Best Sink Protector: Top 4 to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Looking New

Best Sink Protector: Top 4 to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Looking New

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Do you want to prevent your expensive glassware or kitchen wash bowl from getting scratched or damaged?

Consider using a sink protector. Kitchen wash bowls of delicate materials such as copper, stainless steel, natural stone, ceramic, or fireclay are prone to scratching. If a glass utensil falls on it, it may break due to the density of the material. Sink protectors are effective in safeguarding sinks and avoiding any harm. They also serve an essential purpose in preserving delicate glassware by preventing scratches or breakage due to accidental slips. A sink protector can protect the wash bowl surface and kitchenware from unintentional damage.

The purpose of a good sink protector rack is to fully cover the sink and reduce the chances of damaging dishware. It also doubles as a dish-drying rack. Regardless of the type of sink you have, the product's primary objective should be to enhance its durability and protect it. With ceramic sinks being a current trend in kitchens, a sink protector is a necessary accessory.

The issue with choosing a sink protector is that many options are available, making it difficult to select due to the abundance of choices. Hence, to ensure you get the specifications right, we decided to give you the best understanding of it and short-listed the best sink protectors that offer the highest quality and will be reliable.

How We've Selected the Best Sink Protectors

A good sink protector can be bought for up to $60. With this budget in mind, we divided it into three segments. At the lowest end, we looked for good quality under-sink mats with good material and rubber feet. In the mid-budget range, we looked for under-sink mats that weren't only better in terms of quality of material but were also highly reliable. Finally, at the highest end, we looked for the best under-sink mats that your money can buy.

We were able to narrow down the under-sink mats following the customer reviews. Next, we selected the ones most trusted by the customers and had an overall good rating. Finally, we chose the four best sink protectors we will review.

4 of the Best Sink Protectors

1. Rubbermaid Sink Protector Mat

Rubbermaid has one of the best sink liners. It offers excellent quality and performance and is suitable for protecting delicate dinnerware. Keep your sink looking great with this fantastic choice! One of the standout features of the sink protector is the lift-up tab, which provides quick and easy access to the drain or disposal pipe.

It also features Microban antibacterial protection, preventing the growth of bacteria and germs near the drain by acting against chemical spills. This feature effectively eliminates any odors in the sink, providing a fresh-smelling basin daily by inhibiting odor-causing bacteria.

The sink protector also helps to protect delicate glassware and prevents scratches from steel items in the sink. It safeguards the surface of the sink and contains permanent marks. The black-wave design of the unit is appealing and complements the sink.

What We Like

  • It provides a flat and stable base.
  • It will not float up at any point.
  • Prevents scratches.
  • Comes in clear or black.

What You Should Know

  • There is a center hole for sinks that have a centered drain hole.

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Mat

No list of sink cabinet mats is complete without the mention of this product. The OXO Good Grips Mat is highly recommended to protect your sink and keep it hygienic. It is an innovative solution with a great design and outstanding performance. Place two of these mats side by side to cover a more oversized sink. The soft silicone surface of the OXO Good Grips Sink Mat protects the ceramic sink and acts as a cushion for delicate glassware, reducing the risk of scratches, chips, and breaks.

The elevated feet of the mat allow water to flow through and ensure quick drying while also providing space between the mat and the sink surface. In addition, the OXO Good Grips Sink Mat is heat-resistant and can handle boiling water, making it safe to place a pan directly on it from the stove.

These shelf liners are also dishwasher-safe; clean them once a month to keep them in good condition. However food particles may get stuck in the small gaps of the mat, but this can be quickly resolved by pouring water over it. The only issue we found is that a higher height with a more significant gap between the mat and the sink bottom could have prevented this.

What We Like

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect solution for kitchen cabinets.
  • Elevated feet for easy water drainage.
  • Small size for easier placement.
  • Prevents scratching and chipping of the sink.

What You Should Know

  • Food particles can stick to the surface.

3. Dayton Stainless Steel Sink Protector

The Dayton sink protector is suitable for Elkay sinks with a faucet-side drain. This sink protector is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. It has rubberized feet placed strategically to prevent the wire grid from sagging and causing scratches on the basin. The large grid design allows for quick drying of dishes and flatware and is strong enough to hold heavy pots and pans without sagging. The grid design also prevents silverware from slipping through and scratching the bottom of the basin.

