Best Espresso Scale: 5 Options to Help Brew a Perfect Espresso

Best Espresso Scale: 5 Options to Help Brew a Perfect Espresso

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Brewing outstanding-tasting espresso at home often necessitates ensuring the proper distribution of coffee grounds to water. To get this entirely correct, you usually have to take a shot in the dark, which may result in some terrible-tasting espresso overall.

An espresso scale will usually assist you in achieving a more precise measurement of acquiring the proper brew ratio and creating the ideal brew. Not only that, but some digital scales also function as coffee scales and standard kitchen scales, allowing you to weigh the components in your favorite meals.

How We Have Chosen The Best Options

Determining which scale is perfect for you and your household can be confusing.

With so many alternatives available, choosing which one is best for you might be challenging. Not to mention that many brands and models might need clarification.

We're here to make your choice simpler. Our editorial staff spent time researching each product and selecting the finest selections. That way, you know that each coffee scale is of high quality.

Here are our top five recommendations for the best espresso scales:

1. Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale

Why We Love It

This digital pocket scale is intended to be accurate to 0.1 grams. An exceedingly accurate and sensitive sensor allows for the display of such minuscule weight readings. Weight may measure in grams, ounces, troy scale ounces, pennyweight or denarius weight, grains, and carats.

Two AAA batteries power this scale, and the maker includes two AAA batteries with the equipment.

The scale also features an auto-off feature that switches off the power if it rests for more than sixty seconds with no command buttons tapped. It can weigh things weighing up to 750 grams.

What You Should Know

When traveling with your scale, its lid serves as a weighing container, giving you fewer things to pack and keep track of.

The weighing platform is composed of stainless steel, which means it will never rust or corrode and will be long-lasting and simple to clean. The plastic drip tray/cover is straightforward to clean.

You may immediately begin using the scale for accurate weights and measurements after opening the package in which it was sent.

2. MAUXS: Espresso Scale with Timer

Why We Love It

This would be a perfect accessory to your espresso machine. It's impressive how much the makers have packed in this tiny scale. It is powered by two batteries of AAA (included). This basic and reliable scale will work with nearly every espresso set-up. A lot of coffee lovers consider these to be highly regarded.

Aimed at the contemporary coffee lover looking for the convenience and elegance of their morning rituals of drinking coffee. This precise espresso scale comes with a large digital LCD backlit, a built-in timer, and a five-minute auto-off feature.

It comes with a loading plate made of stainless steel, which has a capacity of 1000g. This is far more than other scales for pocket use. Because of this higher capacity, home baristas like you could make use of it with less hefty (and less heavy) pour-over coffee systems.

Capable of weighing in grams or ounces in 0.01oz or 0.1 grams increments, it's extremely precise in light of this maximum weight capacity.

It is one of the finest espresso scales you can buy for your cost.

What You Should Know

It's extremely compact with dimensions of just 4 7/8 by 2 7/8 by 3/4 inches. This means it can be easily placed on the drip tray underneath machines such as Breville Barista Express. Breville Barista Express and similar espresso machines at home.

There are a couple of things to note: it could not be wide enough for certain pour-over systems and your brewer may fall over if you're not careful. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is already calibrated.

Additionally, the built-in timer does not have a restart feature, e.g., when you press the start button, the timer begins. Press it again, after which it stops; press it a second time, and it will reset instead of restarting.

3. KitchenTour Coffee Scale

Why We Love It

If you're new to weighing ground coffee and wish to improve from a standard kitchen scale, the Kitchen Tour coffee scale could be the ideal solution.

One of the most important advantages for a newbie is its simplicity. You may start using it immediately without learning about modes, guidelines, or other features.

The scale contains convenient functions such as an automatic shutoff and a built-in timer. It runs on three AAA batteries and allows you to weigh your coffee in ounces or grams.

