Best Bagel Slicer: 4 Options To Perfectly Slice Your Bagel

Best Bagel Slicer: 4 Options To Perfectly Slice Your Bagel

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Bagels are one of the favorite breakfast delights of many people. People also love them for a long time. The taste of the bagel is delicious, and with extra toppings and condiments, it can vary from very simple to very delicious.

Bagel slicers are the easiest way to cut a bagel into thin, uniform slices. Bagel slicers can be expensive kitchen utensils, but they are worth the purchase. We wrote this article to find the four best bagel slicers for you and your kitchen.

How We Have Chosen The Top Four Bagel Slicers

Knowing which bagel slicer is right for you and your home can be hard.

There are so many different bagel slicers on the market it can be hard to know which one is right for you. They all seem to have similar features, but they're not all created equal.

Our editors have taken the time to acquire knowledge of each product's company, study product specifics, read all consumer feedback, and then independently select the best options. This ensures that the quality of each bagel slicer is right for you and your home.

1. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife

Why We Love It

This cutter can cut bread or bagel slices into a uniform shape. This unique design allows you to center your bread perfectly for perfect slices while saving time and making it easy. Even if you occasionally buy bagels, this is a go-to when slicing your bagel.

What You Should Know

Tablecraft Firm Grit Bagel Cutter is a great tool to create perfect cuts from the center of your bread for delicious round slices. It is dishwasher-safe and works well with hard bagels. It has a soft-grip ergonomic handle, so it can be easily held and used. The non-slip grip also provides safety and comfort. The stainless steel blade lies central to two plastic barriers that keep the bagel in position while you cut.

2. Halve Your Bagel Slicer

Why We Love It

Small bagels, big bagels, this slicer can cut it all! This multipurpose slicer is perfect for cutting more than just bagels; it can cut muffins, bread rolls, and Croissants. This is one of the best bagel slicers because it's so easy and safe to use.

The protective slot in the slicer allows for safe slicing, protecting your fingers and hands. This slicer is made of durable, versatile material and can be used for bakery and household purposes. It delivers innovative and fashionable design and is ideal for any kitchen!

What You Should Know

This bagel slicer has versatile purposes since it can be used to cut all types of bread, including bagels, croissants, ciabatta, and rolls and buns. You can use it for any size, soft or hard bagels, stale bagels, or just plain slicing.

This slicer is made from the finest materials and has a four-year warranty. Its super thick plastic sides, base, and excellent interior grip will protect you. There is plenty of space for a good bread knife.

3. Hometown Bagel Knife

Why We Love It

This product is simple and fantastic. You can easily slice bagels or other bread with this product. It's easy to use and won't require too much effort. Hometown's bagel knife, a patented design, is made from food-safe plastic and has a stainless steel blade with a serrated cutting edge. It's easy to clean, so you can enjoy your favorite bagel. It can easily cut through bagels and English muffins, Southern-style biscuits and buns, and delicate bread like croissants, without squishing them.

What You Should Know

The handheld bagel cutter does an excellent job of cutting bagels, rolls, English muffins, and hamburger buns. It's an excellent choice if you have limited counter space. It's a compact design for a full-size bagel cutter.

This bagel slicer is BPA-free. It has a stainless steel blade, protective cover, and ergonomic handle. The protective cover will allow you to cut without worrying about hurting your hands or finger. It's also dishwasher-safe and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty guarantee.

5. Hoan The Original Guillotine Slicer

Why We Love It

Hoan is the original guillotine style bagel slicer, making it easy to cut bagels quickly, efficiently, and easily. The slot that holds the bagel allows you to push the blade into the hole with its serrated cutting edges. The tool has a comfortable grip, making it easier to use and clean.

We love this bagel due to its smooth slicing abilities. The blade has a serrated Xylan, non-stick stainless steel-coated blade. You will also avoid harm's way with your hands because this bagel slicer has a safety shield, allowing kids to be involved! This slicer is durable and rust-resistant and can fit more than just bagels.

What You Should Know

Hoan's bagels can be easily cut in half using the bagel slicer. You place the bagel inside the slot, which is held on a cradle and protected by two transparent acrylic cover shields, which protect your fingers.

If you've ever heard of Homeries bagel slicer, this would be its best comparison. They are similar in that they are guillotine style bagel slicers.

The kitchen assistant can also accommodate different sizes of bagels and muffins for your delicious morning meal. The non-stick Xylem-coated blades with serrated edges will ensure a precise cut and long durability.

Hoan guillotine bagel slicer has a solid frame with a wide base but is a compact, elegant and stylish option for your kitchen.

Why Should You Use a Bagel Slicer?

If you love bagels, then you need a bagel slicer in your life! A bagel slicer is a kitchen gadget that helps you slice bagels evenly and perfectly every time. It's much easier than trying to slice a bagel with a knife, and it produces much cleaner and nicer-looking slices.

A bagel slicer is also great for people with trouble slicing bagels with a knife. If you have arthritis or other hand problems, a bagel slicer can make it much easier to enjoy your favorite breakfast treat.

So why not give a bagel slicer a try? It might just make your bagel-eating experience a whole lot better!

Instead of using a standard knife for cutting bagels, the top bagel slicer will surely bring you many benefits when cooking, such as beautiful and delicious summer breakfasts. There are three main benefits of using a bagel slicer:

Smooth And Uniform Bagels Slices

It is no longer a lot of effort and time to cut the various bagels equally. Therefore making the most of this cooking aid will guarantee perfect and smooth slices effortlessly.


