Best Rice Storage Container: Four Options to Keep Bugs Out

Best Rice Storage Container: Four Options to Keep Bugs Out

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We all dread cleaning the kitchen. It requires a lot of effort and takes up a lot of time. Yet, doing so regularly is essential because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and pests.

Keeping the kitchen clean becomes even more difficult if it is not organized. Regular cleaning is only half of the job, and you should pay attention to the organization of your kitchen. Finding and creating convenient places to store ingredients out of the fridge is just as important as cleaning the kitchen regularly.

Most people overlook the importance of having a proper rice storage container which may lead to improper hygiene and food complication. So, we have brought you a list of the best rice storage containers.

How To Choose the Best Rice Storage Container

You might think that choosing the correct storage container may be easy. Yet, it may not be as simple as you think. The purpose of a rice container is to keep your food dry and free from humidity. So, it is extremely important to buy an airtight rice storage container, as it would aid in eliminating the risk of infection.

Most rice containers are made up of plastic because they are cost-effective. However, plastic containers degrade over time and can absorb the smell. Consuming food out of plastic containers can also be detrimental to your health because of the high levels of synthetic BPA. So, you should ensure that any plastic container you choose for your rice storage should be BPA-free.

The safer options are glass and metal rice storage containers. However, while we love glass containers, we do not recommend them because they can break easily. Get one if you believe you are not clumsy enough to break your glass storage container!

We are a fan of the steel storage containers. They last longer and are safe to use. Most steel rice storage containers are airtight, so you do not have to worry about that.

Stainless steel rice storage containers are durable, non-toxic, and non-leaching. However, they are also more expensive than plastic rice storage containers. If you are on a budget, using a plastic rice storage container is still a good choice. Ensure that it is a BPA-free food container, and you are good to go.

We recommend cleaning your rice storage containers once at least a month. However, this can become difficult if done by hand. The solution is to look for containers that are safe to use in the dishwasher. Many containers may be dishwasher safe, but their dimensions might make it difficult to do so. So, keep that in mind as well.

How To Take Care of Rice Storage Containers

It is important to take proper care of the rice storage container to ensure its longevity and enhance the shelf life of the rice. We will share a few tips to help you maintain rice storage containers.

Put the container in a deep freezer before storage

Before storing rice in your rice storage container, you must prepare it for long-term use. One of the ways you can do so is by deep-freezing the container, as it can help eliminate infestation. One of the culprits of infestation is pantry moths because they lay their eggs in grainy foods such as rice. Fortunately, these eggs do not survive low temperatures. So, putting your rice storage containers in a deep freezer will help eliminate any preexisting eggs. This tip is not required when filling the rice storage container for the first time. However, you should follow it when refilling your rice storage container.

Store in a cool, dry place

Humidity is your enemy when it comes to food storage. Ensure that the place you have chosen for your rice storage container is cool and free from humidity. You should follow this even when you are not using the container. Most people store their containers near the stove because it is convenient. However, the heat from the stove can wreak havoc and affect the moisture levels of your storage container.

Use vinegar to disinfect

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. It is also safe to consume, so you do not have to worry about its traces in your food. We recommend that you disinfect your rice storage containers with vinegar. It will also help prevent unwanted odors or stains that accumulate over time.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

Best Value for Money

For our top picks, we have chosen four rice storage containers. Three are plastic containers, and one is a stainless steel rice storage container. When we looked for the top picks, we also looked for the best value for money. We found that plastic rice storage containers give more value for money. Rest assured, all the plastic rice storage containers in our top picks are BPA-free.

Decent Capacity

Rice container storage capacity varies greatly. However, most people store rice for a month's use. So, the rice storage containers in our top picks could store at least a month's worth of quantity.

Good Longevity

We looked for independent customer reviews to find out about the longevity of the containers. All the containers in our top picks will last a couple of years if you maintain them properly. We also checked that the containers were completely airtight. You will find no leakage in any of our containers.

Good at Basics

Rice storage containers come in a variety of features. Some of the fancy features may include a rice dispenser. However, in the interest of utility and value for money, we did not pay attention to fancy features you may not even use. We stuck to the basics to ensure that the containers are the best at their core purpose.

Dishwasher safe

Finally, we ensured that all containers that end in our top picks are dishwasher safe. Their dimensions may make it a little tricky to wash in a dishwasher, but it is good to know that they can be put in without worry.

1. PrepWorks Storage Container: 2.5-Quarts

Why We Love It

Extremely convenient

PrepWorks is extremely easy to store because of its manageable dimensions. It is a countertop container, but you can easily store it in a cabinet. It is also highly convenient to use. It is easy to put it in a dishwasher because it is compact and dishwasher-safe. So, cleaning it is also extremely easy. It comes with measurement markings on it. So, you know exactly how much rice you have left.