What You Should Know

Weighing coffee beans is an important part of making a great cup of coffee. You want to make sure you have the perfect amount of beans, and the last thing you want is for your scales to be slow. That's why we love this scale - it has a 1-second reading latency, so you can get an accurate measurement quickly. And, because it's big enough to accommodate most espresso machine drip trays, you won't have to worry about it taking up too much space.

The flat buttons provide a sleek look, but unfortunately there's no audio feedback or indication that you pressed them. Still, this scale is a great choice for coffee lovers who want accuracy and speed.

4. Timemore Coffee Scale

Why We Love It

If you want a coffee scale that can handle everything, go no further than this Timemore model. It has a sleek and contemporary appearance with little decorations, including an LED display concealed from view until the scale is used.

This scale can accurately measure weight to 0.1 gram, making it excellent for espresso and pour-over coffee. Aside from correctly measuring your coffee, this electronic scale contains an incorporated timer, giving you greater control over your brew.

What You Should Know

This scale has a lot of features that not every scale has. It has a silicone pad to protect the surface of the scale from heat and water damage, as well as an automatic timing feature that begins when the scale detects a weight change.

The scale also includes an auto-off function that activates after three minutes of inactivity, which is really helpful if you forget to turn it off. This scale has a lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours, which is really convenient. There's also a Type C USB connector on the scale so you can charge it as required. Overall, this scale has a lot of features that make it really convenient and easy to use.

5. Coffee Gator Digital Weighing Scale

Why We Love It

Gator's digital multipurpose coffee scales are an obvious choice for coffee beans, grinds, cooking, weighing jewelry, and more. They are precise, from 0.003 ounces to 6.6 pounds, making everything from coffee brewing to baking a breeze.

Despite being a low-cost alternative, it has all the necessary features, such as a simple timer and a tare button. It has two replacement batteries, a slip-resistant mat, and foot protection to stabilize the scale. The heat-resistant rubber matt and simple loading tray guarantee that these scales can withstand heavy use.

What You Should Know?

This digital coffee scale have imperial and metric units for measures that can be viewed on a vast ultra-bright screen. This single kit measures water volume in liters, weighs in ounces and grams, and times your brew.

The tray is perfect for measuring larger amounts or other things like sugar and creamer. With this scale, you'll be able to make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

What To Look For In The Espresso Scale


The display should be simple and visible in dim and bright lighting. In regards to the choices below, the background color should be attractive, and we dislike anything that is excessively bright.


There is no such thing as waterproof espresso machines, and no brewing scale should be watertight. After all, you won't be weighing espresso while it's submerged in water.

A water-resistant design, though, could be more to your liking. You won't destroy your scale if you spill your espresso shot on it or miss the mark while brewing a pour-over.

Auto Timer

Will the user value a built-in timer? Maybe. If you are okay with pulling out your smartphone every time you make a cup of coffee, the existence or lack of a built-in timer won't be a deal breaker. However, for convenience, you may include an auto-timer.


Accuracy is a crucial factor to consider when buying a scale. A good scale should be able to measure accurately, thus avoiding those that will not show readings of less than 1 gram. Look for a scale that measures weight down to 0.1 gram for the best brewing results.

Tare Function

Regardless of your brewing process, a tare button is a crucial feature to seek in a scale.

Many brew techniques require you to put your brewing instrument right on the scale to begin; therefore, having a tare button will enable you to reset the mass to zero and adequately measure the quantity of water and grounds poured into the brewing equipment.


Your preferred brewing coffee technique will determine the proper size of the scale. If you're the type of coffee maker to solely brew coffee, you should seek a scale that can handle the size of your pour-over instrument.

If you only brew espresso, a smaller scale is preferable to fit on the espresso drip tray when you draw the espresso shot.

Battery Life

Make a lot of coffee at home because you drink a lot. Get a scale that can be recharged by plugging it into an electrical outlet. Long battery life may be less critical for the occasional homebrewer, so choosing a scale with removable batteries is a good alternative.


