Best Yogurt Maker:  7 Ways to Make Your Own Yogurt At Home

Best Yogurt Maker: 7 Ways to Make Your Own Yogurt At Home

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Yogurt makers prove homemade yogurt is easily doable.

Although yogurt may not be the first item to mind when planning a meal from scratch, nothing beats homemade quality. You are aware of all the ingredients in the dish, and the flavor is always better.

Homemade food does not have to be a challenging procedure, particularly if you have the proper tools. To create yogurt, you'll need the best yogurt maker, just as you'd need the best cookie press to produce precisely shaped cookies.

Due to yogurt makers, making yogurt at home has never been simpler. What may seem like a complex do-it-yourself task at home is now feasible with having one of the best yogurt makers. A yogurt maker will take milk and starter cultures and hold them at a steady warm temperature for a certain amount.

Although it is a basic procedure that can be done at home, the yogurt maker you choose may affect how easy and successful the yogurt is. That is why we have provided the top seven yogurt makers on the market and a buying guide. So if you're looking for a good yogurt maker, we make it easy for you to find one.

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

Determining which yogurt maker is ideal for you and your family can be challenging.

With so many alternatives available, determining which one is best for you might take time. Not to mention that the many brands and models might need clarification.

We're here to help you make the best choice possible. Our editors spent time researching each product and selecting just the best options. In that manner, you can be sure that the quality of each yogurt maker is satisfactory, and you may feel confident about beginning to make yogurt.

The following are our top seven recommendations for your yogurt maker.

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Why We Love It

If you dislike single-function appliances, the Instant Pot D7-in-1 Pressure Cooker might be your device. The price is somewhat greater than the others on our list. Still, it combines seven separate appliances into one: a yogurt maker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and warmer.

Don't be alarmed if it seems frightening. The Instant Pot is affectionately known by fans and simplifies things with a "yogurt" button pre-programmed to create the ideal homemade yogurt.

It takes somewhere from 8 hours to 12 hours, depending on how thick you prefer your yogurt, for the Instant Pot to do its job once you've prepared the yogurt starting, added the starter and milk, and then selected the yogurt mode.

What You Should Know

The yogurt feature proved handy to us. Because the method is the same every time, the default timings and temperatures don't need to be changed. It's a one-touch operation.

Remember that although each Instant Pot Pressure Cooker can create yogurt, not all have a yogurt feature.

If that's one of your primary aims for this machine and you don't want to figure it out on your own, this is your best option, which is available in 3-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart capacities.

2. Bear Yogurt Maker

Why We Love It

Rather than having a single, unchangeable cooking cycle, this yogurt maker features four separate cooking settings that enable you to manufacture various types of yogurt all in the same device. Make fresh yogurt, Greek yogurt, fermented wine yogurt, and soft cheese yogurt in the same machine.

It comprises a stainless steel inner pot that maintains consistent and equal heat transfer of about 104°, keeping the yogurt activated, and two 1qt Borosilicate glass jars with BPA-free vented lids. For preparing Greek yogurt, a strainer is also supplied.

What You Should know

This electric yogurt maker is 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.3 inches and has four cooking options for various types of yogurt. Its LED clear-touch operation lets you program a microcomputer timer with an auto shut-off feature to cook for up to 48 hours.

The consistent bottom heating provides 360° heat conduction and keeps the temperature steady. It weighs 5.24 lbs and operates on 20w/120v.

Its cleaning and storing are simple, but remember that you should never pour water or other liquids/foods straight into its inner pot, even if condensation is typical while refrigerating. This yogurt maker should be cleaned with a dry towel.

3. Country Trading Co. Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker

Why We Love It

This manual yogurt maker is ideal for homes sick of all of the technological gadgets in the kitchen. This yogurt maker avoids the dangers of deadly fires and overdone yogurt by replacing them with a simple and uncomplicated method that results in delicious homemade yogurt when ready.

What is genuinely excellent? A 42-page booklet with the manual yogurt maker provides all the essential tips and information for success. The book also includes a plethora of recipes. Familiarize yourself with this knowledge, and you'll be an expert at making yogurt in no time!

With this yogurt maker, you may manufacture whatever sort of yogurt you desire, whether Greek-style or classic. Sour cream may also be made rapidly.

Consider the money you'll save by not buying yogurt or sour cream and the incredible flavor, and you'll realize why this should be one of your subsequent purchases.

What You Should know

The kit includes a 1-quart Mason jar and a 1-liter glass jar with a stainless steel cover. It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

If you are dissatisfied with the yogurt maker, you may return it for a full refund. Thanks to its money-back guarantee, you may purchase the yogurt maker with perfect confidence.

However, there is minimal probability of this happening. It is a simple yogurt maker with charm and an excellent complement to any kitchen.

4. Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

Why We Love It

Perhaps you already have a yogurt maker or are simply craving Greek yogurt instead.

Unlike the other yogurt makers on our list, the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker does not manufacture fresh yogurt from scratch; instead, it serves as a finishing tool for producing Greek or cheese yogurt from handmade or store-bought regular yogurt.

Inside your refrigerator, you can turn up to 2qt plain yogurt into delightful spreads, dips, salad toppers, or sweet berry desserts. It is constructed of BPA-free plastics and polypropylene, with an ultra-fine nylon fabric mesh strainer. Furthermore, depending on the required thickness, it strains for 3-12 hours.

What You Should know

This perfect yogurt maker can be stored efficiently and takes up little room because of its flat top. It measures 10 x 7.5 x 5.25 inches, is intended to fit neatly in the refrigerator, and weighs just 1.54 pounds.

There is no electricity present; it is merely a strainer. Please remember that this thickest Greek yogurt maker is not dishwasher safe; clean it with hot water and air dry it.

Euro Cuisine also has a yogurt maker, you can view it on Amazon.

5. Donvier Yogurt/Cheese Maker

Why We Love It

Are you exhausted from eating thin, watery yogurt? It is a common issue with store-bought yogurt. Even though it is a practical alternative for yogurt lovers, store-bought yogurt often has a coating of water on top.

Thanks to the Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker, all of that is about to change. It may assist in removing extra water in a few simple steps. It is also feasible to transform the yogurt into soft cheese with a little effort.

What You Should Know

It may be used to turn plain yogurt into homemade cheese. People seeking an easy-to-use yogurt strainer might choose this model. The Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker is designed to be simple to operate and clean. It also includes an excellent recipe book to help customers through the procedure.

6. DASH Greek Yogurt Maker

Why We Love It

Are you looking for an electric Greek yogurt maker? Then check out the DASH Greek Yogurt Maker! This easy-to-use machine lets you create custom-flavored yogurt using any combination of fruits, flavors, and toppings you like.

Plus, the built-in LCD display and timer make it simple to get perfect consistency every time. And with the included recipe guide, you can experiment with all kinds of flavor combinations until you find your perfect match.

What You Should Know

While there aren't a lot of reviews on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Bed Bath and Beyond, there are plenty of reviews that make us feel DASH yogurt maker is worth the purchase. However, if a cooling function is important to you, this yogurt maker does not have a cooling function.

The DASH yogurt maker comes with two 1.5 quart buckets and a strainer, which is ideal for making large batches of Greek yogurt, both of which are dishwasher safe.

This Greek yogurt maker is ETL-listed and measures 7" L x 7" W x 9.5" H.

7. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker

Why We Love It

If you're looking for a way to make frozen yogurt, look no further than the Cuisinart Yogurt Maker! This amazing little appliance can turn fresh milk and fruit into delicious frozen treats in just 20 minutes.

The new patent-pending mixing paddle means no more stirring or waiting for your yogurt to freeze - just pop it in the freezer bowl and let it do its thing. And because the freezer bowl is double-insulated, you don't need to add ice, which means one less thing to worry about. So go ahead and enjoy a cool, refreshing cup of yogurt on a hot summer day - your body will thank you!

What You Should Know

This BPA-free, easy-to-use appliance can make up to 1-1/2 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet, so you can enjoy a delicious dessert any time you want. The clear lid with a large spout makes it easy to add ingredients, and the limited 3-year warranty means you can be confident in your purchase.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Yogurt Maker?

When choosing a yogurt maker, keep the following factors in mind.


A capacity for yogurt makers is typically around six to eight cups of yogurt. This amount is generally good for a family or small group. If you are looking to make more yogurt, you will need to buy a larger maker.

Tough And Bold Design

The jars and lids are separated by an innovative stainless steel double-compartment design with a rubber grip for convenient handling. Many of them are small in form and remarkably light in weight for their size, making them simple to store.

Material And Quality

The quality of a yogurt maker is important because it will affect the end product. Some factors to consider when looking for a quality yogurt maker are the materials it is made out of and the quality of those materials. If a yogurt maker is made out of cheap materials, it is likely to break or not work well. This could lead to spoiled yogurt or even injuries if the machine explodes. It is important to find a quality yogurt maker that will last.

Easy Handling

A yogurt maker is a kitchen appliance used to make yogurt at home from milk and yogurt cultures. Many yogurt makers have an incubation period timer, which notifies the user when the yogurt is finished incubating and ready to eat. Some yogurt makers also have a cooling period, which notifies the user when the yogurt has cooled to the eating temperature.

There are many different types of yogurt makers on the market, but most have common features. They are made of lightweight materials that are easy to handle, and many are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Some even have carrying handles for easy transport.


