Best Coffee Mug Warmer: 5 Options to Avoid Drinking Cold Coffee

Best Coffee Mug Warmer: 5 Options to Avoid Drinking Cold Coffee

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If you're anything like us, you love nothing more than a hot coffee cup, but you also know that it may take hours to finish drinking just one cup.

A temporary but inconvenient solution entails many microwave visits and a cup handle as hot as the coffee within. That is why we adore mug warmers. However, not all warmers are made equal; some heat your coffee to lukewarm.

If you've already started looking for the right mug warmer to keep your coffee warm as you like to drink, you've seen how many alternatives are available. To help you sort through the subpar and sometimes harmful mug warmers and locate the right one, we've produced this set of reviews and our buyer's guide. Let's start by heating your coffee one final time in the microwave.

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

Determining which coffee mug warmer suits you and your household are challenging.

With so many alternatives available, determining which one is best for you might take time. Not to mention that the many brands and models might need clarification.

We're here to help you make the best choice possible. Our editors spent time researching each product and selecting just the finest solutions. In that manner, you can be confident that the quality of each coffee mug warmer is satisfactory, and you may relax while warming your coffee.

The following are our top five recommendations for a coffee mug warmer:

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug Warmer

Why We Love It

This sleek and futuristic gadget is more of a mug warmer than a cup that heats itself. Ember puts the heating element and controls itself, unlike other mug warmers, which are just a base that warms your cup.

Ember's simplistic appearance won us over. Its 90-minute battery life was enough to enjoy a long, leisurely, hot cup of coffee or tea.

The cup temperature may be adjusted from 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, with presets for various drinks and a customizable preset you can program with your daily hot-beverage routine.

What You Should Know

The cup features a single essential LED light that changes color—white when the temperature is met, green when ultimately charged, and red when the battery is low—and it charges on a narrow coaster that's scarcely wider than the mug itself.

Ember is app-controlled, except for a power button on the bottom of the cup, and the app is easy to connect and operate.

The app also has a steeping timer with settings for different tea varieties. It can sync with your phone's health app to measure how much caffeine you're drinking.

Many "smart" kitchen gadget applications are buggy and difficult to use, but the Ember app is simple and does not need you to learn how to use it.

2. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

Why We Love It

Keep your hot drinks toasty and cozy with the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer! This cute, decorative cup warmer will make sure you can savor every sip of your favorite warm beverage. Plus, this stylish little cup warmer is ideal for upping the coziness factor at home.

It's so easy to use – just pop your cup on the warming plate, plug it in and flip the switch. The on/off switch includes a neon light indicator for no-guess operation. Plus, if you get it dirty, no problem! Cleaning is easy – just give it a quick wipe, and your item will be sparkling like new.

What You Should Know

Norpro's Decorative Cup Warmer has a nonstick heating element measuring 3.75" / 9.5cm, so you can keep your drinks warm easily. Plus, the extra-long cord lets you place it almost anywhere in your kitchen - and it's UL approved!

3. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

Why We Love It

The VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer & Cup Warmer is a fashionable gadget in six colors. Above all, it makes no false promises.

Many are frustrated when their new mug warmer does not operate like a charm. For example, they may wish to use it as a hot plate rather than a beverage warmer, and this one claims to delay the pace at which your drink cools.

The warmer has two touch buttons on the top. The first regulates the power, while the second controls the temperature.

The best thing, though, are its safety features. When it comes to hot plates, fire is a significant issue. However, this cup warmer was designed with your safety in mind. The waterproof metal plate protects the electronics from accidental leakage. This cup warmer is also compatible with the dishes you currently possess.

What You Should Know

The VOBAGA Mug Warmer is a convenient device that can heat your drink to one of three different temperatures. With the touch of a button, you can choose between 104, 131, or 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The button will change color to indicate which setting you have selected.

In addition, the mug warmer includes an auto shut-off feature that will turn the plate off after four hours of use. A blue light will blink regularly to let you know that the plate is still hot. The base of the mug warmer is 3.5" in diameter and is compatible with stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and paper cups.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea, the VOBAGA Mug Warmer is the perfect solution.

4. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Why We Love It

Are you looking for the ideal mug and warmer set? Following the massive success of the Cosori Coffee Cup Warmer, the makers decided to match it with a 17 oz mug. The newer version outperforms its predecessor in terms of heat conductivity.

The steel cup is made of FDA-approved materials and is safe to drink from. You can set your favorite mug of coffee on this cup warmer plate.

The LCD touchscreen with broad temperature range adjustments is the best feature of this machine. With this specific feature, Cosori outperformed all competitors. You may change the temperature to anywhere from 80F to 230F. You may also change the temperature reading to °C if that is more convenient for you. Using the Cosori Mug Warmer Set is a piece of cake.

