Best Egg Slicer: 6 Options to Easily Slice Through Boiled Eggs

Best Egg Slicer: 6 Options to Easily Slice Through Boiled Eggs

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Fans of boiled eggs should have an egg slicer as part of their kitchen tools. You might ask, what can an egg slicer do that a knife cant? An egg slicer will give you perfect egg slices and save you time and effort when slicing a boiled egg; you might even have fun doing it!

You will be thankful for your egg slicer if you make dozens of sandwiches for a picnic. Besides, egg slicers are also very versatile. It can even slice some fruits and vegetables.

If you are here, you are already looking for the best egg slicer. So, we have brought you a list of our top picks.

A good egg slicer is made of high-quality materials and is easy to clean. The best egg slicers are multipurpose, so they can slice eggs and things like some meats.

You might think that buying an egg slicer is straightforward. However, you might be surprised that it is not as simple as it seems. So, first, consider things you should consider before buying an egg slicer.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Egg Slicer


The primary purpose of an egg slicer is to slice eggs. However, you may be able to take advantage of other possibilities of using an egg slicer.

It is common for egg slicers to be multipurpose. Using it, you can slice strawberries, avocados, mushrooms, cheese, and soft meat. However, to achieve this, your egg slicer must be strong enough. So, pay attention to the strength of the egg slicer if you want to use it for more than just slicing eggs.

While most slicers can cut soft fruits and vegetables such as berries, some can even slice hard vegetables such as carrots. These egg slicers are sturdy and of far superior quality.

Types of Slices

Ask yourself what kind of slices you like: vertical or horizontal? Some slicers can only cut either vertical or horizontal pieces. However, some slicers are multidirectional and can cut both of these slices. These slicers also let you cut halve slices, wedge slices, or even dice your food.

These slicers are good, but they may also be more expensive. Buying one would not be a great idea if you do not need them. However, if you feel like you can use them, they are a good investment.


You do not want to end up with an egg cutter that you replace within weeks of use. Some low-quality egg slicers snap even when slicing hard-boiled eggs. Unfortunately, this is true for many egg slicers. Their wire-slicing strings snap only after using them a couple of times.

You should ensure that you get a good quality egg slicer that is also durable. The materials used in egg slicers can vary significantly from one another. Typically, metal lasts longer than plastic, but plastic isn't bad. So, we always recommend buying stainless steel egg slicer.

The best indicators of durability are customer reviews. Ensure that you look for reviews online before you make your purchase. Look for customer experience concerning how long the slicer lasts.

The Many Uses of an Egg Slicer

If you think an egg slicer can slice only eggs, you are unaware of its potential. You can use most egg slicers for a variety of things. Let us dig into a little more detail here.

Cut Mushrooms

You can use your egg slicer to slice mushrooms. The best thing about sliced mushrooms is that you can use them in any savory dish. They are also great for pizza and salads. So, an egg slicer will come in handy when making all of those things.

Strawberry Toppings

Making a fruit salad? You can't miss putting sliced strawberries in it. A good egg slicer can slice strawberries with ease. You can also use strawberry slices in peanut butter, jelly pie, and ice cream sundaes.

Slice Fresh Cheese

Egg slicers can also slice mozzarella cheese. We always recommend using an egg slicer to slice fresh cheese. This is because the knife (no matter how sharp) smashes fresh cheese. An egg slicer will give you perfect cheese slices even if it is fresh.

Make Tacos and Burritos

Do you love making Tacos and Burritos? If yes, then sliced olives would be very important to you. Well, egg slicers make slicing olives very easy.

Slice Avocados

We believe that one of the best things in life is an avocado on top of a grilled cheese sandwich. Most people love to put sliced avocados in their sandwiches. If you are one of those, you will love egg slicers because they make slicing avocados effortless.

Slice Bananas

One of the staple food for children is bananas. Sliced banana is easier for them to eat. Banana also goes on top of many desserts. Some people also top their brownies and cookies with bananas. An egg slicer makes it very easy to slice bananas, and you will never use the knife if you try this once.

Slice Butter

Some people even slice their butter using an egg slicer. This helps them feed bananas to their kids. So if you are one of those, you will do good with an egg slicer.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We did market research and found that good-quality egg slicers fall within the price range of $9 to $30.

The first thing we did was to divide this price range into six equal parts. We then selected egg slicers that fit each budget segment.

All the egg slicers we selected were dishwasher-safe. We then used customer reviews to find out about the durability and quality of the egg slicers. We eliminated the ones rated poorly in terms of durability by the customers.

We then looked at functionality. Egg slicers come in various designs; some are more functional than others. We looked at which ones are the easiest to use, but we also wanted to provide different types of slicers to ensure we found one for everyone.

Finally, we selected our top picks based on overall ratings. We selected only those which the customers highly rated.

1. Aichoof Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

Good budget egg slicer

The Aichoof egg slicer is one of the most budget-friendly kitchen equipment. You can find one under the $10 price range, and it does a fabulous job for that.

The Aichoof egg slicer has stainless steel wires and a nonslip base. You can slice eggs by placing this slicer on the countertop.