Ideally, you would like the slicers you use for bagel slices to be able to last for a good time. Blades on slicers that aren't of high quality become dull after a few minutes, particularly if you are using them to slice thick bagels. Also, any product that is not in good condition can break or even fall apart.


In addition to the sharp blade, the safety of the bagel slicer plays an important role when using this kitchen tool. It is true that the blade is extremely sharp and could cause injury to your fingers. Consequently, bagel slicers should have secure handles to provide maximum safety. In other words, you must decide whether or not the knife is covered or shielded from contact while cutting, cleaning, or even storage.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Bagel Slicer

If you are planning to purchase kitchen equipment to aid you slice bagels, think about a few fun aspects before purchasing the most effective bagel slicers.


In addition to the sharp blade and the sharp blade, safety is a crucial aspect when using this kitchen tool. It is true that the blade is extremely sharp and could cause injury to your fingers. Consequently, bagel slicers should be marked with handles with hand protection to ensure maximum protection. If not, choosing which blades are covered or shielded from rubbing while cutting, cleaning, or storage is best.

Sharp Blade

The razor's sharpness is the most important element contributing to the smooth slicing of the bagel. This is why I recommend using a blade made of top-quality stainless steel and serrated blades to get the most enjoyment from cutting. A different stainless steel blade will last longer and be stick-resistant to cut bagels effortlessly and easy to clean afterward.

Simple Cleaning And Low Maintenance

The bagel slicer that has an easy cleaning process will make cooking easier. So do not hesitate to pick the slicer that's dishwasher safe or is washed in your hands with ease.

In addition, the bagel slice with low maintenance requirements, such as being small, safe, and easy to store, is crucial to choose. Premium stainless steel products are recommended to achieve this.


Durable construction is a crucial aspect that makes bagel slicers. It is necessary to exert an effort to get the slice inside the bagel holder to cut them, which is why it's not a good idea and risky to employ a tiny bagel slicer.

In addition, selecting one made of top-quality materials like premium stainless steel is recommended to ensure long-lasting use. Additionally, you can alleviate the stress of storage due to the lower maintenance because of this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions regarding bagel slicers.

What is the most common material used to make bagel slicers?

Stainless steel is commonly employed to create this gadget because of its tough and sharp features. Furthermore, some slicers are coated with Xylan to ensure that the cutting is non-stick.

Do children have the right to benefit from using the slicer on the bagel?

They can, as most bagel slicers are safer and easy to use when you have the cover. It is recommended to allow children to use the kitchen tool with adult supervision.

Do I need to use the standard knife to slice the bagel?

Yes, you can, but cutting with a knife could damage or harm your fingers instead of using a slicer for the bagel. Additionally, the experience of slicing will not be as easy.

Are bagel slicers worth it?

Bagel slicers can be a great investment if you eat a lot of bagels. They make it easy to slice bagels evenly without them becoming smashed or misshapen, and they also help preserve the bagels' freshness. It's also a great gift for a bagel lover!

A bagel slicer probably isn't worth the investment if you only eat a few bagels every now and then. But if you enjoy eating bagels regularly, then a bagel slicer is worth considering.

What is a bagel cutter?

A bagel cutter is a kitchen tool that easily slices a bagel in half without crushing it. It has a sharp blade that goes through the center of the bagel, making it easy to cut evenly.

Many people find using a knife or even their hands to slice a bagel can be difficult and messy. A bagel cutter makes the process much simpler and less likely to result in smashed or uneven pieces.

How do you cut bagels easily?

The easiest way is by using a bagel slicer. If you don't have one, you can easily cut a bagel with a bread knife.

Place the bread knife into the cut that you have made on one half of the bagel and slowly rock the knife back and forth while applying pressure until the bagel is in two pieces. If you are having trouble getting through the tough crust, put a little butter or margarine on the blade to help it slide through.

How do you use a bagel slicer?

This will depend on which bagel slicer you use, and each bagel slicer will come with instructions.

If you have a guillotine bagel slicer, place the bagel in the center of the slicer and then press down on the arms with one hand while the other holds the base.

What kind of knife is best used to cut bagels and bread?

A serrated knife is the best knife to cut bagels and bread. The serrated edge helps see through the bread without crushing it, producing a cleaner cut than a smooth-edged knife.

Why do serrated knives work better on bread?

Serrated knives work better on bread because the serrations help catch the bread's crust and cut it without crushing it.

Bread is a difficult food to slice because it's soft and has a delicate crust. A serrated knife has small protrusions (or "teeth") that help catch the bread's crust and prevent it from being crushed. This results in a cleaner cut with fewer crumbs.

How do you cut a bagel without a knife?

There are a couple of ways you could try.

One way is by using a bagel slicer. Another is using a fork; stick the bagel where you would go with a knife to make consistent pierces. Eventually, you could tear the bagel open.

Which one of the Best Bagel Slicer Options is Best for You?

We hope one of the bagel slicers in this article will meet your specific needs. My personal favorite is the Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife. It's similar to a knife but will keep the cutting line straight through the bagel. With regards to performance, it will provide smooth and perfect cutting thanks to its high-quality blade coated with Xylan, which is extremely sharp and non-stick for cutting bagels easily.

What is your favorite bagel slicer? Also, I'd love it if you liked and shared this blog post with others! Thank you for your support, and come back next time to help find your next item for you and your home.

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife

2. Halve Your Bagel Slicer

3. Hometown Bagel Knife

4. Hoan The Original Guillotine Slicer

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