The Dayton sink protector is highly regarded for its ability to protect Elkay sinks. With a robust wire grid that can hold heavy pots and pans, the sink protector allows for the fast drying of dishes and flatware with ample space between the wires. The rubberized foot placement adds strength to the protector and safeguards the sink. The stainless-steel finish is corrosion-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and dries quickly. Additionally, the sink protector can double as a drying rack, as it sits on the countertop when there are too many dishes to fit in the sink.

What We Like

  • Strong stainless-steel grid.
  • Sturdy rubberized feet.
  • Customized for Elkay sinks.

What You Should Know

  • Occasional quality-control issues.
  • Only fits specific sinks.

4. Serene Valley Sink Protector

The sink protector is crafted with a solid outer wire that sits about 1 inch above the sink base with the help of rubber-coated feet. The manufacturer uses laser welding for a secure fit in sinks with a center drain. This protector is sturdy enough to handle multiple pots, pans, and crockery without food getting trapped under the feet, keeping the sink bottom clean.

The large grid promotes quick drying of dishes, flatware, and glasses, while the clearance on the floor and sides protects the basin from scratches and damage. The rounded edges fit many sinks, and the tight grid kept flatware and small items from slipping between the wires. This is an essential feature, as flatware will likely scratch sinks of all types.

The Serene Valley Sink Protector is one of the best stainless steel sink protectors on the market, especially with protective non-scratch feet. We also liked how quickly dishes and other items rapidly dried on the rack and how snugly the protector fit within the space of the sink.

In addition, the wire grid's sturdy design also prevented items from falling toward the drain, which is a problem with less-sturdy grids. As a bonus, you can also use this sink liner as a shelf liner.

What We Like

  • Plenty of air circulation.
  • Rubber feet protect your sink basin and rear wall.
  • Laser-welded grids hold significant weight.
  • Smooth welds to prevent mold and bacteria mildew.

What You Should Know

  • It fits the precise sink shape.
  • It only comes with a center drain.

How to Choose the Best Sink Protector

Before buying a sink protector, it's crucial to evaluate its features and consider the ones that meet your needs. To help you in this process, we have outlined the key considerations to keep in mind. We hope this information will help us make an informed decision.

Grid v/s Mat

Two popular options for sink protectors are metal grids and silicone mats. A sink grid offers more versatility as it can be used in the sink and on countertops to air-dry dishes. The well-spaced grid allows water to drain quickly and utensils to dry rapidly.

Some sink protector mats can also be used similarly, as they don't retain excessive moisture or hold too much water. For flat sink surfaces, mats are an excellent choice. They help to prevent scratches, protect the sink surface from hot pans and dishes, and cushion any impact in case of accidental slips. In addition, these mats are constructed from a soft material that can absorb shock.


Sink protectors come with different types of feet. The most suitable for all sink types are those with rubber feet. Rubber feet will not scratch the surface and work best, especially on ceramic sinks. If the sink rack has metal feet, make sure it has a rubber casing to avoid scratching. It's essential to keep in mind that some sink protectors may have plastic posts. While these posts can be strong, they can also cause scratches to the sink surface. Consider this factor before making a purchase.


Sink mats are typically made of silicone, which does not trap debris. They have an open design with many holes, which allows water to flow through easily and keep your utensils clean. However, it's essential to check the quality of the silicone used. Poor-quality silicone can turn yellow quickly, making the mat appear unattractive and dirty, which may result in the need for a replacement sooner.

Alternatively, sink racks are usually made of aluminum or solid stainless steel construction, which is generally sturdy. When choosing a metal protector, be cautious about the coating. A good layer will prevent rust and corrosion. The most effective metal racks will not rust even with daily exposure to water, effectively protecting the bottom of your kitchen sink.


As discussed earlier, sink protectors come in grids and mats. Grids are made of aluminum or stainless steel and have a similar appearance to a cooling rack. They are versatile and allow dishes to dry quickly due to the open spaces between the wires. Grids can be used on a countertop or inside the sink. Mats are ideal for use in the bottom of sinks as they protect the basin from scratches and other forms of damage. Unlike grids, they are limited to use only in the basin and not on countertops. Due to their lack of airflow compared to grids, dishes take longer to dry when placed on mats.

Size and Measurement

Since sinks come in different sizes, it's crucial to take accurate measurements. The ideal sink protector should fit snugly with minimal space around it to avoid scratching the sink's sides. Use a measuring tape and start measuring from the bottom, where the sink curves towards the drain. Measure from one corner to the next, continuing around the sink to determine its width and depth. Remember that measuring tightly to the edge of the sink may not be possible, especially if it has curved corners. While measuring, don't remember to determine the distance of the drain from the basin's sides. If the drain hole is centered, selecting a sink protector becomes straightforward. However, it can be more challenging if the drain is not centered. To get an accurate measurement, some people create a template of their sink bottom using cardboard or paper.