Customer reviews show us that it is also highly durable. The overall build of the egg slicer is plastic. However, it is a good quality one and dishwasher safe. So, it is also easy to clean this egg slicer.

Customer reviews also tell us that this egg slicer can be used to slice fruits. It is a perfect companion for slicing berries, eggs, and cheese for a wine-tasting party.

The egg slicer is also easy to store. It is compact and can easily fit inside a drawer. The plastic material is lightweight, so you can easily carry it from the storage drawer to the kitchen countertop.

One of the best things about this slicer is that it is multi-functional. It can be used for vertical cutting, horizontal cutting, dice cutting, and wedge cutting.

What You Should Know

The stainless steel wires are not very sharp

Customers complain that the stainless steel wires of this egg slicer are not very sharp. This means that you will have to put a little more force into slicing and dicing. However, we believe that at its price, this is hardly an issue.

2. Westmark Germany Wedge Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

The best purpose-made wedge egg slicer reviews

If you love wedge slices, then your best choice is by Westmark for an ideal egg slicer. It does not require any setup and is perfect for cutting wedge slices quickly.

It is a good tool for parents who have toddlers and are worried that they might choke while eating fruits.

If you have a food processor lying on your kitchen counter only to slice fruits, then this wedge slicer is what you need. The Westmark Germany wedge egg slicer is a handheld tool.

You can cut wedge slices with one hand, which makes things fast and convenient. Its material is stainless steel, and the quality is good.

User reviews tell us that it lasts for a couple of years. The slicer is also dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is never an issue.

What You Should Know

Not versatile

You can only use this slicer to cut wedge slices. The stainless steel wires are strong and sharp enough to get through tough objects, but wedge slices are all you will get.

So, if you are looking for a more versatile tool, this might not be the one for you. However, if you only like wedge slices, it is a perfect tool.

3. BIBURY Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

Best value for money

If your budget is less than $10, the Bibury egg slicer is the best egg slicer you can get your hands on. It has a large egg slot that can fit generous amounts of berries or mushrooms. So, you can get a lot done in one go.

Bibury Egg Slicer gives the best value for money. It has an aluminum body that is light and sturdy. The aluminum body is corrosion-resistant. So, it will last you for a couple of years.

The upper and lower bodies are in one piece, which increases durability. The stainless steel wires are tough and can handle everything from hard-boiled eggs to berries and mushrooms.

It has an ergonomic design, and the wire slot holds eggs and mushrooms firmly. It cuts eggs with a clean and smooth action.

The Bibury egg slicer is dishwasher safe. So, you can put it into the dishwasher without affecting its longevity.

If you do not want to use a dishwasher, this egg slicer is easy to clean with your hands. It has a hollow base that does not allow food scrapes to hide in corners, so cleaning it does not require much effort.

What You Should Know

Can squeeze eggs

The Bibury egg slicer is one of the best, but it requires a smooth slow action. Customers have complained that sometimes it squeezes eggs and makes messy slices.

If you slice with fast and abrupt action, it may not yield desirable results. Buy this egg slicer if you can ensure a good slow and smooth action every time you press the slicer.

4. Progressive Compact Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

Best egg slicer with raised handle

If you are looking for an egg slicer with raised handle, the Progressive 3-in-1 egg slicer is the best choice. Its raised handle makes it easy to open and close the slots. You will find that it is a perfect tool for cutting eggs and fruit slices.

In the case of this egg slicer, you get three slots. One slot lets you cut wedge slices, while another lets you cut horizontal ones. A combination of all three slots lets you dice the food.

It has a comfortable grip and nonslip base, making the slicer sturdy and easy to use. The stainless steel wires are tough enough to cut through anything. So whether you are making an egg salad or slicing fruits for a wine-tasting party, this slicer is your friend.

The slots can fit eggs, mushrooms, and berries. The stainless steel wires are corrosion-resistant and will not snap easily. The body material is plastic, but customer reviews tell us it is durable and will last you a couple of years.

We love the fact that the slicer has a compact design, making it easy to store in kitchen drawers. It is also top-rack dishwasher safe. So, you can put in it a dishwasher without worrying about affecting its longevity.

What You Should Know

Not easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning, this egg slicer gives you a tough time. It has an innovative design but food scrapes seep into the sides.

Some customers also complain that it does not get completely clean even if it is washed in a dishwasher. The slicer comes with a brush that makes it easier to clean. However, cleaning sides with the brush is an additional task that takes time and effort.

5. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

Best premium egg slicer

If you are tired of a low-quality Ikea egg slicer and are looking for a premium item, the Westmark Germany multipurpose stainless steel egg slicer is perfect. It is suitable for everything from making egg salads to slicing fruits for wine-tasting parties. It lets you easily cut eggs and lasts longer than other egg slicers.

This egg slicer is one of the most trusted and well-known ones made in Germany from high-quality materials. It is arguably one of the best egg slicers in the world. Westmark itself is a trusted brand name when it comes to kitchenware.