High quality

PrepWorks is a high-quality BPA-free food container. You can easily find it around the 20$ price range. Even at this price, you do not have to compromise on quality as it is one of the best plastic rice storage containers. It has a lid that secures the rice and keeps the container airtight. One of the best things about this rice storage container is its measuring cup. The measuring cup ensures you get the correct quantity each time you cook rice.

Trusted Manufacturer

The brand and the company must be trusted when purchasing plastic materials for food storage. The manufacturer of PrepWorks is Progressive International which has been in business for the last 40 years. It is known for providing high-quality kitchenware products and tools. So, you can be assured that you are purchasing a high-quality product. The Prepworks's Amazon rating is a testament to that. At the time of this review, it has around 3000 ratings with a perfect 5-star.

What You Should Know

Hinge comes in the way

While this rice storage container is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget, it has a flaw in its design. It is a one-piece plastic container, which means the lid is attached to the body. There is a hinge to secure the lid and make it airtight. However, the hinge makes cleaning the container by hand a little tricky. It comes in the way of cleaning and is a little tricky to manage. However, we believe that it is not a substantial issue because the hinge makes it extremely airtight. If this is something you can live with, it is a perfect choice.

2. Oggi Stainless Steel Airtight Canister

Why We Love It

One of the Best bulk rice storage containers

If you are looking for a bulk rice storage container, you cannot go wrong with the Oggi stainless steel airtight canister. It has a stainless steel frame which makes it last forever. One of the issues with bulk rice storage canisters is that it is difficult to fit them in the pantry. However, this is not the case with this container. It is made to fit in almost any pantry and has multiple sizes to choose from. We suggest choosing the 150-ounce.

Excellent design

We love the design language used here. It is an airtight container and is easy to use. It has a see-through lid so that you can always take a look inside without opening the canister. Its lid is secured with a silicone gasket and locking clamps that ensure that no contact with the outside environment is made.

You can put it on the kitchen counter or in the storage cabinet. It does not take a lot of precious kitchen counter space in case you decide to put it on display. We found that it is too good-looking for a stainless steel container. It is cylindrical, but the simplicity of its design makes it visually attractive. It is also extremely easy to carry this container.

Despite being made out of stainless steel, it is lighter than glass. You often have to put your rice storage containers on the countertop, so its lightweight comes in handy.

Good value for money

Although this price is higher than those of plastic containers, it is a good price for an airtight stainless steel storage container. If you maintain it properly, you will never have to buy another rice storage container. So, the value for money that you get out of this one is great.

What You Should Know

The lid is a little difficult to open and close

The only thing that you should be aware of is that it is a little difficult to close and open the lid. The lid is airtight using an enhanced silicone seal known as a silicone gasket. However, this means that closing the lid takes a little bit of effort. The silicone gasket keeps the lid tightly in place. While this keeps the lid fully secure, it is also makes it a little difficult to open.

3. Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Storage Container

Why We Love It

One of the best tall plastic food containers

Tall plastic food containers are popular because they look good, cost less, and are easy to store on the countertop. They can be loaded with comparatively more grain and take less of the precious kitchen counter space.

If you are looking for a tall plastic food container, you cannot go wrong with the Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Food Storage Container. It is made with superior quality BPA-free plastic that will last for a couple of years if you maintain it properly.

Amazing design

We love the design language used here. It has a modular design that makes it visually appealing and stable. Since some users will place it on the countertop, it needs to be as stable as possible. One of the best things about the Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Food Storage Container is that it looks like a glass container. It is because of its crystal clear plastic.

It has a decent lid that is secured airtight with the help of latches. The latches snap when the lid is secured. So, you know that the container is now airtight. Its design makes it extremely easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, so you can easily pop this one into your dishwasher.

Versatile storage container

This container is versatile and will keep a variety of food fresh. It comes in different sizes; we suggest the 16-cup for rice. You can use it to store grainy food, cookies, and pet food. It is freezer safe, so you can even put it in the fridge for the long term to add a compartment.

What You Should Know

It cannot be opened with one hand

Rubbermaid Brilliance is a countertop storage container, and most users will use it often. One thing that you should know is that it cannot be opened with one hand. Latches secure the lid on two sides. However, this does not bother us because it is very easy to open up the latches.

4. Viretec Rice Storage Container

Why We Love It


Are you looking for the most features on a limited budget? The Viratec Rice Storage Container is your best bet. It comes with a rice dispenser that makes it easy to collect the rice. It also comes with a standard scale and a measuring cup which makes it easier to pour the correct amount of rice every time you cook it.