Most scales are powered by batteries, making them portable and straightforward. However, for some individuals, batteries might be an issue since they last only a short time and must be replaced after a certain period.

Some scales include an auto-off function, which implies longer battery life. Keep in mind that the batteries that come with scales are inexpensive. People who consume and make a lot of coffee at home may get a smart scale with a rechargeable battery or connect it to an outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is an espresso scale required?

If you're weary of ruining your espresso daily, you need one. You may also need one if tiny errors in the coffee-making process upset you. People like me needs a best coffee scale since we could improve at creating non-standard measures!

What is the purpose of an espresso scale?

Scales are used to measure coffee components precisely. It guarantees that your coffee is a proper mix that is neither overpowering nor underwhelming. You may believe that a teaspoon suffices, but this increases the likelihood of ruining your coffee since all beans weigh differently!

What is the proper way to use an espresso scale for brewing coffee?

Turn on the coffee scale and tare it. After resetting, weigh the coffee, water, and other ingredients. Mix them, and you have the perfect cup of coffee.

How accurate are espresso scales?

Given that such little measurements must be taken, most are pretty exact. Most are weighed to the nearest gram, although some might be as little as one-tenth of a gram. It's best to buy a coffee scale with timer with an accuracy of 0.1 gram.

Where can I find an espresso scale?

You may get them from a local shop or purchase them from Amazon. You won't have to raise a finger if you choose the second choice since it will be delivered right to your door.

Is a scale required to brew pour-over coffee?

A scale isn't necessary and is not required to be used to brew pour-over coffee. Many estimate or use a coffee scoop to determine how much water to put in their coffee. You may improve your coffee experience by using a scale.

Using a scale, you can try out various coffee recipes with various water-to-coffee ratios until you find the one that's just right for your palate. It also eliminates the need to eyeball the ratio of coffee to water, resulting in a more uniform brew every time.

How do we measure espresso for coffee brewing?

A coffee scale is the most reliable method to weigh espresso. You don't have to buy the most expensive coffee scale on the market, but you want to ensure that it provides accurate measures. Some smart scales are more precise than others, so purchasing a scale designed expressly for coffee brewing is your best choice.

What is the best way to clean an espresso scale?

Cleaning a coffee scale depends entirely on the kind of scale you buy. Coffee scales are often not water resistant, therefore, do not immerse them in water to prevent irreversible loss. Most coffee scales are easily cleaned with a cleaning cloth; wash their surface after use.

In addition, some best coffee scales have an easily detachable silicone pad that preserves the scale's surface. These mats are removable and may be washed individually.

Can coffee be measured using a kitchen scale?

Yes, you can use a kitchen scale to measure coffee, but it may not be as exact as you'd want! Unless your food scale is used to weigh spices rather than veggies.

If it can accurately measure spices to a tenth of a pound or gram, it can usually be used to weigh coffee.

Because if you think about it, spice grounds and coffee grounds weigh about the same; therefore, using a spice food scale to measure coffee is often satisfactory.

Can you recommend another brand?

If you're willing to spend the most dollar- check out Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale. Unfortuntely, it's not on, but you can find Acaia on, or on Acaia's website.

Which Of The Espresso Scale Is Right For You?

Have we persuaded you that purchasing an accurate coffee scale for your espresso-brewing process is a wise investment? Great!

The next step is to pick the one that best meets your demands so that you may experience the same consistency every time.

We hope this article has assisted you in choosing which best espresso scale will fit your needs.

Are you looking to add a nostalgia-filled touch of class to your morning coffee? Explore the article on Best Retro Espresso Machines from Catchy Finds that will give you a taste of nostalgia.

Here is the list of items reviewed:

1. Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale

2. MAUXS: Espresso Scale with Timer

3. KitchenTour Coffee Scale

4. Timemore Coffee Scale

5. Coffee Gator Digital Weighing Scale

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