Best Meat Thermometer for Smoker: 5 Picks for Ultimate Control

Best Meat Thermometer for Smoker: 5 Picks for Ultimate Control

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Smoking your meat without knowing the precise smokier temperature is like firing an arrow in the dark. So, the best meat thermometer for smoking is required to smoke meat effectively.  

Inconsistent smoker temperatures make it tough to achieve low and slow BBQ cooking, which is why a meat thermometer is so helpful. Many chefs believe that cooking combines art and science and that smoker temperature is critical in your culinary lab.

The temperature of your smoker is critical to ensure that the meat cooks thoroughly and using a meat thermometer is the most accurate method to ensure that your meat has the ideal smokey and juiciness.

Barbecuing without a thermometer is a guessing game. When you are repeatedly incorrect, you spoil your food and wastefully overcook your meat.

Several individuals like their smoker's with a built-in thermometer, but they could be more accurate since the temperatures are measured many inches above where the meat is placed.

As a result, utilizing a built-in thermometer will not provide you with information about the interior temperature of your meat. Hence, using a meat thermometer to monitor the core temperature of your meat is ideal.

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

Determining which meat thermometer is ideal for you and your family can be a challenge.

There are so many options available, so determining which one is best for you might take time. Not to mention that the many brands and models might need to be explained.

We're here to help you make the best choice possible. Our editors have spent time researching each product and selecting just the best options. That way, you can be sure that each meat thermometer is of high quality and begin making steaks confidently.

The following are our top five recommendations for the best meat thermometers for smokers:

1. KIZEN Digital Meat Thermometer

Why We Love It

The Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer transforms into a compact and thin device that can be placed anywhere since the probe closes when not in use. Furthermore, the Kizen features a hoop at the end that may be used to hang it from any hook. Because of its size and design, the digital meat thermometer takes up less room in your kitchen.

The LED panel on the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer is big and bright enough to read comfortably at a distance. It also includes a magnet inside for mounting on your fridge. If you have particular kitchen tastes, the gadget is available in three distinct colors: black/white, black/red, and red/white.

Kizen claims that their Digital Meat Thermometer can detect and measure temperatures in less than four seconds.

This means you'll have a lot more control over your meat being smoked. It also contains a button that allows you to keep the accurate reading on the screen for easier reading. Furthermore, its calibration capability will enable you to set temperature and monitor the values.

What You Should Know

The Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer isn't exactly a technical wonder. Still, it doesn't have to be since it serves its job quite well. The Kizen is made of plastic and has an outer covering with a metal stick on the tip.

The metal transmits heat effectively while remaining cool to the touch, keeping your fingertips safe. On the other hand, the metal tip of the Digital meat thermometer by Kizen is highly keen. It can penetrate the flesh of any meat. As a result, you must exercise caution while utilizing it.

Even though it is a digital machine with electrical components, it is entirely waterproof. The casing covers the device's inside, so you won't have to worry about your device breaking due to meat juice or liquids.

When the metal tip is retracted, the whole device may be carried in your pocket despite being around 40 centimeters long when extended.

The ability to adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit is another outstanding feature of the Kizen. This is done with a single button click and displays exact temps in both modes.

2. ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

Why We Love It

The Wireless ThermoPro Thermometer is convenient, and the wireless remote control capability makes it more appealing and desirable. Its wireless remote control temperature range is fairly excellent compared to its market rivals.

It provides temperature information to the user even if it is 300 feet away. Because of its precision, this is hands down one of the best smoker thermometers on the market. It is dependable and composed of high-quality materials. However, in case of any issues, this smoke thermometer has a lifetime guarantee.

Because of its simple setup, this smoke thermometer is a good choice. There is no need to synchronize the display, and its digital display is simple to read and ensures accurate temperature readings.

This smoker's unique function will notify you if the temperature is incorrect. It features a count-up and count-down configuration if you smoke food for an extended period.

What You Should Know

Two stainless steel probes are included with the ThermoPro wireless thermometer. Not only can these probes be modified to measure the temperature of two various types of meat, but you could choose to keep track of the ambient temperature of the grill or oven as well. Some consumers even use the two probes to simultaneously measure the grate and meat temperature.

The probe's step-down design allows it to measure temperature fast while remaining stable.

This thermometer's LCD screen is big enough to show temperature readings clearly. The backlit function of the screen display allows you to see the temperature even when it is dark. Also, when you turn off the thermometer switch, it enables you to set the temperature and time.

Stand clips and belt loops are fitted to hold it in your hand no matter where you travel. Its LCD screen is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about using it in the weather.

3. MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

Why We Love It

Initially, the Meater probe's temperature range was restricted to about 30 feet for ceramic or open grills and around 10 feet for metal grills with the lid closed. In comparison, now the Meater Plus smart wireless meat thermometer has a range of 165 feet!

You may save time and money by using just one ambient probe to monitor the internal temperature of your meat and the air temperature with these digital grill thermometers. The probe incorporates two smoker thermometers, one at each end.

The primary benefit is that it allows you to utilize a leave-in, remote-access smart wireless thermometer and monitor the temperatures from your phone! What a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience!

Because there are no wires or cables, you won't have to worry about them fraying, breaking, or messing with your culinary equipment. A real wireless network is beneficial to everyone.

What You Should Know

When the Meater digital probe smart thermometer is not in use, it must be linked to the Meater Plus probe charging block, which also functions as a Bluetooth repeater with a distance of up to 50 meters, for it to function.

As a result, the probe can interact with the block, which can then communicate with your phone from a distance of 50 meters. Because you can connect to the cloud, you can monitor and observe your cooks from anywhere in the globe where an internet connection is accessible.

The accompanying software is incredibly user-friendly and packed with capabilities. The device's menu lets you choose from many different types of meat (pork, beef, lamb, lamb chops, etc.), as well as other cuts (steak, rib, roast, etc.) and cooking temperatures (doneness).

4. ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer

Why We Love It

ThermoPro is a significant participant in the meat thermometer market. They are routinely among the best-selling instant-read thermometers.

The temperature range alert is mainly developed for use with smokers. It has a twin probe grill thermometer as well as USDA presets. However, in case you ever want to make homemade candy, this thermometer is safe to use inside a pan.

The thermometer includes a vast display that shows the set smoker temperature and the temperature of the meat, as well as a timer for the most intuitive experience. To see temperatures in low-light conditions, use the backlight. This smoker thermometer will flash and beep to alert you if the temperature of your smoker exceeds the acceptable temperature range and when additional fuel is needed.

What You Should Know

Your meat thermometers have a wide temperature range—from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit—which means you may use them for almost any cooking. Cooking with the digital meat thermometer is a breeze because of the device's front-facing controls. There is also a magnetic back which will allow you to place this thermometer on your smoker or any metal surface. However, if there is no magnetic surface nearby, there is also a hole for hanging the thermometer on any hook. There is also a countertop stand that can flip out of the way, allowing for convenient storage in the kitchen or beside the grill.

5. Inkbird Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Why We Love It

There are plenty of Bluetooth smoker thermometers on the market. However, the Inkbird stands head and shoulders above the competition.

This is the smartest Bluetooth meat thermometer for smoker grills and is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones. The Inkbird allows you to keep an eye on the oven from up to 150 feet away using your smartphone or tablet.

This device allows total user control over the grilling process. You never have to worry about the meal overcooking, undercooking, or drying out while you go about the home.

These grill thermometers have four probes that can read temperatures ranging from 32°F to 572°F. Just place the probes tightly to achieve the most accurate temperature readings possible.

What You Should Know

The thermometer display has a magnetic back for easy mounting on a smoker or grill. This large LCD screen is easy to read, measuring 2.2 inches by 1 inch.

Every Inkbird purchase comes with one smart meat thermometer, three meat probes, one ambient probe, 1 USB charging cable, and one user handbook in English.

Because of its efficient rechargeable battery, the Inkbird is ecologically beneficial. This gadget has a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a 50cm/1.64ft USB charging cord.

The capacity might last up to 60 hours when fully charged, and the app may track the rechargeable battery capacity. So cost-effective, long-lasting, efficient, and eco-friendly.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Meat Thermometer For Smokers?

Number of Probes

When choosing a meat thermometer for a smoker, a dual probe thermometer is recommended.

Because for example, if you reserve your smoker for hog shoulders and briskets, you'll need two probes: one for the grate and one for the particular piece of meat you're cooking.

If you want to load up on thick steaks, numerous racks of ribs, or a couple of birds, you must check each item separately, so pick a thermometer with two or more probes.


The crucial thing is that a few degrees Fahrenheit may be the difference between smoked and excellent. Some people prefer digital smoker thermometers, which are available if you desire a precise temperature. However, purchase according to your need.


Durability is essential for any outdoor equipment, including the pellet smoker and yakitori grill. For outdoor cooking, a standard thermometer is ideal.

Use caution and repack after each use; if used properly, it may last a long time. Look for braided wires that stretch without kinking and a rubber cover to shield the delicate sections from the inevitable bumps and bangs for longevity.