Problems with Under-Sink Mats

Despite their ability to prevent scratches and damage, some problems can arise when using sink protectors. Most sink protectors, particularly wire grids, have feet placed at intervals, which can cause them to move inside the sink if they don't fit snugly. Over time, the rubber coating on the feet can wear down and scratch the sink. Food can also get trapped under the tiny feet of sink mats, leading to staining or minor scratches. Additionally, some wire grid sink protectors may have wide gaps between the wires that flatware can slip through them.

Staining is another potential issue to consider. Rubber mats can discolor sink bottoms, so it's best to use a colorless sink mat if you opt for one. If you use a rubber or silicone mat, monitor it closely to detect discoloration as soon as possible. Stainless steel sink protectors tend to be more expensive than those made of rubber or silicone. Installing a new sink and the labor involved can be costly, but adding a sink protector can help extend the life of your sink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sink Protectors

Here are the most frequently asked questions about sink protectors.

How do I protect my sink from scratches?

One way to protect your sink from scratches is to line the bottom of it with a protective coating or mat. These mats are generally made of rubber, vinyl, silicone, or another material designed to act as a buffer between the metal surface and any dishware placed in the sink. Additionally, be sure not to scrub too hard when cleaning the sink; this can cause unwanted scratching and marks. A soft cloth or sponge should be used instead.

If possible, also consider purchasing a sink guard - this permanent metal solution can be installed onto the sides of the sink to create a protective barrier from any objects rubbing against it. Finally, avoid placing heavy items directly on top of the sink; these can cause chips and scratches over time if not properly supported elsewhere.

How do sink protectors work?

Sink protectors lie flat on the bottom of the sink, creating a protective layer between its surface and any items placed in it. They are typically made from a couple of materials, such as metal mesh or silicone rubber. Metal mesh protectors have small openings that allow water to flow through them while trapping dirt, debris, and other objects that can scratch or damage the surface of the sink.

Meanwhile, silicone rubber protectors will create a cushioning layer at the bottom of the sink that prevents scratching and absorb vibrations from dropped items. At the same time, they will also stop smaller objects, such as jewelry or utensils, from slipping down the drain. Sink protectors are usually easy to clean with soap and water and generally provide an effective way to keep sinks looking pristine for longer periods of time.

What are the benefits of using sink protectors?

Using sink protectors has many benefits. One of the most important of these is that it can help protect your sink from scratches, chips, and other damage. This is especially useful in sinks made of materials such as stainless steel or porcelain that are easily scratched and chipped. Additionally, sink protectors provide a cushioned layer between dishes and the surface of the sink, reducing the noise associated with dishes hitting hard surfaces. This also protects your dishes from being damaged by banging against each other while washing them. Finally, they provide a barrier between your dishes and any lingering bacteria or residue on the bottom of your sink, helping to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Are there any negative aspects of using sink protectors?

The use of sink protectors can have some negative aspects. Firstly, they can be unsightly, taking away from the aesthetic of a kitchen. Furthermore, they may not provide enough protection to the porcelain surface of sinks if they are made of a lightweight material such as rubber or plastic. If a sink protector is too thick or hard, it may cause scratches and chips on a sink's surface. Lastly, depending on what type of material sink protectors are made from, they may require regular maintenance such as cleaning and sanitizing to keep them hygienic and free from bacteria build-up.

What type of sink protector is the best?

The best type of sink protector is one that is made from silicone because it's designed to be flexible and durable, which means it can fit and conform to any sink shape while providing a waterproof seal. It's also non-porous, meaning it won't absorb stains or odors and is easy to clean. Another great benefit of a silicone sink protector is its heat resistance; it won't melt or warp due to hot water or dishwashing liquids. Furthermore, silicone is incredibly hygienic; it doesn't trap bacteria or other contaminants as easily as other materials like plastic and rubber. Additionally, silicone won't corrode over time, so you can be sure your sink protector will last for years without becoming damaged or discolored.

What Option of Sink Protectors is Best for You?

While there are many options on the market for sink protectors, we hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices.

The most important thing is to find something that works well for you and your home. Remember, what works for one consumer, may not work for another.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this was helpful!

Items reviewed:

1. Rubbermaid Sink Protector Mat

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Mat

3. Dayton Stainless Steel Sink Protector

4. Serene Valley Sink Protector