It has high-quality stainless steel wires that cut through anything easily. The body material is aluminum which lasts for years to come. It is also very lightweight and compact. The slicer lets you cut all sorts of slices. It is a perfect tool for wine parties where you have to slice all sorts of things. The handle is ergonomic, so it is easy to operate. You can put this slicer into a dishwasher without worrying about affecting its longevity. However, it is also easy to clean with your hands.

What You Should Know


The Westmark Germany egg slicer is a premium egg slicer, but it costs more than other slices on our list. Most people will not be able to justify this price for an egg slicer. However, if you want to buy an egg slicer once and for all, this is the best egg slicer you can get.

6. Oxo Good Grips Egg Slicer

Why We Love It

Most loved egg slicer

This is a good choice if you want a good quality egg slicer on a budget. It retails for around $12 and delivers a good value for it. It is made up of premium plastic. We looked at customer reviews and found that the plastic lasts long enough.

It lets you quickly slice eggs, berries, and mushrooms. It can cut 5 mm slices horizontally and into wedges.

The slicer is also multi-functional. You can use it to dice eggs as well. So, it is a perfect tool if you love eating egg sandwiches. It is compact and easy to store. It also has a nonstick base that provides a comfortable grip when slicing. This egg slicer is also top-rack dishwasher safe.

What You Should Know

Wires are known to break

Some customers claim that the wires of this egg slicer break easily. We found that you need to line your food perfectly with the wires. If you do not do this, then the wires can break. If this is something you can take care of, it is a good choice. However, we believe that it is very easy to make this mistake. So, choose this product if you are sure that you will be cautious every single time you slice eggs.

Egg Slicer FAQs

Slicing eggs with a knife can be a little tricky, so you've been looking into egg slicers, but do you have questions you want to be answered?

Check out our list of the most frequently asked questions about egg slicers for help.

What is a good egg slicer?

A good egg slicer is one that can quickly and easily slice eggs into thin, even slices. Some of the key features to look for in an egg slicer are a durable design, a comfortable grip, and a sharp slicing blade. The best egg slicers will also be able to slice through boiled eggs with ease, as well as raw eggs. The two most popular options for an egg slicer are OXO and Westmark.

How do you slice eggs cleanly?

One way to slice eggs cleanly is to use a sharp knife that was dipped in water and slice them gently but firmly across the center of the egg. Another way is to crack the eggshell all around its circumference and then gently pry it open so that the two halves remain attached at one end. Hold the egg half with the intact membrane against your slicing surface, and then slice vertically down through the center of the egg.

Will an egg slicer slice tomatoes?

Yes, an egg slicer can be used to slice tomatoes. However, the results may not be as precise as when using a knife. Additionally, the egg slicer might not be able to cut through thicker slices of tomato.

What else can an egg slicer cut?

An egg slicer can slice not only eggs, but also cut potatoes, olives, strawberries, cheese, kiwi, and soft pears. Some people also use them to slice cheese or to chop fruits. They're versatile kitchen tools that can really come in handy when you need to slice something quickly.

Can I slice strawberries in an egg slicer?

Yes, you can slice strawberries in an egg slicer. The slicer is a great way to get thin, even slices of fruit or vegetables. To use the slicer, place the fruit or vegetable on the prongs and push down. The blades will cut through the fruit or vegetable easily. You can also use the slicer to chop fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Can you slice cheese with an egg slicer?

Yes, you can slice cheese with an egg slicer. The wire of the slicer is sharp enough to easily and cleanly slice through cheese. If you're looking for a quicker way to slice cheese, an egg slicer is a good option.

Can an egg slicer cut potatoes?

Yes, an egg slicer can cut potatoes. Just make sure they're cooked and small enough to fit in the slicer.

Can you slice an avocado in an egg slicer?

You can't really slice an avocado in an egg slicer. An egg slicer is meant for slicing soft, round objects like eggs and not for slicing harder objects like avocados.

If you try to slice an avocado in an egg slicer, it will most likely mash it instead of slicing it. If you want to slice avocado, a better way to do it is by using a sharp knife and slicing it lengthwise.

How do you use an egg slicer for egg salad?

You can use an egg slicer for egg salad by first boiling eggs and then using the slicer to cut them into thin slices. This will help to create a more even consistency in the egg salad.

Is it better to slice hard-boiled eggs warm or cold?

It's better to slice hard-boiled eggs warm. When you slice a cold hard-boiled egg, the egg white tends to stick to the knife, making it difficult to get a clean cut. Slicing a hard-boiled egg while still warm will help ensure that the white doesn't stick to the knife and make slicing easier.

What Option of Our Best Egg Slicers Is Best For You?

Now that we've gone over some of the best egg slicers on the market, it's time for you to decide. All the options we presented can be great options for you and your home. Now it comes down to personal preference.

We hope this article clarifies what egg slicer you want for you and your home.

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. Aichoof Egg Slicer

2. Westmark Germany Wedge Egg Slicer

3. BIBURY Egg Slicer

4. Progressive Compact Egg Slicer

5. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer

6. Oxo Good Grips Egg Slicer

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