Even if you need help, they provide a helpful instruction manual, and Cosori's Official Video is always floating around the internet.

We couldn't find a single flaw with this cup warmer with temperature control. When it comes to looks, this one is metallic, sleek, and fashionable. If you're always searching the internet for a "beverage warmer sans color," this steel structure is for you.

What You Should Know

This coffee warmer and mug set is constructed of durable, watertight quality 304 brushed stainless steel. The stainless steel surface is simple to clean, so it's not too difficult to maintain.

This 24 Watt mug warmer is compatible with 100V-240V outlets and is powered by an FCC/UL-approved adaptor. The Power light illuminates when you link it to a power source. The LCD touchscreen allows you to choose between temperature settings.

The heated coffee cup is the finest there is. The body is encased in a silicone wrapping, so scalded fingers do not risk. Its quality design makes it a strong and long-lasting item.

In the event of a performance fault, the product has a reasonable warranty duration.

5. BESTINNKITS Gravity-Induction Smart Coffee Warmer

Why We Love It

There is no manual power control on this coffee mug warmer. Instead, behind the plate is a built-in gravity induction switch. This incredibly creative design has been FCC and UL-approved, which ensures your safety has been prioritized.

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer was created with minimal power usage in mind. As a result, it may be the best mug warmer to use over time. Because of its small size, this perfect mug warmer is handy and portable, and it's simple to transport to your bedroom table or work desk, for example.

Finally, BESTINNKITS will help you if you have any problems with their items, which we appreciate. This cup warmer is backed by a 24-month guarantee, and you may even test it without risk to see whether it's what you're searching for. BESTINNKITS would make an excellent present!

What You Should Know

This design is compact and big enough to hold a variety of different-sized cups.

Glass, which is also thermally conductive, protects the 3.9" diameter heating plate from the elements. Consequently, you don't have to be concerned about the odd leak.

When used with appropriate glasses, this 19-watt warmer will only keep your drinks at 131 °F.

Heat retention is better in thin-walled, flat-bottomed cups. Furthermore, the cup must weigh more than 0.8 lbs to trigger the switch.

What To Consider Before Buying Best Coffee Mug Warmers?

Choosing a cup warmer is more complex than you thought! There are many essential elements to consider when determining which warmer to buy. Whether you pick one of the best mug warmers listed above or continue your search, keep the following in mind.

Heating Capability

Whether or not a cup warmer can successfully heat your coffee is a crucial factor to consider. However, heating coffee may seem an apparent function of the best mug warmer, some heat liquids more than others.

It may take a while for coffee to heat up in some warmers, while others don't even do that; other coffee warmers don't even heat it to the right temperature.

Avoid mug warmers that keep your coffee lukewarm; instead, find one that will get your coffee to the ideal sipping temperature. Choose one with different temperature settings so you can customize it to your liking.


Mug warmers are designed to be tiny in order to be portable. Portable heaters are essential for those who work in offices. It means you may have hot drinks whenever possible, without interruption. With so many warmers available, always choose a lightweight one that can be carried while on the go.

Waterproof Design

Coffee warmers are used to keep cups warm, and spills may be inevitable. A watertight design is required to guarantee the safety of your item. It'll ensure no harm due to short-circuiting, even if there are spills or cleaning.

Auto-Shut Feature

The automated shutdown is critical for the device's and users' safety. Only some warmers have this function. However, it is a fantastic feature that assures there is no fire danger even if you forget about the gadget. Some gadgets have a timer, while others include an intelligent chip that turns off the heating when the cup is withdrawn.

Easy To Use

Next, think about how simple it is to use the cup warmer. Some warmers feature just an on/off switch, but others have many adjustable temperature settings. If you want to keep things simple in the morning, you could pick a warmer with limited functionality.

You should also consider the power line's length and the heating plate's size. The chord length may affect how easy it is to move the warmer while it is in use, and picking a warmer with a big heating plate will allow it to work with whatever cup you want rather than just standard-size mugs.


Another critical factor to consider is the safety of the cup warmer. Some warmers are activated when they detect the weight of a cup, which is handy. This characteristic, however, might also imply that they can be easily started by any item you might accidentally put on them, possibly leading to disastrous circumstances.

Some mug warmers include auto shut-off mechanisms to avoid overheating. In contrast, others maintain a safe exterior temperature even when left on for long periods. Whether you pick one that turns off automatically or not, you should ensure that it does not overheat and become a fire danger.

It would be nice if you also evaluated how hot the warmer's shell becomes. Avoid touching the plate. However, specific smart mug warmers grow pretty hot and might burn you if you contact them while in use. You'll want a warmer that warms your coffee without becoming dangerously hot.