Making your own yogurt can be a budget-friendly way to enjoy this delicious snack. You can buy a yogurt maker for around $30, and the ingredients for making your own yogurt are relatively inexpensive. You can find recipes that fit your taste and budget with a little experimentation. Homemade yogurt also tends to be healthier than store-bought varieties since you can control the ingredients and portion size.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a yogurt maker is a simple task. The first step is to remove the yogurt container from the machine. Next, use a damp cloth to clean the inside and outside of the container. Finally, rinse the container with warm water and dry it thoroughly.

Warranty & Verdicts

These energy-efficient and multipurpose gadgets have a guarantee of 1-2 years. So you won't have to be concerned about its malfunction.


Many best yogurt makers provide extras such as cups and jars, and some of them include additional pots and cups.

Best Yogurt Maker FAQs

Making your yogurt from home may seem scary, but it's not that difficult! People are often afraid to make their yogurt because they have many questions and are unsure where to begin.

To get you started, we've produced a list of some of the frequently asked questions concerning the yogurt maker.

How does a yogurt maker function?

A yogurt maker works by maintaining a consistent temperature on a combination of milk and yogurt starter, which ferments into yogurt. The fundamental distinction between yogurt producers is the container design.

Many yogurt makers come with six to eight individual cups the same size as store-bought yogurt; others come with one giant tub. More expensive yogurt makers include features that change the temperature based on the optimal fermentation and a timer that automatically shuts the unit when it's finished.

Should I invest in a yogurt maker?

Many individuals recommend producing homemade yogurt since it is less expensive than purchasing store-bought yogurt.

Furthermore, although many store-bought yogurts are marketed as healthy, many include artificial colors, tastes, sweeteners, and thickeners like pectin. So the significant advantage of purchasing a yogurt maker is knowing you've only used healthy ingredients.

How does one go about making vegan yogurt?

Non-dairy yogurt may be just as tasty as its milky version, and you can try a variety of non-dairy milk to discover your favorite. Non-dairy yogurt is created in the same way as dairy yogurt.

It may be manufactured in a yogurt maker, except that a vegan starter is used. Some individuals add store-bought soy capsules, while others use probiotic capsules. A vegan yogurt starter may also be purchased online.

What is the difference between synthetic and natural flavors?

Artificial tastes are generated in a laboratory, while natural flavors are derived from plants or animals. Natural tastes are more frequent in fresh foods than artificial flavors, which are more common in processed foods.

What is the best method for making Greek yogurt?

To create Greek yogurt with a non-electric maker, start with a high-quality yogurt with live and active cultures. A cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer is also required. Pour the yogurt into the strainer or cloth, tie it up, and hang it over a bowl or saucepan. Allow the yogurt to drain for several hours or until hardened.

Or you can buy an electric Greek yogurt maker.

How long does it take a yogurt maker to create yogurt?

Making yogurt in a yogurt maker takes roughly 8 hours. You may also make yogurt in a slow cooker, which takes roughly 12 hours.

What milk can I use to make yogurt?

Yogurt may be made from cows, goat's, or sheep's milk. The taste and texture of yogurt will vary depending on the milk used. If lactose is intolerant, you may make yogurt using almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, or coconut milk.

What are the perks of making my own yogurt?

There are several advantages to creating your yogurt! For starters, you have complete control over the ingredients and can ensure that it is produced using wholesome, high-quality milk. You may also adjust the taste and sweetness to your preference.

Furthermore, homemade yogurt is often less expensive than store-bought yogurt, and it's pleasant to perform at home.

How will I know when my yogurt is done?

There are a few things to keep an eye out for. It is usually ready when the yogurt has thickened and acquired a yogurt texture. It should also smell and taste somewhat sour. If it's extremely sour or smells cheesy, it isn't gone well and should be avoided. Otherwise, as long as it satisfies those general requirements, it should be safe to consume. Enjoy!

What can I do if my yogurt is too runny?

There are a few things you can do to thicken your yogurt. One option is to start with a thicker yogurt. Another option is to put in a small quantity of cornstarch or arrowroot powder with the yogurt. A third alternative is to put the yogurt in the refrigerator for a few hours to thicken it.

Which Of The Yogurt Makers Is Right For You?

With all of this in mind, we hope you can now decide on what yogurt maker is the best for you and your home.

All the options we presented can be great options for you and your home. Now it comes down to personal preference.

We hope this post has aided you in your hunt for the ideal yogurt maker in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your yogurt!

Items reviewed:

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

2. Bear Yogurt Maker

3. Country Trading Co. Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker

4. Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

5. Donvier Yogurt/Cheese Maker

6. DASH Greek Yogurt Maker

7. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker