regular Chef's Knife to Cut Sourdough

When you utilize an ordinary chef's knife cut your sourdough with crusty hard bread (like I have! ) There are at the very least one of the following issues pops up:

  • The crumb's interior would be compressed and squashed, affecting the bread's texture.
  • Slices could be uneven or, even more, they won't even look like slices!
  • The crust could shed lots of crumbs, and there is more to throw away.
  • The strain would be unnecessarily placed on your wrists and hands while cutting the bread, and it will take longer to cut the bread.
  • The knife will wear down and blunt more quickly than it would normally.

Buyer's Guide

If you're in search of the most effective bread knife for sourdough, here's what you need to know about.

Blade Length

The blade's length on most bread knives ranges between 8 and 11 inches. A longer blade is better, as the knife will require less movement back and forth in cutting larger bread.

If you're considering a bread knife specifically designed to cut sourdough bread, consider the dimensions of the loaves you bake or purchase.

Blade Type

The primary thing to be looking for in the best knife to cut bread made from sourdough is a serrated blade. The serrations permit the knife to grasp the crust and cut it without needing excessive pressure that could damage the bread.

With a serrated knife, you won't need to put much downward pressure on the knife. This preserves the integrity and integrity of the bread pieces.

Although all bread knives have serrations, the manner of serrations could differ. There could be large or tiny teeth serrations on a bread knife, and both work with sourdough as long your teeth remain sharp.

However, serrations are also round and pointed. If you plan to use your bread knife to cut sourdough bread, we suggest you choose an instrument with pointed serrations. They can cut through the tough crust of sourdough more effectively.

Serrations with deeper serrations are another feature to look out for when purchasing a bread knife for sourdough. The serrations are deep and reduce contact between the blades and bread, which leads to neater slices.


Common blade materials used in bread knives include stainless steel as well as high-carbon steel.

Blades made of stainless steel are simple to maintain since they aren't susceptible to corrosion or rust.

Blades made of high-carbon steel are more robust than stainless steel knives. Additionally, they keep their sharp edge longer. But unlike stainless steel, high-carbon steel is prone to rust.

Blades for bread knives can be constructed from specific ceramic materials. Ceramic knives of high-end quality will perform well when cutting sourdough bread.

One of the advantages of ceramic blades is that they are sharper than steel blades.

However, ceramic knives might not be the best choice for those who are not very agile, as ceramic is very brittle. Blades of bread knives can be broken if dropped.

Sharpening ceramic knives can be more challenging. Check out clay bread knives that work with sourdough if you are up for the effort to maintain these knives' demands.

However, regardless of the material, it's recommended to purchase bread knives with an edge that is small but durable. A thick blade can appear blunt and will not do an excellent job of cutting the bread sourdough.


Bread knives come at different prices. You might think that high-end bread knives are better than those with lower prices.

However, this isn't always the situation. A knife could be reasonably priced but perform well and efficiently when cutting bread made of sourdough.

On the other hand, If a bread knife seems to be cheap, the chances are it was constructed of plastic and will not have longevity.

Certain bread knives are costly because of the quality of the steel used to create them. We recommend investing in one of the most expensive knives for bread if you think you'll use it often and you'll be taking good treatment of the knife.

Handle Design

Whatever knife you choose to purchase, it is crucial to consider your knife's handle shape and design.

Find a knife with an ergonomic style. A well-designed handle can provide an easy grasp on your knife. The material used for the handle is also important. It is recommended for knives be made from a non-slip material. The handle should be secured on the blade.


Bread knives are a type of kitchen knife used for cutting bread. A bread knife is serrated, which helps the knife cut bread without crushing or tearing it. Bread knives are available in various sizes and styles, with varying blade lengths, sharpness, and handle lengths.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best bread knives for sourdough. With this knowledge, you can easily cut your bread and be prepared to enjoy your favorite sourdough loaf.

Items reviewed:

1. Mercer Culinary Millennia 10" Bread Knife

2. ZWILLING 8" Bread Knife

3. Imarku 10" Bread Knife

4. DALSTRONG 10" Bread Knife

5. HENCKELS Dynamic 8" Bread Knife