Easy To Clean

Finally, consider how simple it is to clean the coffee mug warmer. Although effective cleaning is unlikely, a warmer that can be wiped off will be most handy.

Although most smart mug warmers are waterproof and will not be harmed by spills, others include higher heating plates or divots around the heating area that might catch spilled coffee and make cleaning more difficult.

Your Mug

When using a mug warmer, it is usually best to use a flat-bottom mug for the best results. This is because a mug with a flat bottom will sit evenly on the heating element, allowing the heat to be distributed evenly and preventing hot spots. However, there are also mug warmers that come with a mug, and these can be a good option if you want to make sure that your mug fits snugly on the warmer. Whichever type of mug warmer you choose, make sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure that you are using it properly and preventing any potential accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Coffee Cup Warmers Worth The Money?

If you take your coffee seriously, the answer is yes. A warmer is a perfect option if you consume your coffee for hours, are easily distracted, and tend to microwave it to reheat it. In addition to constantly maintaining the temperature, coffee warmers keep the coffee smelling fresh.

Furthermore, they are available in various price ranges, which may assist you in finding the best one for your budget. Coffee cup warmers are an excellent present for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

Are Mug Warmers Flammable?

Many of these warmers offer an auto shut-off option and the ability to control the temperature of the coffee. Use common sense and avoid leaving the device unattended for lengthy periods. Only leave it plugged in if you must leave home. If you're worried about a fire, get one that turns off automatically.

Can Mug Warmers Be Used With Any Mug?

Many will work with ceramic, glass, or metal mugs. Still, some brands we've highlighted above come with custom-designed proprietary cups. Check the product documentation to see which materials it supports.

What Else May A Mug Warmer Be Used For?

Aside from keeping coffee hot, a cup warmer may also melt candles, leaving the space scented without the need for an open flame. Place a candle in an adequately sized glass or ceramic vase that is safe to use with your warmer, and you're done.

Is It Better To Use Porcelain Or Ceramic Coffee Mugs?

Porcelain is fragile, which means it breaks more readily but also looks lovely. If you want to seem high-class or stylish, you may discover some gorgeous porcelain cups for sale. Ceramic mugs are more durable, making them less likely to shatter but appear less delicate and sophisticated. They're more valuable than porcelain.

Which Coffee Cup Warmer Is The Best?

Aside from the Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer, all of our other options are worthy of consideration for the best coffee mug warmer title. This electric mug warmer has three heat levels and an automatic shut-off.

Are Mug Warmers Safe To Use?

So that you know the answer to the question, "Are mug warmers safe?" Look for warmers that are flame resistant and waterproof and have an automatic shut-off mechanism. Look for standard safety certificates as well.

Who Are The Most Reputable Mug Warmer Manufacturers?

We've included mug warmers from well-known brands like Vobaga and Mr. Coffee. The Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer and the Ember Mug Warmer are two more high-quality warmers that came close to making our list.

How Long Do Mug Warmers Last?

The auto shut-off function of a mug warmer determines how long it will continue to warm your tea. Some stopped after 2 hours but most shut down after 4 hours.

If you don't like this, you may have units that must be manually shut off, allowing it to continue for as long as you wish. However, if you fail to turn it off, this might pose a safety risk.

What Is The Standard Coffee Mug Size For My Mug Warmer?

All mug warmers are designed to fit a standard-sized coffee mug, around 80 mm in diameter. The heating surface is often big enough to accommodate larger units as well.

What Temperature Does A Coffee Cup Warmer Reach?

Coffee cup warmers often reach temperatures from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing your coffee from chilling. The temperature of the heating surface might vary substantially depending on the device's wattage.

What Is The Function Of A Coffee Warmer?

Using a coffee warmer is the most straightforward job ever. Some straightforward technologies merely instruct you to set your cup on it, and they will do the rest.

Others feature straightforward touch screens with on/off and temperature toggles. There are also handy instruction manuals available to explain exactly how to operate the coffee warmer you bought or got as a present.

Which Of The Coffee Mug Warmer Is Right For You?

Heating your coffee should be quick and uncomplicated, and selecting the appropriate coffee mug warmer will guarantee that it is. A coffee warmer may seem to be a simple appliance.

Still, as you can see, many more variables are involved than you may have imagined! These evaluations should have assisted you in narrowing down the various alternatives available and zeroing in on the most important characteristics a mug warmer should have.

The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is our preferred choice due to its simplicity of use, durability, and ability to heat coffee rapidly. Its easy operation and capacity to warm almost any size cup place it at the top of our list.

Here is the list of the items reviewed:

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug Warmer

2. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

3. VOBAGA Coffee Mug and Cup Warmer

4. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

5. BESTINNKITS Gravity-Induction Smart Coffee Warmer

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