There are several functions accessible to digital meat smokers. If you need an accurate thermometer that will stay on your meat, consider how and where you want to use it before making a purchase.


When purchasing a thermometer, keep in mind that the thermometer should be able to provide real-time information promptly.

If it says low speed, it impacts both the meat's cooking and the smoker's heat. Choose a thermometer that requires accurate readings as soon as possible to reduce time spent with the lid open.

Ease of Use

Measuring temperature does not need rocket science or a degree in engineering. The innovative wireless technology included in these devices makes it simple.

In the kitchen, a wireless smoker thermometer is often used to display the temperature of the meat. Knowing the temperature inside your smoker without opening the cover is fantastic.


We usually think about our budget before making a large purchase, and the thermometer you want to buy is within your price range.

Best Meat Thermometer For Smoker FAQs

What is the most accurate sort of meat thermometer for the smoker?

The meat thermometer for smokers checks temperatures fast and reliably and is reasonably priced.

In your smoker, where do you place the thermometer?

Inside a smoker or grill, the internal temperature is usually greater towards the top. Grill thermometers inserted there will provide an inaccurate reading of the temperature.

Place the thermometer on the side, a few inches above the grate, for the most accurate internal temperature reading.

Is a meat thermometer required for smoking?

No, a meat thermometer is not required for smoking. However, using a thermometer can help ensure that your meat is cooked to a safe temperature. It's best to use two thermometers: one for the food and one for the smoker.

Is there a best wireless meat thermometer?

A new breed of smart equipment has simplified grilling, smoking, and even baking. Wireless thermometer(s) is only one kind of equipment. With the finest smoker thermometers, there's no need for a flashlight or rushing back and forth between the kitchen and the grill.

Can you use a meat thermometer in a smoker?

Yes, you can use a meat thermometer in a smoker. In fact, it's the best way to ensure that your meat is cooked to the correct temperature. A meat thermometer will help you avoid overcooking or undercooking your meat, ensuring that it is cooked evenly through.

Can you trust the temperature accuracy of smoker thermometers?

Most BBQ grills and smokers have a dial smoker thermometer in the "dome" or hood of the equipment. It is almost hard to discover a structure that is not constructed on the simplest feasible base, and the fact is that they need to be more accurate.

Is the smoker thermometer left in the meat as it cooks?

Yes, in most circumstances. However, there is one exception: an instant-read smoker thermometer. These are intended for rapid temperature readings in a couple of seconds, but they should be kept from the meat while it cooks.

To acquire an accurate temperature, you'll need to open the smoker or grill door and insert the meat probe into the cooking meat.

How long do these best smoker thermometers last?

Smoker thermometers are likely to endure at least many years. However, this is not guaranteed and depends on how well you maintain your smoker thermometer.

How frequently should I check the internal temperature of meat?

All animal-based protein cooks differently and has a varied minimum internal temperature for safe eating. This is why it's critical to observe food safety guidelines for the exact meat you're preparing and to keep an eye on it at all times.

This does not imply that you must constantly monitor the BBQ smoker thermometer, but rather that you should keep an eye on it, particularly after the cooking process.

What is the frequency with which I should calibrate my instant-read thermometer?

To begin, one must comprehend the notion of the best smoker thermometer calibration. It entails comparing the accuracy of a meat thermometer to a verified standard.

The calibration frequency is determined by various variables, including how often you use it. Mechanical thermometers, like dial thermometers, must be calibrated regularly. Digital smoker thermometers are usually calibrated just once a year.

Can a meat thermometer be used in the oven?

It all depends on the kind of meat thermometer you're using. It will work well if you use the one built for grilling and smoking with connected probes. It's not a good idea if you're using an instant-read thermometer with a plastic grip and a large LCD screen.

How can I keep the probe in place during cooking?

Only probes that are mainly developed for that purpose may be left inside. Attempt to insert the probes into the thickest section of the incision. It is straightforward for briskets and turkeys, but insert the dual probes from the side for steaks.

Which Of The Meat Thermometers For Smokers Is Right For You?

Several smokers with covers have a reliable smoker thermometer as a standard feature. On the other hand, these smoker thermometers can only measure the surrounding air's temperature.

It's recommended to use a meat thermometer if you want your meats to be juicy and cooked perfectly to your liking.

All of the options we presented can be great additions to any smoker. Now it's simply a matter of personal preference.

If you need help making a decision or have any questions that were not answered in this article, please reach out to us, and we would be happy to help in any way possible.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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Items reviewed:

1. KIZEN Digital Meat Thermometer

2. ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

3. MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

4. ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer

5. Inkbird Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

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