When it comes to plastic, it must be of good quality. The plastic used here is BPA-free, so you do not have to worry about BPA traces ending up in your gut. It is also extremely durable and will last you for a couple of years. You can prolong its life by periodically cleaning and maintaining it. It is also heat resistant, so it will not degrade even if you put it near your stove. The lid is of high quality and is secured on four sides. It makes it extremely airtight, and your grain will have no contact with the outside atmosphere.


Viretec Rice storage container is compact. It is able to accommodate large quantities of grain because of its taller size. This means that it is easy on the precious kitchen counter space. Since it has a rice dispenser, it is also suitable for countertop storage. Its sturdy design ensures that it is stable and does not fall off the counter.

What You Should Know

Not the most visually appealing container

We know that most of us do not buy containers for their visual appeal. However, it is good to have one. The Viretec Rice Storage Container is not the best-looking container you will find. In our opinion, the aesthetics could have been better. Since it is used as a countertop rice dispenser, it would have been good if it had better looks. However, given its price and the features, we can't complain much. If this is something that you can live with, Viretec Rice Storage Container is a perfect choice.

Rice Storage Container Frequently Asked Questions

You've just bought a big bag of rice; now what?

Store your rice in a rice storage container! Not sure why purchasing a rice storage container is a good idea?

We've compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions about rice storage to help make your decision easier.

Is it better to store rice in a plastic or glass container?

Many believe it is better to store rice in plastic because plastic is airtight, and glass is not always. Both options are great, but it's more important that the rice is stored in an airtight container.

What is the best way to store rice?

The best way to store your rice is in airtight food storage containers that are kept in a cool, dry place.
If you're going to store your rice for a long time, it's best to freeze it. Freezing will help prevent the formation of mold and will keep the rice fresh.

How do you store rice to prevent bugs?

You can store rice in the fridge, or you can store it in a sealed container in a cool, dark place. If you store it in the fridge, seal it in a plastic bag or container first.

One way to prevent bugs from getting into your rice is to freeze it. Just make sure that the rice is completely thawed before cooking.

Does dry rice go bad?

Yes, dry rice can go bad over time. The length of time rice will last depends on a few factors, including the type of rice, how it's stored, and how humid the environment is. Generally speaking, white rice will last for about 6-12 months when stored in a cool, dry place, while brown rice will last for about 4-6 months. If you live in a humid environment, keeping your rice in the fridge or freezer is best to help extend its shelf life.

How can you tell when dry rice goes bad?

The easiest way to tell if dry rice goes bad is to smell it. If it smells musty or mildewed, it has gone bad and should not be eaten. Another way to tell is by looking at the rice. If there are bugs or discoloration, it has spoiled. Also, if it feels oily, it's gone bad.

What is the best type of rice to store for the long term?

The best type of rice to store for the long term is brown rice.

White rice has been milled and polished to remove the bran and germ, which means it has a much shorter shelf life than brown rice. Brown rice contains bran and germ, which makes it a whole-grain food and helps to preserve its nutrients and flavor. Brown rice will also last longer than white rice when stored in a cool, dry place inside an airtight container.

Does rice need oxygen absorbers?

You don't need oxygen absorbers, but they will definitely help store your rice. Oxygen absorbers work by removing the oxygen from the air inside the packaging. This creates an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment where the rice can decompose without rotting. The oxygen absorber packets can be found in most stores that sell food packaging supplies.

How long will vacuum-sealed rice last?

It will last for years. Rice is a grain that is high in starch and low in moisture. These characteristics make it an excellent food to store in a sealed container because it does not easily spoil. The vacuum-sealed packaging also helps to protect the rice from insect damage and rodents.

Does all rice have Bacillus cereus?

No, not all rice has Bacillus cereus. However, it's important to remember that any uncooked or improperly cooked rice can contain bacteria. This is because Bacillus cereus is a spore-forming bacterium, which means it can form resistant endospores that allow it to survive in difficult environmental conditions. So, it's very important to cook rice properly and to avoid eating uncooked rice if you're concerned about avoiding food poisoning.

How do you store a 20-pound bag of rice?

You can store a 20-pound bag of rice by keeping it in a cool, dark place.

Airtight containers provide the best storage for rice, like a glass jar or plastic bin. Make sure to place it in a cool, dark place like the pantry or cupboard. In more humid climates, you may want to store your rice in the fridge or freezer.

What Option of Rice Storage Containers Is Best For You?

Looking for kitchen storage containers to keep bugs out and your rice fresh?

All of the options we've presented can be great for you and your home - it just comes down to personal preference.

We hope this article has given some clarity on what type of storage container you want in your home.

Thanks for reading!

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. PrepWorks Storage Container: 2.5-Quarts

2. Oggi Stainless Steel Airtight Canister

3. Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Storage Container

4. Viretec Rice Storage Container

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